Friday, October 09, 2009

Coming soon: folding bikes on the LRT

I read this over @ PMTB:

And as always triggered me to share and post. Couldn't help but be very happy, so happy that I could eat a box of Lucky Me Sweet & Spicy Pancit Canton.


from Jojo Gutierrez (Jojo is a member of the UP Mountaineers and among the founders of the UP Padyak Bike-sharing project)

UPMountaineers and members of the UP community,

Great day for the environment today!

We just had a meeting with Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) Administrator Mel Robles about the possibility of having folding bikes on board LRT line 1 and 2! addendum: fullsized bikes might be allowed on weekends

Pio Fortuno and I met Mr. Robles at the Pasay Depot. Immediately he said the folding bikes can ride as early as November if we want. Inter-modal commuting will happen in this country peeps and the UPM had a hand in influencing this to happen!

Mr. Robles saw a biking community in UP and thinks that he can easily link this up with Line 2 / Aurora. Other biking communities that can follow will be in Ortigas Center and Makati. Ateneo din sana....

(Fyi, the LRT 1 / Taft / Caloocan loop will connect with EDSA Line 3 / Trinoma by December and start operations by Feb 2010)

First things first though. We need to help him formulate policy and ideas how this should be done. A focused group discussion is planned for October 24 at the Santolan Station Depot. Those who wish to participate please email / sms me directly. It would be great though to have a good size of UPM bikers there specially Encom heads, past and present. Planners and engineers or business people should attend also. We need to help them organize the reasons why this should be done. Ganyan talaga ang public transport, we need some sort of consultation para maayos ang pag administer. We will be meeting with Mr. Robles and his team of Operations Managers. Pagkakataon na ito!

Yan muna. More details to follow. Pio, paki kwento rin yung ibang items that I missed out.

Salamat at mabuhay ang UPM!

Jojo Gutierrez


Just imagine the blessing and opportunity for our fellow Filipino bike commuters.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Wow how many weeks have I been gone. I haven't posted a single thing since the 15th of September.

Well anyhow its true, from the company I was employed since March... all us employees got terminated and finally closed.

Anyhow enough of those things, since there's no way its going to change what's already happened.

So how am I? How's cycling? How's the trails? How's Dia, Ishi and Conchita doing?

Well there are a lot of stories, tragedies, and even a better, badder reel on the works and a race just around the corner... but... I don't know where to start.

But for starters, I'm currently working on my demo reel... yes the one that's supposed to be done last year for my First Academy certification. I decided to continue and complete it by the end of November. Another one of course is the other reel, which is a collaboration of the remnants of Lucid... a collaboration reel with the primary purpose is to act as a portfolio for some of the artists of our previous company.

Aside from those involving 3D, and more on my current life... which is I'm jobless and is on a jobhunt, and gaming and animation companies is on my list. Aside from that my cycling life hasn't changed a single bit. Trails here and there. Cardiacs here and there... but sadly...

Typhoon Ondoy (international name: Ketsana), created a catastrophe, a scar that can't be easily removed to the people of the Philippines. Crops destroyed, houses sunked by floods all over the metro as well as neighboring towns, villages and provinces. And to add, "The Wall", "Maarat", Sierra Madre and neighboring trails around San Mateo and Montalban weren't spared by Ondoy's wrath.

Saturdays and Sundays, which were a haven for most weekend warriors was turned into days at home as well as days spent surviving on the rooftops and fighting for their lives, against hunger, sickness and the ravaging flood that drowned almost a thousand and killed more or less 300 Filipinos.

For those safe and able, Filipinos willingly volunteered in relief operations to help our brothers and sisters; victims of Tropical Typhoon Ondoy... as well as Super Typhoon Pepeng (international name: Parma).

I myself joined in the relief operations, spending my week donating food as well as volunteering in sending out goods and scouting for passable routes for cars on bike. Helping out made my days whole.

Typhoon Pepeng has already left the country and chances are high that it caught up with Typhoon Quedan (international name: Melor) already... I just hope that the people of Japan are ready, and if so wouldn't suffer the same fate we experienced with Ketsana and Parma.

Currently there's sunshine and not a single typhoon on sight... the Filipino people are rebuilding their lives. But still a lot aren't able to do so since their homes, villages, barangays are underwater. We can still help them recover, as relief operations are still on the go until now.


Oh~ since this is my cycling blog... Nuvali Dirt Weekend is just around the bend... XC and 4X race on Sunday (October 11,2009). This'll be my first race after 5 years of absence from cycling.