Friday, July 31, 2009

A Triathlon just around the bend~

Registration to the Cobra Energy Drink: Ironman 70.3mi Triathlon Race is nearing its end. In just a few hours registration'll be closing.

And on August 23, 2009 the whistle will be blown to start the awaited race to test one man/woman's strength, endurance and stamina.

Well in my case, I'll just have to watch on my television or listen to the radio on what'll be happening. My work's not going to agree with me taking an absence to watch this event. Eventually, this may be considered our country's own Tour de France... minus the part that this is a Triathlon race. But for us "Mountain Riders" our TransAlps or World Cup XC would be the yearly Terry Larrazbal Bike Festival.

Weird though, why am I blogging about the coming triathlon event even though I don't do tris... the answer lies with the text messages I've been receiving.

First came from a colleague of mine from college whose been asking me where to get Profile Design AquaRack, a bottle cage holder hugging your seatpost, allowing you to carry two extra water bottles without messing aerodynamics.

Next came from another colleague from college who inquired on aero dynamic helmets, in which I told her that she can get one that suits her @ LifeCycle Greenhills.

And this morning my father sent me a text message about an officemate or possibly a friend of his inquiring on Michelin Pro 3 Race tires... the first thing that came to mind is of course LifeCycle Greenhills. Since this bike shop offers complete arsenal on road and triathlon gear and components.

Anyhow I'll have to adjourn... since typing this would cut my working time short. Till next post.

Bunny de la Cruz
"The Rabbit on Two Wheels"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

of Alaska and Evaporada

Ranting... take 4!


When will it end... the "alaska", "the panunutil", the non-stop process of irritating one-self.

I really can't take it anymore. One more and I'll prolly go berserk. Luckily only a few saw me going haywire. Its a very bad experience I say.

Sorry for ranting, I just can take it longer. I've been too goody-good to let things pass.

Bunny de la Cruz
"The Rabbit on Two Wheels"

False Alarm Transfer... take three!

Seriously, we thought that we're transferring to RCBC Tower by the end of July.

But unlikely seems like its going to be on September that we'll be able to taste and feel our new office at the said tower. Hindi ko talaga magets tong mga boss ko. First it was May they said that we'll be transferring by July... then transfer by August... and now a week before the transfer... we'll be moving around September.

Ahahaha... so here I am another month on morning shift training the OJTs...


When will I be able to take-on character modeling, extensive uv mapping or environment creation?

Bunny de la Cruz
"The Rabbit on Two Wheels"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rainy Season has come~

I've started to enjoy the rainy season which started with a bend at the previous corner.

Unluckily it started on a bad start last Saturday, in which the "new" batch of guards @ the Mira-Nila Gate (a few blocks after my village) started asking me why I was passing through using my bike, they said they were asked not to let anyone pass through the gates riding the bike as well as those walking. I said I'm a homeowner, and we had the right and privilege to pass through this gate and as well with gates 1 and 2. As discussed a few months ago. The same goes of course with the morning joggers. As if... I ride the same route everyday, I only pass through during weekends.

Plus! Do I look like a commuter with my get-up? Or is it possibly that they can only recognize weekend riders with modern high-end bikes like the Giant Trance XO or the Merida HFS series. Unluckily my vintage Diamond Back looks like the generic Xycolone MTB used by the majority of commuters. Which the guards think as a lower-end of mountain bike that any can avail. Which is true, but of course even if your bikes low-end its still considered a bike that can be used for exercise.

Anyhow, my father who also who frequents passing through the said subdivision's gates will be having a talk with the board of directors of Mira-Nila Homeowners Assoc. regarding the stupidity the guards of MN has started implementing without proper knowledge of this rule that they started to bring out.

Yesterday I took a detour... and took a longer way which of course is tiring but added 6kms. more on the usual route.

Plus of course more kilometers and more calories burned when I arrived at University of the Philippines for the PMTB UP Trail Ride with the PMTB Babes. Of course it was tiring not because of the trails, but because of the part that we peaked at around 70++ riders. My job of course during the ride was as the whole group's sweeper together with mackieboy.

I'm glad that after the ride that I got to see everyone's smiles. That mackieboy and my choc-nut contribution (energy bar) was what also gave them those smiles.

Bunny de la Cruz
"The Rabbit on Two Wheels"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blogger or VOX

I've been thinking of migrating to VOX... since blogging's been a problem at the office. Since our building's IT just blocked Blogger/'s IP.

Nothing's final yet so far. I'll have to wait until we get to RCBC Tower... and check if blogger's still blocked. If it does happen, I'll be migrating to VOX.

Anyhow, its just in case... I already made an account.

The Aftermath of Weekend Trailride

First time ever that DIA witnessed a real trail mud bath from last Saturday's Maarat ride and Sunday's UP Trail Ride... I believe her last would be around late 90's when Dad took her around Batasan Hills and/or to Grotto. I bet Dad hasn't taken her to mudpacked playgrounds.
Anyhow from her clean looking appearance taken two weeks ago:

To last Sunday's blessing her with holy mud,

thus making her a real trail-worthy mountain bike:

(PS: What's left to do is get her a pair of Topeak Defender fenders, cleaning her after a ride from top to bottom's become a hassle. As for suspension forks... I'll have to wait till the
SF9 100mm Epicon RL with V-Brake Bosses becomes available.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Brakes!

Dangerous... Fascinating... and it rocks...

I suddenly want to try riding a fixie. possibly on a Bridgestone MB-1 frame or a alu-roadie frame.

tackling UP Diliman's Trails... really???

True, last Sunday I had the chance to tackle UP Diliman's Trails. Actually there isn't any real trail, since its really a mash-up of different places like creak crossing, rice paddy trail, single-track behind Bulwagang Rizal, single-track at the Track Oval near Bahay ng Alumni.

I would like to thank Revsant, Lavender and Nokia for showing us the beautiful trails within UP's compound. I would never look at UP Diliman the same way every weekends. It makes me want to take note of each location, and might try mashing every trail and creating a weekend practice route, so I can tackle licao-licao next time with a little ease.

Anyhow, DIA got mud covered all over after challenging UP's mix-and-match trail. Adding of course Saturday's Maarat ride. And to count also me who got mud covered all over too.

***Actually I forgot to transfer the photos of DIA's new look and the aftermath of her experiences on two consecutive trail rides... Maarat and UP Dil Trail. If ever I get a chance to bypass Unionbank Plaza's IP Block, I'll post them asap.

dirt DIRT DIRTY!!!

Last Saturday I rode my bike to Aling Tina's @ San Mateo, located below the steep hills of Timberland. I was there because I joined the ride organized by Mckouleith (Cesar).

it was a sweat pipe ride that started from climbing "The Wall"...

But eventually I had to dismout a lot of times, since riding DIA on a steep uphill is torture to my body. Cromoly doesn't do justice to asthmatic riders moreover if its steep uphill like what "The Wall" offers.

and stopping by Timberland's Gates... from there we toured uphill to the Timberland's Clubhouse. And from there we entered muddy mountain terrain, only "Maarat" has to offer. After soaking our tyres and bodies in mud we headed forward rolling our mud stricken tyres onto the long winding pavement reaching "Giant" a few minutes from Maarat's tail.

After an hour of resting we headed back down to Aling Tina's... from Giant it was reverse this time. What we climbed for 3 hours and 30 minutes was completed downhill in less than 1 hour.

We went our separate ways after having lunch at Aling Tina's... not when a sudden pour of rain showered everyone of us. Thus having our ride home a soaking wet experience. Sadly our souvenir mud on our bikes were washed out by the sudden downpour.

But of course that experience alone is already the best thing for one to satisfy him or herself.

In my case, I'm starting to love the dirt. And have been wanting to climb Maarat once more.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I was in the verge of blacking-out during today's ride and climb to Redeemer's Hope Antipolo to deliver the Bikes to the kids in the orphanage. I was glad that a couple of roadies (cyclists riding road bikes) attended to reviving me to reality. I would like to thank them, but I wasn't able to ask their names.

Anyhow, the reason of blacking-out was probably the lack of decent sleep and moreover, being low-on-sugar... and the biggest reason would be me changing my ride pace to my own Agressive XC pedaling, when the given pace was the group climb pace. Ang tigas kasi ng ulo ko't gusto ko i-tackle kagad yung matarik.

Anyways, these all happened when we were tackling the uphill section of Sumulong rd., the one going to Padi's Point Antipolo and Valleygolf. When I changed my pace, dun ko naisip na I'm not the rider I used to be, who can tackle Antipolo's cardio-climbs like I used to 5 years ago. First that hit me was hip cramps. I told the group to go on, and I'll follow... since I don't want them to compromise and wait for me. It'll just slow them down in delivering the bikes for the kids.

I pedaled once more, but when I reached Valleygolf's gate, that's when I decided to walk... I felt the heat and started to feel dizzy, my sling/belt bag was preventing me to breathe normally because of its weight and the sling restricting me breathe. I pedaled again after a few minutes of recovery... but stopped after three meters, just in front of a police precinct. Thats when I'm starting to black-out. A few minutes later a couple of roadies noticed me going pale. That's when they started reviving me to reality, "Wag kang pipikit! Huminga ka sa ilong wag sa labi." (Don't close your eyes! Breathe through your nose not through your mouth." These were the words I heard first, and the first moments that I started waking up.

They guided me to the police precinct so I could quickly recover... they were so helpful that they even notified my groupmates about my situation.

Banj went back to check on me, and I told him that I can't join anymore, and will be waiting for my sister's driver to fetch me.

Anyhow upon arriving home, I went berserk and started eating heavily on a carbo-diet. I also spent the rest of the day sleeping.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

LBM... a member of the workforce's common enemy

I'm a little depressed of not being able to go to the office today because of LBM (loose bowel movement) , even worse because today our office's offering double pay to us artists since its a holiday (Pasig Day).

I think the reason behind all these was the pesto sauce of my pasta... which turned out moist when I had it for lunch. Lesson learned that when bringing pasta to the office, I should make sure that the noodles is separated from the sauce... even worse if its pesto.

Anyhow I had to spend the day at home... sleeping and most of the time inside the bathroom spending my time releasing all the evil things down the toilet. Its a pain knowing that your losing weight on the toilet seat because of LBM and not by calorie-burning through exercise.

As of right now writing this blog post... I've been to the toilet and back for already the 8th time around since I first had the stomach cramps from last night and first release yesterday at around 10pm.

I know, I know... its a little disgusting posting/reading this... but what can I do? I want to rant about it... and its a pain losing one day of your precious life at the office where you earn for a living. But to top it all off, it was also my negligence of my food intake. That I shouldn't have eaten the pasta when I found that the cover had moisten. Even though it wasn't heated when I brought it. And definitely I should continue having my vegan diet instead. Meat would definitely be a no-no, specially pork... chicken's fine but not often.

I have grown to love vegetables, and thats the bottom-line and which I have maintained my weight to 140-145 in the past four weeks... except today when it dropped to 138 pounds because of LBM. I hope to gain 2 more pounds in a few days.

I know, 140's too light for my 5'11 height... its the border line of being malnourished and healthy for my height and physique. But the reason for this all is for my cycling in which I need to maintain a weight that would go in balance with my all-steel mountain bike. I'm planning gain more weight in a few months possibly reach at least 150 lbs. when I switch from steel-frame to aluminum. But for now 140 to 145's fine.

Ok we've jumped from one topic to another... well thats how things go we jumped from LBM to health issues and down to weight... then jumped again to cycling. Lets jump a little more and head to what has been happening.

For starter's I've been thinking of doing a facelift for this blog, since my theme and possibly the title doesn't give off an exact meaning. Since of course to be honest it sounds like something thought out of random.... whiiiich~ is true. I'll be changing its color theme to something even lighter and with a title that fits my personality and a theme thats fits me, a no-nonsense theme compared to what its called right now.

Oh before I forget, DIA's going to flaunt her new appearance next week when we climb Antipolo and bring the bikes we raised for the Redeemer's Home on July 11, 2009. From her dirty retro bronze outfit to a snazzy dark-green look. But possibly in a few months she'll be sporting new shoes in glossy white. Just love a girl in green and earth colours.

Somehow I've been hearing a lot of people's been telling me that I've caught the "upgradetitis", a virus that's hard to cure in which you begin to be discontented with your current gear and always upgrade to a new one that suits you best. But of course there's no "best" since you still do upgrade to a better one. To clear everything my last purchase, the Alivio Gruppo for DIA was just a replacement to my aging 200GS Gruppo.

The same goes with her new look, its old bronze colour looked very dirty that I had to change it to a more appealing look, most of her parts are not upgrades since she's in the process of restoration. Possibly in a few months the time would come that I'll have to place her on the wall or to display her with her original components and create a new rig for me to ride. Her kind's quite rare nowadays. 1991's a hard year to recapture... 18 years have passed and not much of her kinds exists in the Philippines or even in Southeast Asia nowadays (US, is out the question since there are a lot of vintage mtb enthusiasts there, I just wish I could have someone to buy parts from there).

I'll post next time DIA's transformation on Sunday... as well as what used to be her components which will be cleaned and retrofitted to her when she'll be restored.

But for now, I'll head back to the toilet and have my Nth time release... I hope this brings enlightenment to others... choose wisely on what you eat and digest, or else you'll suffer the same consequences that I'm having.