Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MapMyRide - The Battle of the Ageless - Kamuning to Baguio

Finally! After 3 weeks, I've done it! Had second thoughts if I should plot it using MapMyRide. Although the best pointers should be provided by Erwin or Danthat. Though wasn't able to get their notes. Erwin's uber busy with his life, while Danthat's @ Sagada doing his 9th Saga-Dan trip with 5 fresh rookies.

Anyhow when we did this ride, do always take note to:
* If you want to reach the first stop early, make sure to leave around 1 or 2am

* Rest for 5-15 minutes every 20km.

* Don't rush it, keep it on a steady pace, 18-20kph is already fine (we did it on 19-26kph)

* Don't ride when it rains (although we didn't get to experience that)

* When the heat becomes unbearable, rest

* Recharge and refuel, always! Not all stops have hydration points, not all stops have sari-sari stores.

* You can finish it in one day, though you won't be able to see the sights...

* ... thus a 2-day ride is the best way. Make sure you reach Carmen, Pangasinan on the 1st day (170km).

* Going up Kennon, make sure to rest every 2-3km. After the Lion's head its 5-10min rest every 500m... only if fatigue's getting on you.

* Remember to bring a Jacket, as the cold weather up is freezing cold.

So I guess that's it! I hope you find this useful.

PS: Oh btw, this route totals to 270kms. I sometimes find MapMyRide's mileage count inaccurate.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Making History, Be Part of History

the clock is ticking... and in just three hours. Our team: Ageless Warriors, which is composed of commuters and recreational cyclists from all walks of life, will be embarking on a two-day 255km. Epic Journey from Manila to Baguio to create noise and catch attention. As we launch our advocacy: "Bike Lanes Now "" 

  please support our cause

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remate Nov.24, 2010 - Bike Lanes Campaign Draw Supports

 I got a call from my father, to check Remate's website. Told me that Fidel Asor notified him that the write-up on the group's epic ride is finally posted on Remate. It was not only about the epic ride, but also about the group's advocacy. It's one step for us cyclists. And one step for us Filipinos.


Post coming from Remate - November 24, 2010


Bike lanes campaign draw supports

A group of professional senior mountain bikers and a lady member of the national team led a caravan slated Nov. 26-27 in Baguio City as part of the group’s advocacy program to set up bike lanes in both minor and major roads in the country.

Besides the “Bike Lanes Now” advocacy, the bikers are also urging concerned government agencies such the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) as well as local government units (LGUs) to launch a sustainable campaign in educating motorists to respect bikers on the road.

Records show that there is a growing list of accident involving bikers such the grisly death of 47-year old Alfredo Padilla last June 19 along the United Nations Avenue in Pandacan, Manila.

Tony dela Cruz, the initiator of the project, said: “The grisly death of Padilla has moved us to do something to protect commuter and leisure bikers. We observed that the absence of bike lanes and the lack of discipline of some drivers and courtesy towards bikers are among the major reasons for accidents involving bikers,” said Tony dela Cruz, head coordinator of the program.

Over 6,000 online users in Faceboook showed their support in the “We Want Bike Lanes in RP  Movement” fan page.
Dela Cruz said equally important is the need to educate drivers of four-wheel vehicles to respect bikers.
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd., a global business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider, is the major sponsor of the undertaking.

original post:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ageless Warriors: Pictorial @ La Mesa Eco Park

Would you believe that.

We had a group photo-shoot sponsored by our ride partner Hinduja Global Solutions. And also on this day we got our Ride Jerseys distributed. And oh boy was I astonished by the design, truly an awesome work-of-art to wear.

Our group photo-shoot was taken at La Mesa's own Eco Park. With the whole group complete we were able to take many takes as well as many laughs. Was also the first time meeting our two newest members: Joyce del Socorro, a Philippine Cycling Team member; and Manong Cesar Medoranda, the oldest member of Team Foxbat.

With them onboard we're totalled to 16 (Danthat wasn't able to come today). So here are a few takes.


The photographers did an excellent take on this day. And of course it was also the day we got to bond together as one group. Bihira din yung ganun na first time mo lang makita, friends na kagad kayo. Also found out that Joyce was also from the same University as I graduated from, UST. I decided to sponsor her jersey.

With my biking idol, Roberto "Mang Bay" Nazareno Sr.
this old fellow here is 68 years old already and still a strong man.
oh did I mention that he's married to a 34 year old?

I would also like to thank Enduro for our awesome lookin' MTB Shorts

Friday, November 19, 2010

Topeak Panniers and 10kilos Max Seatpost-Mounted Rack

Finally got hold of the photos of the rack, after getting hold my father's digicam. As you can see the Topeak Drybag Panniers are compact and small when it has no items inside. It can be rolled down to this level.
If the need for extra cargo and haul is needed... flipping the top fold open, and you've got this. As Topeak stated it can hold 42 liters of cargo. Though with 42 Liters, imagine the weight of your whole rig. At full load my bike weighed at a total of 61.22lbs. Truly a heavyweight indeed.

The Bags come supplied with spacers so just in case you need that extra tight clamping. Although I still don't find it secure with these spacers, that I often use electric tape to wrap it around the rack's rails and the bag clamps.

And finally the Max 10kg seatpost-mounted carrier I bought at Paulinas for 950php.
The rack can carry a total of 10kg, and of course can be mounted on any seatpost with its quick release lock.
Sadly with only 10kgs. maximum weight limit, carrying 42L is impossible.

Oh! I won't be using the Diamond Back for the epic trip, as I'll be using the Vision Pursuit. Riding a Single-Speed to Baguio?! That would be insane.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ready for Touring

I recently noticed that I've been doing lots of Epic Bicycle Rides (100km+), and majority of these rides are on the road and not on the trails. And with a double epic and a half bicycle ride nearing, I found that a mountain bike with knobbies and a cargo that's only meant to carry tools won't be able to maximize this ride experience.

And the end conclusion was to go "Touring"

So in the end I went around the metro to purchase these equipment for the coming double epic and a half ride.
Topeak Drybag Panniers
Exustar Waterproof Top-Tube Bag

Continental CityRide 26x1.75 with Reflex

 and a seatpost mounted rack with pannier mounts

I'm so happy with my purchase despite the added 12kg. weight to my current rig. With the CityRide on, the weight was nothing. As I rolled faster than I was on Race King 2.0s

In the near future, I'll have my Diamondback Ascent converted to a touring bike, so that all my epic trips will be done on that bike. And all my trail rides on the Vision Pursuit.

It's actually very tiring switching tires and stuff every now and then.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Part 2 of last September's PMTB Marines take on Ternate

 Another very late post... just to catch up with memory lane.

2010-0925 Road to Ternate Marine Base pt.2 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Witty today, humdrum tomorrow... better post it~

Friday, October 01, 2010

PMTB Marines Head to Ternate Marine Base, Cavite - 120km epic!

PMTB Marines - Ride to Ternate Marine Base from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Here's part 1 of 2 videos for the last September 25's epic 120km ride from Bacoor, Cavite to Ternate Marine Base and back.
Photos and remaining videos to be uploaded later. enjoy~

Pushing the limit

Was there a time in your life that you felt that you were already going overboard? Or those times you were pushing the limits?

Well to tell you all the truth, I've been pushing myself physically and even mentally way overboard.

One of the reasons that I may have gone overboard physically, would be the want to reach my father's physical level (no not his body mass). His long endurance strength that I don't particularly have. Friends, even my physical education teacher from highschool, told me that my body was meant for short distance sprinting, and with a high metabolism... I couldn't even last in a 3km run.

Most of the time during the week, the only exercise that I can get my hands on is on the bike during the weekends. As my whole week is jampacked with work work work, and by the time I get home... I'm already dead tired.

Epic (100km+) Cycling has become my outlet to improve my endurance to match my father's body strength... although, I lately found out that I might be pushing my body to it's limits.

Is there any other option for me to improve my endurance? And keep riding Epic?



a troubled rabbit


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Puddle Waddling at La Mesa Nature Reserve and Sierra Madre Lopp 2

In preparation for our future ride... we had this short trail ride together with the elders of the PMTB. And a salu-salo at Papi Rock's crib... taken last August 8, 2010

Ageless Warriors - Tampisawan sa La Mesa from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.


What have we been up to? Why no update?

We've been riding Sierra Madre Loop for the 3rd time already... Usually done once a month and it all started last July 24. 2010 - it was supposedly a secret ride composed of 12 individuals. and Finishing the route within 9 to 10 hours.

Sadly I wasn't able to bring the GoPro on that trip as I wanted to travel light and finish it without any hassle. (Mounting it on my helmet makes my reaction slower).

After a month, August 15, 2010... we had Sierra Madre Loop 2... it was supposed to be a secret ride, that turned into an announced ride on PMTB due to a mod's prune and transfer from the events gallery of the first Sierra Loop ride.

On this ride we had a total of 63 attendees... but in the end we were down to 9 who finished the whole loop within 11 hours.


And just last Saturday, September 4, 2010... we had Sierra Madre Loop 3, an announced ride arranged and organized by my father, Tony de la Cruz (Decroix). On this ride we had 22 attendees... and 22 who finished it till the end together.... although we rode from 5:45am till 7:20pm... perhaps the longest time we had with 6hrs. 44mins saddle time. Compared to the first loop's 6hrs. 17mins. saddle time.

[08-14-2010] Sierra Madre Loop 2 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

And so on October 2 (tentative date), we'll be having another take-on with Sierra Madre... on Sierra Loop 4, couldn't get tired on testing our limits again.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here we go again...

a tight schedule means less time to post or update...

but it doesn't mean I've forgotten this and that, anyhow here's last few weeks ride vids:

This one was just last week: IPO DAM TREE-PLANTING RIDE

2010-0612 KKK Ipo Watershed Tree Planting pt. 1 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

2010-0612 KKK Ipo Watershed Tree Planting pt. 2 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ride Horse Ride! - A Subic Weekend (Photos)

The previous post were all talk and vid cuts... but what about the photos? It's better to show you all how the ride really went slowly.

Photos best describe the steepness of our climbs going to Pastulan.

Me at Camayan Wharf @ around 6:15am

Morning fog at the wharf... a little photo-ops before we start

With our trail guide: Edwin of the Subic-Olongapo Cycling Team
before entering Padyak Kabayo trail-head.

Son and Father tandem: Bunny & Decroix
greeting our pinoymtbiker friends, philmofo friends, retrobike colleagues,
and 43-bikes buddies
from Subic~
With Love...

After the first climb and first bend is another climb.
If you got the lungs to climb it... lucky you.

After the 4th climb was a short-rolling that was then greeted by ....

The 5th climb... Ahahahaha~
It was endless.

Dad was behind me as he was taking it easy.
But mind you, even he was slow... he's way stronger than me.

Dad posing with the locals who were going to Pastulan.
One thing for sure: "Magagalang lahat sila."
(They are all courteous.)
 6th climb I guess...

The 6th climb connecting to the 7th climb...
Still climbing... saddle time was less.
But of course we should maximize saddle time.
Walking's even more tiring.
This is where and when Dad felt that he was already pushing his limits.
Resting after the long 8th climb...
I was told to go ahead... Edwin's staying with my Dad.
Without momentum, riding on the saddle's a pain
even if I were to pedal it up the 9th climb.
 Check this out... a Passenger Tricycle with 8 passengers.
This is Jeepney-version of the Aetas who live in Pastulan who goes up
and down from their village down to Binictican or SBMA.

This was the 9th climb connecting to the 10th then it was all rolling,
with a few climbs and downhill then it was Pastulan.
Just after having our short break at Pastulan... and before we were about to head for the next mountain...
Dad started to have cramps on both of his legs. The same one that I usually get when I'm pushing the limits.
The unbearable pain on both legs or both thighs.

Ride Horse! Ride! - A Taste of Subic's Trails

A near-epic trail ride's toxic for anyone who hasn't pedaled for a long time. Also toxic for those who hate long climbs. But of course cardiac climbs that burn you out fast are the real tests to progress further.

An example and testimony to that was last Monday's bike ride, during our family's joint-birthday celebration held at Subic Freeport Zone.

The route was from Camayan Wharf to Binictican: Padyak Kabayo trailhead via West Ilanin Forest Area / Cubi Point

Upon reaching the trailhead is a long steep climb uphill... from what I remember there were around 9 steep climbs, in which SB8s, AKAs and Race Kings are proven worthless unable to grasp the dusty to rocky terrain.

The first stop after the numerous climbs is Pastulan, a village of Aetas who maintains a protects the beautiful forests within SBMA's compound.

Sadly thats our checkpoint and turn-around point.

As the uphill was steep, tiring, challenging... the return downhill was as challenging as the uphill. Navigating and controlling your descent was the key to reaching Binictican.

[2010-0503] Ride Horse Ride! Part 1 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

[2010-0503] Ride Horse Ride! Part 2 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Next time we'll complete this up to the next mountain from Pastulan. For now its time to train more.

Ride Horse! Ride! - A Taste of Subic's Trails

A near-epic trail ride's toxic for anyone who hasn't pedaled for a long time. Also toxic for those who hate long climbs. But of course cardiac climbs that burn you out fast are the real tests to progress further.

An example and testimony to that was last Monday's bike ride, during our family's joint-birthday celebration held at Subic Freeport Zone.

The route was from Camayan Wharf to Binictican: Padyak Kabayo trailhead via West Ilanin Forest Area / Cubi Point

Upon reaching the trailhead is a long steep climb uphill... from what I remember there were around 9 steep climbs, in which SB8s, AKAs and Race Kings are proven worthless unable to grasp the dusty to rocky terrain.

The first stop after the numerous climbs is Pastulan, a village of Aetas who maintains a protects the beautiful forests within SBMA's compound.

Sadly thats our checkpoint and turn-around point.

As the uphill was steep, tiring, challenging... the return downhill was as challenging as the uphill. Navigating and controlling your descent was the key to reaching Binictican.

[2010-0503] Ride Horse Ride! Part 1 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

[2010-0503] Ride Horse Ride! Part 2 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Next time we'll complete this up to the next mountain from Pastulan. For now its time to train more.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I'm 26, and what's to expect...

When the clock hands stops at 5:30am it marks my 26th birthday!

Imagine that 26 years of struggles, joy, happiness, various experiences... sadness, pain and anger... and achievements, goals attained, and even those times I've had lots of fun bonding with my friends, cycling buddies, airsoft friends, bestfriends, and of course owing a lot of these to my family who has supported every decision I made through these years.

So what's to expect this 26th year?

Definitely for this blog... more cycling vids to expect... more trails to overcome... and possibly trail runs, trekking and anything outdoors.

As for me, there'll be more challenges... especially at work. Advertising's a heavier toll to my creative thinking than how it was when I was with 3D and Animation. But I'm still planning to go back to 3D after a year and half experience in the field of Advertising... just planning... we can't define the future yet.

Ahahaha some of you'll be asking how about love life... I wish I could find Ms. Right this year. I'm only looking forward to having Ms. Right as an outdoor's person. So I could easily relate to.

So what's next? We'll just have to take everyday as a challenge and just keep on climbing to the 27th year.

Till the next few days then~

Friday, April 30, 2010

Soaking-wet Urban Nightride before my Bday

Met up with my bestfriend, Patrick Hizon at Starbucks Landmark just a few hours ago.
We decided to meet up this night instead of celebrating my birthday tomorrow, since he'll be proposing to his girlfriend, Diorella tomorrow.

And of course went to Starbucks soaking wet.... the rain a few hours ago was a storm. Had nikkoguiam and choyoboi's jerseys brought to apple1's house... or should I say met apple1 (Eduardo Arevalo) by the gate of Philam Homes.

Got home soaking wet... XD

The Day before my Bday

Was supposed to post this early morning... but guess what, with the lack of time I wasn't... ahahaha~


The day before my birthday... ahaha

Imagine that, I get to spend my leave at starbucks... in which I should've been on the plane to Bangkok, Thailand... but our family trip got cancelled due to the conflict in Bangkok. Instead our trip's going to be on the 2nd of May till the 3rd of May in Subic.

"Haaaay... sayang talaga."

Instead we're spending my birthday (and dad's) at home tomorrow. And visitors? As usual its family relatives... as for my friends? I don't know if my bestfriend will be coming over this year... he'll be busy proposing to someone he's fallen for tomorrow. How about Michi, Mik and their kids: Lei and Ashela? Prolly busy... I guess I'll be celebrating this year's birthday without my bestfriends.

"Ganun talaga."

So what's in my agenda today? Well here I am this morning waiting for those who'll be picking up their jerseys at the meet-up place: Starbucks Landmark Trinoma.

Hmm I guess you guys haven't seen the UST Gruppo Tomasino yet? Ayt? The jersey's were delivered at the office last Tuesday. And the outcome of the cycling jersey was definitely awesome.

So what's next after this morning? Well I'll be heading home then get my Single-Speed and have mandudugas08's jersey delivered through LBC... then after that I'll go for some afternoon trailing at UP... have some beer with some friends if I meet them at Mang Manny's... deliver Vicente's jersey to his relatives' home @ teachers village, then go back home... for some rest.


Eventually mangdugas08's jersey was delivered earlier this day... while this afternoon had the Deore DX headset installed to the DB... and drooled even more when I found a NOS 1992 Muddyfox Courier frame in 19" sizing for just 950php at Roosevelt Bicycle Store... will be getting that frame soon, just in case the DB's frame breaks.

Then around late this afternoon had vicente's jersey delivered to his house... then rain pours like a storm.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camp O'Donnel Trails, Capas, Tarlac

out of a 1hr. 30 minute vid... I was able to produce a 6min 51sec. vid.

Trailing around Camp O'Donnel from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Aside from this trail video, I was also able to get some still pictures of the trail...

And the infamous, Mt. Pinatubo Crater... getting a chance to go trekking to that part was a fantastic experience. I'll share you all the photos from that time when I get home.

So far enjoy~ Hope those vids were able to get us all back in track.

ToF 2010 Final Marshal Training Sunday

2010 ToF - Final Marshal Training Ride VID1 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

2010 ToF - Final Marshal Training Ride VID2 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

PMTB North Annual Newbie Ride (and Reunion) @ Licao-Licao, Macabud

PMTB North Newbie Ride (and Reunion) @ Licao-Licao from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

First Marshal Training Ride for the ToF 2010

First Marshal Training Ride for ToF 2010 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Ridden but never Written

I have ridden but never written nor shared my explorations for the past few weeks.

The reason behind all these are a jarful of many things. One would be work, followed by exhaustion and possibly next would be being pre-occupied with other things.

But it would be best to share all my stories in one blow right? Just to catch up.

First of all there's the Training Rides for the Tour of the Fireflies... training rides for marshals. It happened for Five Weeks but I only got to attend 3 of the 5 training rides. Was absent because of the Newbie Licao-Licao ride organized by PMTB that happened around the 2nd week of March. And Absent again on the 4th training Sunday because I had to support my father during his participation @ the All-Terra King of Mountain Trail Run.

And of course just last April 18, 2010 was the much awaited Tour of the Fireflies... an advocacy tour in which 10,000 cyclists stormed and rocked 8 city's in Metro Manila.

And just recently April 25, 2010 was the invitational trail ride during the INNHS Highschool Reunion of Batch 71 (dad's highschool) @ Camp O'Donnel in Capas, Tarlac.

Like as always the best way to share a memory is through photographs or through video/film.

Friday, March 26, 2010

6.2 Earthquake yesterday

I was at the boardroom having my creative evaluation when the earthquake happened. I didn't have a single clue if I should've panicked or not.

But t'was more than a 30 second quake. But if I were to put it in words: "T'was a 30 second ground moving action."

The last quake I felt that I'm aware of was the earthquake of 1990... I was in prep then back in the Ateneo. It was a quake that has been embeded into my head.

I just hope that this quake would be the last one... for now.

One Gear; One Solid Power

I'm amused by those riding on one single-gear.

Here in Chino Roces, Makati CBD, a street near my office building... I often spot a group of fixed gear cyclists. Their rigs are very eye-catching... although from my point-of-view its very rare to see fixed gear bikes especially groups here in the metro. The most bikes I often see are mountain bikes, road bikes and folders... but rarely do I see a fixie or two.

Maybe... just maybe, fixed gear will someday bloom here in the Philippines, just like the scenes in Malaysia, Hongkong and Singapore.

If you're a fixie and lookin for buddies, you might want to check Commence Manila.

But if your a single-speeder, you might want to check the local mountainbiking scene.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Climbs and Descends

When I started mountainbiking a few years ago... I thought that mountainbiking is all about climbing steep hills and overcoming rough rigorous terrains. Then just last year when I returned back to this sport, I was re-educated about mountainbiking... especially nowadays that there's more than 5 riding disciplines.

During the heyday, there was only cross-country... the all mountain of the yesteryears. Now there are 8: cross-country, all-mountain, enduro, freeride, downhill, dirtjump, 4cross, single-speed... or so I think of it.

Last year I was all riding cross-country... finding the love of the sport climbing cardiac hills and trailing around the local trails... But just recently I've come to enjoy the downhills even more. No-no I'm not into downhill riding, but I'm learning to love the descends, technical courses and especially those with rock gardens... and to add some 2 to 3 ft. drops. Although I've already done a 4ft. drop and accidentally bottomed-out an SF9 Epicon with 100mm travel once... which is a very bad thing for low-travel air forks.

God, thats where I forgot the limitations of Cross-Country riding. A Cross-Country frame and fork can't take the abuse of 3ft to 4ft. drops. Not unless its a 29er.

How can I enjoy the downslope rush while also be able to climb steep hills as well? That's what disciplines are made for. I'm thinking of going All-Mountain or probably XC Trail.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

For those who own an SF9 Epicon and is interested in Adjusting its Travel

Planning to upgrade to the same model of an SF9 Epicon RLD or LOD but with shorter/longer travel? Trust me, don't... you'll be wasting money on it.

Luckily SR-Suntour's Tuning Base made a video on how to adjust the travel of your SF9 Epicons. Imagine that its an insider by SR-Suntour, and its no secret.

It can be found here:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've seen lots of mountainbikers switching to Single Speed nowadays...

How does it feel? Can anyone give me the pros and cons on riding SS?

My Dream Frame: Kinesis A650

Was planning to get the A665 (an XC Trail frame with SPF Tubing)... but when I saw this at Kinesis Taiwan's website... it was love at first sight. This is now my target frame to acquire in a few months.

Upgradtitis: a disease with no cure

Was there a time out of envy that you wanted to have the same thing another person has? For example your friend has a new DSLR and its the top-of-the-line of that brand. Out of envy you disposed your old Film SLR and bought a new one the same as the one your friend owns. You get addicted to the camera and the hobby... but a new model arrives a few months later with better features and better options. The want to have it and be above once more than others pushes you to buy the new model and sell the previous one you bought a few months back. Not contented yet you get lenses, the filters, a battery-pack, bags that can fit your whole rig. And so-on... then a few more months later the same routine happens and you upgrade again.

That is what everyone calls: Upgradititis... a disease with no cure.

A disease acquired from having the "want" to have a better "item" from envy or from the thought of a better "item" means "better performance"... or even worse "will make me GOD", if you're that stupid.

Upgradtitis, first symptoms are envy towards other people's acquisitions... then followed by the want to have the same thing or even better. Either because you want it for no reason, or another one would be because you would benefit more from it. Another reason would be when changing parts you is that your main reason is to upgrade, then upgrade again.

Since this blog is related to mountain bikes... and it should be.

Well the major reason why I'm talking about: "Upgradititis...", is that I'm finally confessing that I too am infected with this uncurable virus.

Started with the want for a full-suspension frame... then I guess it'll be followed by the need for better stopping power (hydro brakes), then the need for a wheelset that can take much abuse... and probably the want for a better ride... it follows and follows then further more will be followed by a few more things till it never ends.

But a diseases with no cure is impossible... and for Upgradititis... the only cure is to restrain from upgrading... to control one's addiction.

I hope I can do that...

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The need for a less-vibrating/bumpier rig

To tell you all the truth... I'm already infected with the Upgradititis virus. I probably have gotten it from my father or from a probable influence, which is maybe from my boss.

I've been riding HT for years now... and just last year on a Aluminum HT in 7005 series tubing. Sadly the vibration produced by an Aluminum HT when riding on trails is very unforgiving... its like riding on a rodeo horse, crushing your nuts on every bump.

Truly uncomfortable compared to riding a Full-Rigid Chromoly.

In Marketing and Advertising terminologies, there's the "Needs" and the "Wants".

And eventually I'm in a need for a softer or milder frame that would soften my ride during descends/downhills. And the want for a frame that can match my riding abilities both climbing steep slopes and going down with confidence... plus must be in Green and White or Green and Black (just a preference XD).

And the answer to all those... is to get a full-suspension bike XC Trail frame. My options include a Kinesis A665 frame, a Kinesis A670, Mongoose Teocali, and if there's an availability here in the Philippines... my top choice is a Diamondback Sortie... but if budget-wise the cheapest and the sturdiest would be a Kinesis A665.

In a few months maybe... I'll be going for that goal... a softer ride.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Conchita after 6 months

After 6 months of riding with Conchita (2009 Vision Pursuit), I've been loving trailing too much... but of course banging the trails also result in parts breakage. There is of course the slight sumpong of upgradititis included, but not much... some of the replacements were hand-me-down from my father who got caught with the upgradititis virus, bigtime that is.

So how does she looks like now?

from a Pure White color scheme to a mix of White, Black and Ergon Green!

Conchita looks even more beautiful in Ergon Green accents.

So here's the breakdown of what got replaced and what was replaced.
from September 2009 up to the present

Marked in Red are broken parts and got replaced
While those marked in Blue are hand-me-downs
and marked in Green are parts that went to DIA and/or came from

grips:    Ergon GC3-S >>> Ergon GE1-L Enduro Grips
shifters: Alivio 3x8 Rapidfire Plus >>> Sunrace Juju 3x9 Rapidfire >>> 2010 Shimano SLX Rapidfire Plus
chain: Torque 8-speed chain >>> 2009 Deore LX 9spd. chain >>> Shimano Dura Ace 9-speed chain
RD: Shimano Alivio m410 >>> 2009 Shimano Deore m531
FD: Shimano Alivio m410 >>> 2009 Shimano Deore m531
Fork: 2009 SR-Suntour XCR 100mm LOD >>> 2009 SR-Suntour Epicon 100mm RLD
Pedals: VP Components Mountain Pedals with Half-clips >> Exustar PD-26 SPD pedals
Shifter Cables: Shimano SIS Cables >>> Jagwire Teflon Coated Cables with Ergon Green hose
Brake Cables: Shimano SIS Cables >>> Alligator Teflon Coated Cables with Merida Green hose
Front Tire: Continental Mountain King 2.0 wire >>> Continental Mountain King 2.2 wire
Rear Tire: Continental Mountain King 2.0 wire >>> Continental Speed King 2.1 wire
Seatpost: Kalin Ice 27.2x300mm (broken clamps) >>> Truvativ Stylo Race 27.2x400mm

I'm imagining what's next after a few months~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recon Down South with UST GT Core

this one's long overdue... was supposed to be edited and posted around 1st week of February. But due to my work's hectic schedule this was just edited last night and posted also early this mornin.

Anyways... calling all UST Gruppo Tomasino members... here's a short preview of what to expect for our next ride!

[01-31-10] UST Gruppo Tomasino - Recon Down South! from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Eduardo Arevalo (apple1) and Joey Espinueva (joeyralliart)... without them none of this would be possible.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Replacing my broken Ergon GC3-S to a newer Ergon GE1-L


My Ergon GC3-S, finally gave up on me after 10 months of service. And in those 10 months, it has given me confidence in the downhill and technical portions of the trails. It finally gave up on me last Saturday during our DRT-Bato epic ride. The GC3-S took all the damage when I almost endoed. In a result he clamping area on the right grip was severely damaged. And clamping the barend to the grip would be impossible.

Being a satisfied Ergon user, I'm convinced with Ergon's grip performance and got myself new Ergons.
I was originaly planning on purchasing GX1 or GP1 in Team Edition colors... but to no avail there was no stock at all in either Sabak and BTC. The only Ergon Team Edition grip available in BTC... was the GE1-L suited for Enduro or Freeride Applications.

Well no choice... better have it or nothin'
Plus the model "L" is scarce...
Glad to have the last piece~

Monday, February 01, 2010

Storm in February

I'm just one of thousands or hundreds who got New Year's blessings in February. Imagine that, I used to be working in a animation scene and now I'm back to advertising... and I'm glad I did. My brain's creative juices keeps on spilling out now that I'm back with the workforce.

Anyhow anyhow... the mtb scene's also a storm. With the ION Bike Challenge just passed and an experience riding south luzon's numerous trails also produced some good reviews.

Once I get home I'll upload all the vids and photos of two consecutive takes.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I-ON Extreme Bike Challenge on January 30, 2010

Alright, this coming January 30's another Mountain Bike race!
If you're joining then read above~

Well... I'm not joining but I'll be covering the race from the sidelines... And will be supporting my ride buddies. I just hope Ian Ong doesn't back-out, if he's joining.. the same goes to those participating from
UST Gruppo Tomasino. I'll wish you guys/gals all the luck! And prayers...

... unless the wind changes direction, there might be a chance that I too join this race, but still having doubts if I should.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shotgun - Taking on the Challenge

Pedal damn it!  I think I saw this on a top tube of a Marin bike when I passed by a slow pedal-er on the flat portion on top of Shotgun trail.

To those still unknown with Shotgun... its a trail in San Mateo, Rizal famous for its steep dirt climbs and of course the dump trucks that pass you as you climb several mountains. Dust, smoke and the scorching heat.

If you have tried "The Wall" or "AFP reverse"... this is a level further than those. Climbing Shotgun requires lots of hydration, complete protection from the scorching heat and UV Rays; yes that includes sunblock, and of course patience... lotsa patience.

The ride was organized by Ian Ong via FB, but am sure it wasn't him who wanted to tackle Shotgun. Hmm must've been Mike Serrano. Was sure he brought his cam in contrary to this climb.
Well from Shotgun we continued the ride to Giant via Roxas (single-track). And going back we took the route down via Aries - AFP Housing. And truly that was one hell of downhill.

It was also a blessing to test the "hand-me-down" SF9 SR Suntour Epicon RLD my father handed me down. Compared to the performance of the XCR, the Epicon takes all the beating the trail gives. But to be true, you can't compare a fork from another fork on just one single trail ride. I'll gather more information before I can give a real review.

Speaking of review... I haven't given a review on my current set-up of tires, that is the Continental Mountain King and Race King. Well thats another story.

A Compilation of Rides... for the whole December of 2009

To cope up with lost time, I have to summarize every small and/or long rides I had since after the December 19, 2009 Grand Alumni Homecoming at UST.

1.) First of course, December 19, 2009 - Only 5 of us were able to attend the Grand Alumni Homecoming, but without the attendance, am sure that the organization wouldn't be able to get that Recongition.

2.) A few days later after that event and days before Noche Buena and Christmas comes. I spent an early climb to the City of Pines, Baguio City with the whole family. I was allowed to bring a bike to explore the city's hidden trails... but with the lack of a guide and several mis-communications with the local riders. I had no choice but to try road climbs.

Compared to the road climbs in the Metro, these climbs were good training spots for those who enjoy climbing cardiac hills. Friends from Teachers Camp brought me to a few of these training spots such as: "Tiptop" and "Happy Hollow".

I even had a chance to get a vid of the downslope run from TipTop... before I ran out of card space and batteries.

3. After Christmas... December 26, 2009. This was the last time that I could taste the trail for the year 2009. A good year-ender at the La Mesa Nature Reserve with ride buddies as well as Marose and Jeena's group. A total of 18 mountain bikers took on La Mesa's numerous single tracks and fire roads.

There's actually 7 parts of this ride, and only got the chance to upload 2 of these at vimeo... might get the chance later on to post everything if there's extra space before I maximize my weekly limit.

It's actually cool that La Mesa's terrain's varied. That every other time we go there, there's a different attraction. The above vid (part 7) is a single-track that we haven't tried before. The caretakers of the nature park told us that it was re-opened after Ondoy's (Ketsana) wraith. It was maybe also because that some of the usual routes have been badly damaged during Ondoy's downpour a few months ago.

Well that wraps every little and BIG ride for December 2009~

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Very sorry to forget the year of the tiger~

But to be true, I also forgot that I had a blog to maintain.

So what's new? What have you all missed? Many rides and vids to show from last December 23 till now.