Friday, March 25, 2016

Holy Week in Baguio - Health 100 Vegetarian Restaurant

It's Holy Week and we're up in the mountains of Baguio City for this almost-week-long holiday. So this morning part of the itinerary I prepared was to bring my wife, Aya to a place she hasn't been to in the "City of Pines".

And so I brought her to the famed, "Health 100 Vegetarian Restaurant" located along Magsaysay Avenue. It is a simple restaurant offering healthy meals, with ingredients grown freshly in Baguio City.

But to get there, we hailed a cab from Baguio Country Club to Session Road... yes just Session Road. Because it's best to go around Baguio City while walking. Taking our sweet time and enjoying the different sights and sounds. So from Session Rd. we walked down to the intersection and upon reaching Malcolm Square Park, we and took a right to Magsaysay Avenue... the walk was long. But she did enjoy going to a place she had been to.

Just go down Magsaysay Avenue, when you reach Barangay Slaughterhouse it means that you're near. Continue going down the road, and you'll find Health 100 Restoreant on your right.

Health 100 can be found at a corner of a private road and Magsaysay Avenue.
It is located near a church.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

After-work Trail Ride at BASEKAMP Pit Stop, San Mateo, Rizal

Honestly this is the first time that I have ridden at Basekamp Pit Stop, an adventure and recreation place located on top of Mt. Maarat's mountainous area. Basekamp is operated by Sandugo, a local maker of outdoor gear from sports bags, sandals and shoes.

So after work I buzzed my friend, Carlos Colmenares (their trail builder and product designer) that I'll be dropping by at Basekamp yesterday afternoon. He said that he might be there to tend to the trails. And off I went to get there, with my Banshee racked on my trunk.

Carlo's pick-up truck and my car parked at Basekamp
Upon arrival... I noticed and was told that I was the only biker and guest there. The guard, told me that Carlos was in the middle of the trail system fixing the trail for an upcoming race that they'll be having.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Where are you goin'?

Viento mounted on the carrier, and ready to go after work.

It's Holy Week this week... and it's Wednesday, when offices declare work is suspended at half day.

As for most Filipinos, they would have gone now to their provinces and be with their families and relatives. As for me and my wife we will be leaving for Baguio City by tomorrow.

So for this afternoon, I'll be taking on Basekamp, located up the mountains of San Mateo and Antipolo, Rizal... hopefully I get to ride there before sundown.