Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two weeks, with little on the road and more on the bed

It's actually crap, being not able to grab DIA, and taking her for a spin for three weeks and being not able to write a post for two friggin weeks.

Unlikely, today's the day I'll be picking her up from Tito Ching's place after three weeks of repainting and drying. And that also means three weeks of no-rough-road experience on the MTB.

Well seriously, wihout DIA's presence I had my rides on the road with ISHI (folding bike), like last last week when I had to use her and climb Antipolo's hills (which shouldn't be)... joined the Firefly Brigade's CMR to GSIS Museum (Pasay City) from Greenhills (San Juan) last week Saturday. And some here and there errands from my house to some places...and to mind you that I was doing these errands after arriving home late at night, and this aren't things that involve those illegal stuff, if you're thinking it that way. More likely vegetable shopping for my lunch the next day.

Anyhow yesterday, I had to stay home... itching to ride, and even worse wanting to join Jenny Arce's group ride to Tagaytay. Which is rather sad, since DIA's still not with me. And building her yesterday would only be futile, since I'm not yet done in rebuilding her because I'm lacking better-working-rims.

I'll be continuing this post later after I pick her up from tito Ching's place.


Anyhow I'm back...

Got DIA's body (frame) from Tito Ching this morning... and damn she's gorgeous in Glossy Dark Green. Will be bringing her on Saturday to DS Turner Bike Shop @ Cartimar for assembly... together with the Alivio Groupset I bought from them two weeks ago. All she needs left is rims, but I just couldn't figure out, which rims would be best that goes with tight budget. I was looking forward to fit her with Alexrims XC Lite V-Brake Rims or Alexrims Sub V-Brake Rims.

I wonder how much would 1 Pair of Rims, Spokes and Nipples would cost me plus bike assembly?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday@UP Newbie Ride and "Buy Me a Bike" Bazaar

During Sundays what do most people do at UP Diliman?

Most do their daily exercises, some jog around the UP Oval... some participate in the Marathons held within its grounds... some enjoy the delicious Lugaw and Sopas the UP Kiosks has to offer. And of course there are the cyclists both roadies and mtbikers who tours UP's pavements and trails.

A few weeks ago at, the forum for the Pinoy Mountain Biker. The Sundays@UP group arranged a Sunday@UP Newbie Ride to give a boost morale ride to those starting with this hobby/sport. Of course this also serves as an EB with mountainbikers: old and new (in my case I'm a young oldie who came back to the sport just a few months ago).

Actually it wasn't just the Sundays@UP who organized an event within UP Diliman's grounds. There was also Ma'am Nokia, Lavender and Whoops and PMTB Admins who arranged a parts bazaar entitled: "Buy Me A Bike", a fund raising activity to raise money to buy bikes for the children @ Redeemer's Home in Antipolo.

To join each rider will donate a used or unused part and it will be priced and sold from 10 php to 200 php. And all proceeds will be going to the bikes to be given to these kids.

Anyhow it was rather unexpected... attendees reach more than 50 (correct me if I'm wrong), that we almost got Ma'am Nokia and Lavender's place jampacked with bikes, that it eventually turned into a Bike Park. And to top it all both events were a success.

and to show the evidence to it, I took photographs and it can all be found at my multiply @

Lunch @ Abe's Farm - Magalang, Pampanga

"Crispy Tadyang, Sinigang na Isda sa Bayabas, Arubung Camaro... Sikreto ni Maria..."

These are just a few of those authentic filipino dishes you'll be able to eat at "Abe's", it presents its clients with sophisticated, elegant and traditional Capampangan food, in addition to its old Binondo, Filipino and World dishes.

Its restos are located within the Metro... but have you been to Abe Cruz's farm? Well I did... and all I can say is that the food and the ambiance works well together.

An emerging resort at the foothills of Mount Arayat and located in Barangay Ayala in Magalang, Pampanga. The restaurant we knew at the Metro was mixed with the feel of the province, a thing and feeling most of us forget.

My folks brought us there last Saturday, and so were our relatives... it was rather short notice though... but the experience was fabulous.

First of all I don't know what to order, since there was a lot to chose from the menu, but what I would say is the best from everything that we ordered was the Crispy Tadyang and the desert called, "Sikreto ni Maria"... it's a real secret.

Anyhow the photos from our trip is located at my multiply @

Thursday, June 11, 2009

planning to try out twitter... blogger's blocked at the office

Sadly, I really need a breather... or an outer heaven to release my pains, possibly whats on my mind... and something to express myself in a jiffy.
I'm also sad since I can't post via blogger here at the office. Unionbank Plaza's servers has blocked Blogger from its database. Crap, its my only resort to express my thoughts.

I'm planning to get a twitter... just for a breather. Since this blog will focus more on my Weekend Warrior days.

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Saturday, June 06, 2009


Just got home from Tito Ching's place (Palma-Lota Bakery along General Ave., Tandang Sora). And left DIA with him for repainting and possibly change of parts.

Actually like Sir Jay, Tito Ching also suggested me to build a new bike. Sadly even if I wanted to, don't have enough money to buy a new bike (a Merida Motts that goes around 16k Php). Thats why I'm sticking to restoring DIA to her former glory.

I also went to Roosevelt Bicycle Shop and checked if they have SRAM groupsets especially the X5, sadly I got "no" for an answer since they only provide Shimano gruppo for MTB. It sucks actually... was planning to cut some weight on DIA.
Anyways... since there was no SRAM parts, I inquired about their Shimano Gruppos...

Of course Alivio's at around 6k and these are v-brake specific... followed by Acera at around 4.8k and Altus at 4.2k

Sadly there's no Tourney, and I think the only stores that carry Tourney nowadays are the LBS... and per se, its part by part.

Luckily DIA's with Tito Ching so I have no worries of spending a portion of my paycheck on parts for now. It's pushing me to save for SRAM x5 (6.6k without the front derailleur and the brake levers and vees).

Rainy Days...and Rest day~

We didn't get to go to Alpadi for our monthly airsoft game with our teammates from CCAG. The biggest reason why? The rain never stopped, it because of the Tropical Monsoon.

Anyhow I'm waiting for Mom and my sister, Isay to arrive from the hospital (stress test), so I can go around the metro and check the LBStores for prices on Tourney or Alivio, and/or how much a Crank, an RD, an 8-speed shifter, an 8-speed casette, a Bottom Bracket, an 8-speed Chain would cost. Typically your accounting on how much your spending for items you'll be needing for the replacements/slight upgrade.

Anyhow I just hope it doesn't rain tomorrow on Dad's run so I can come and take a spin at the Fort Bonifacio area.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Rainy Days and Fridays... Saturday included

Its been a rainy stormy week, especially yesterday and most specially today.

But to point it out, there was no announcement by PAG-ASA about a storm. All that was announced was a Low Pressure Area.
So as a result, I'm always soaked wet when I arrive home.

Tomorrow's Saturday~ and I'm sure there'll be scattered rain showers all over Metro Manila. And as it seems I'll be able to bring DIA to Tito Ching's place in the late afternnon.
The reason is because Dad's asking me to accompany him to the high hills of Antipolo and play the "expensive" game of airsoft... of course its only expensive if you play it weekly.
And we don't play the game that often nowadays, eversince Dad went back to preparing for marathons and me who went back to mountain biking.

I would like to say no... but... I'll be missing more of these Father and Son bondings. Thats why I finally decided in accompanying him to the gamesite tomorrow.

I just hope it doesn't rain that hard, or I'll opt to taking out my camera to take photographs instead than play.

So stay tuned for the photographs~ enjoy~

(PS: Still at the office, waiting for paycheck... blogger's blocked here, so I'm writing via e-mail once again.)

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Itching to ride... and overhauling~

I've been itching to ride with DIA for a few days now... Just two more days...

But wait! I forgot, I should be bringing DIA to my Tito Ching's place for overhauling. But it seems like with my work schedule for today I'll just have to bring her on Saturday morning.
On the same day, before I go to his place I'll probably drop by to Roosevelt Bicycle Shop and check if they got those old Shimano Tourney Groupsets.

Weird noh? I'm getting the entry-level components of the yesteryears. The reason is because I'm planning to retain DIA on her original 21-speed gears (3x7)... but since SHimano already faced-out the 200GS series. My last opt is the Tourney Series (Acera or Atlus is out of the question).

Sunday also marks Dad's marathon day, he's supposed to run the 15k category of the Mizuno Run @ the Fort. I'll make sure to bring ISHI (Maruishi) along for some light trailing. But I'm sure I'm going to be laughed at the McKinley Trail with a 20" FS Folder. Ehehehe...

Anyhow I still got 1 hour and 30 minutes to spare before my shift start.

Anton Daniel "Bunny" T. de la Cruz
3D Artist
Lucid Multimedia Tech, Inc.

(63)917 - 924-4277