Saturday, April 23, 2011

Taking the Wabbit out for a Pre-Spin~!

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April 23, 2011 - Saturday~!

Who would have guessed that on a Black Saturday I would've taken out my recently built On-One 456... Like I noted before, the parts installed on Wabbit, were from Conchita... my 2009 Vision Pursuit. Despite it's XC/Trail-ish components, it now rides like a beast... although I was already having doubts with its thin 2.0 tires... bombing trails as well as jumps were a scary part.

The pre-spin was held at UP Diliman's numerous mix and match trails.

A Cup of Hot Joe, makes my morning a little relaxed

Well that saturday wasn't spent riding alone, Dad was doing laps around the oval for his next epic ride.

For a preliminary spin on the 456, the feel of Cr-Mo was definitely what I've been looking for in a hardtail. The solid feel when I'm aggressively tackling the trails never felt harsh on the legs and the arms. Vibration was definitely different... it never felt brittle and painful unlike the riding a frame made of Aluminum / Alloy. Will see what can the 456 do especially when I bring it up the mountains tomorrow for a deeper evaluation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20, 2011 - On-One 456, the birth of War Horse!

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I've decided to take my biking to a next level. I've ridden mostly cross-country trails on my Vision Pursuit. But ever since that I found that I couldn't ride epic rides anymore... I replaced my XC Pursuit, for a On-One 456: A real deal STEEL MACHINE!

Sadly they only had the standard 456 in Blue. I was looking forward for the 456 Summer Season in Lime.
So after getting the frame, and the change from 110mm -6deg Turbolite to a Titec El Norte 45mm stem; and the change from a Trigon 580mm Flatbar to a wide wide WIDE! Race Face Atlas Freeride 780mm Riserbar... it's still not yet worth to be called an AM/Light FR bike.

Yep it still looks XC-ish to Trail with the current set-up that came from the Pursuit. But still this War Horse is ready for the Gnarly Trails, despite those thin tires.

Oh, I had that time thinking of names for all the bikes I had... the Vintage Diamondback was name "Dia"; the Maurishi Folding bike I once had was name, "Ishii"; my previous bike frame was called "Conchita" born on the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion... and so what should I name this variable discipline ride?

Answer: "WABBIT", yes wabbit... as in rabbit, as in Bugs Bunny. eheheh~

edit: Had the tires replaced for the meantime with Kenda Nevegals DTC 26x2.35 (Dad's first set of tires).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Recovery Ride with Pops

Today's April 17, 2011 and after nearly two months from that incident. I'm slowly trying to get my butt on the saddle.

The sun and weather was not on our side this day. That my dad, Tony opted to bring me to Mt. Maarat instead of today's 2011 Tour of the Fireflies.

Of course, I'm not yet allowed to do long rides, especially the ones that can give me a heat-stroke. And of course with my Vision Pursuit named Conchita gone, I had to borrow Dad's old Kinesis KM310 and retrofitted it with some of Conchita's old parts (like SLX clipless pedals, a thomson seatpost, selle italia saddle, ergon ge1-L grips) to make my riding style adaptable on a borrowed bike.

Unlikely, with difference in bike sizing... a full stroke pedal was never achieved as the Kinesis Km310 was 17" frame. The Pursuit was a 19". But of course over-all the ride was enjoyable... especially of course the ride feel and response of the 2009 RS Sid Race 100mm on the Kinesis compared to my 2008 SRS Epicon 80mm/100mm.

Anyhow, enough of those... this post is more of a ride experience than a review of components, so lets stick with that.

After nearly two months of no riding, it feels a little tough to adapt to the trail surroundings, especially riding on Mt. Maarat. It's been nearly 6 months since I last rode on this mountain. And since its summer, dry tires makes the best of the trail. Climbs are easier, less challenging, yet the rolling is damned sweet.

My father, Tony (aka Decroix) riding along Maarat Basic. Don't be fooled by the get-up and bike set-up. This guy's a monster, rides Sierra Loop and Manila to Baguio, like its just butter on bread.And now they're even planning to do a Manila to Baler with fellow Ageless Warriors.

After a short and quick pass through Maarat's Basic... its a sweet rolling 2.3km to Giant Store for a mouthwatering breakfast. A can of Garlic Spam and a Bowl of Lucky Me Instant Noodles would suffice for a great meal, simple but great.

My Father's (Decroix) new Fox Flux helmet beside my battered Spyder Helix... which I'll be retiring after this ride.

After that meal, it was time to go home and attend mass. Yes of course, its a Palm Sunday... and for us Catholics... Palm Sunday is a must attend.

I would like to thank all of my readers and bike buddies for the prayers. I'm almost recovered from the incident that happened two months ago and also a month ago. If things go out smoothly, I'll probably be back sooner or later. But for now let's take it slow... but surely.