Sunday, October 12, 2014

Banshee Viento Build: Bars, Stem, Saddle and Shoes/Wheels [Week 02]

Found my year old 9mm adapters for my FireEye F.5 front hub and checked how the Viento would look with its shoes on.

Got my trusty saddle on, as well as parts from the ShawnH3, such as the 2011 RaceFace Atlas FR bars and Titec El Norte Stem.

Rims are Vision GSG-DH with 38mm thickness that came from my earlier builds, like the 456 (2011) and the ShawnH3 (2013)... so it surely will be heavy. Hoping to replace em' with some FireEye Excellerant 28mm's or if budget allows, Some ZTR Flow Ex's in the 26in flavour!

Going to get some ti-bolts for the brake caliper mounts soon, and fit the brakes.
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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Banshee Viento Acquired! [Week 01]

A few months ago I sold my Shawn H-3 together with it's 160mm travel 2007 Marzocchi 66RV, because of financial reasons as well as a sore lower back.

And then just this last month, an old friend suddenly posted on facebook that he's disposing a few bikes. I then contacted him immediately and inquired if he still has his Banshee Viento. Yes an XC/AM Hardtail in the 26 inch rims flavour. We conversed, and discussed as he's letting go of his Viento, and I decided to purchasing it from him.

And just recently, I picked it up from his folks' address, and so here it is bundled with a same year SF10 SRSuntour Epicon RLD set at 120mm travel.

It has been unused for some years already, so it needs a little polishing as well as a bit of servicing (especially that epicon). Hopeful that I'd be able to finish building this AM Hardtail by January 2015.

The were a few scratches and cable rubs, but at least the headbadge was intact.
Was thinking of having it repainted to its original look,
but thought the battlescars added additional appeal. Maybe next time.