Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rainy Afternoon Spin... and mis-aligned rims

Its still raining outside.

And when there's rain there's adventure bound to happen outside. Well rain can't stop me from taking a spin around the district, even without fenders (road dirt gets into your mouth and dirties your shirt).

But to be frank, my reason was to change bottom brackets again. Because the one I bought from the LBS last week has been producing that creaking sound again just after I took DIA for semi-aggressive XC ride, I think its possibly another case of crushed bearings. So readers take note not to buy other brands aside from those on the mainstream manufacturers... especially in the case of bottom brackets.

Sadly when I got there, the owner, Mr. Allan wasn't there... only his service man. I also found out that they only sell the same kind of bottom bracket that they installed on DIA. Oh well, there was no choice but to take DIA for a spin. And my spin was restricted to a shorter ride distance. For 30 minutes I went around the district, from mild ascents to freewheeling along the highway. Of course I was mainting my pace within the 20kph to 45 kph range.

While along the wide stretch of Congressional Extension, thats when I noticed something bad, and when I say bad... it really is BAD. My rear vee's weren't making contact with the Rims. It was sliding.

I slowed down while depressing the rear brake levers and being accompanied by the front brakes. Unlike the rear vees, the front vees were responding quite well even on wet and the dirt on the rims. When I got down on the bike I inspected my rear vees, originally I set the tension at a lower set-up before leaving home, but with that tension setting it was still bound to respond best on all-weather conditions (with a 2-second delay in stopping power).

Thats when I had the conclusion that my rims are mis-aligned... it must've come with the age that it cannot be repaired anymore and needs to be replaced. Finding out that staying longer on the road would only get dangerous losing my rear vees traction at a very drastic rate.

When I got home, this is what my mis-aligned Araya RM-20 rims did to my rear vees:

the rear vee's rubber pads have gone thin... after it made contact with too much traction
with the mis-aligned rims that friction destroyed it.

that grey line is actually black rubber dirt mixed with rain water... there goes my rubber pads

Knowing that my rims are a total gonner and my vee brake pads are also going down the drain. Its about time to canvass how much money would I spend in building a new wheelset... i might possibly get that double wall Mavic Deemax (the replica/generic one sold in LBS , since I only do mild to medium XC rides).

Woke-up late... and a bike review

Haha, we didn't get to attend the Earth Run 16k marathon at Fort Bonfiacio today. Well for starters, Dad woke up early... but he found out he was late when he saw the envelope were the race number was stored, "5:00am Call Time, 5:30am Races Start".

Woops! It's 5am and we're not there yet. Well he decided we won't be going anyways, because once we get there the race would have started. Its a lesson for us all to read/listen before we act.

With our eyes wide-open, Dad decided to have breakfast at our local fastfood fave, Jollibee located at Congressional Ave. But in turn found out it was closed and went for a U-turn and had a breakfast buffet meal at Grills and Sizzles.

A while ago I was checking the PMTB boards and found out that there was a Last Day of Summer ride to La Mesa Eco Park, haha I wish I could've joined if I learned earlier we weren't going to the Fort. So much for that, I'll try it out next time when there's an event posted. I surely want to take on La Mesa Trails in the near future.


Anyhow I mentioned yesterday regarding a bike review of the Maruishi (I mispelled it as Marushi) 20" Full Suspension Folding Bike. But to put it clearly I haven't confirmed if it "really is" a Maruishi, but according to the store owner it "was" a Maruishi.

So anyways I bought this bike @ BZKLETA Cycle Shop last May 23, 2009 (just a week ago), their shop's located at 150-8 Aurora Blvd., Quezon City, its just below J.Ruiz Station LRT2.

When I got there only one folding bike was available, and it was this service bike they had. At first look it was radically cool, but fugly. The part that it was fugly was because it had a rear-drum brake, which was of course totally outdated. Nowadays bikes use either caliper, v-brakes or disc brakes. These are the brake-systems that works well in any weather condition.
Sadly the bike only has front caliper brakes installed. Second the bike is also fugly because of rust, which is already given since its a surplus bike. The bike's price tag goes around 4,500 php, which is between cheap and expensive. Cheap in the case it sports 20" rims and tires, and the part where most of its components are original Shimano Japan. Plus this is a full suspension folding bike.

Without hesitation I took home the bike.

Once I got home I went out for a test ride. And these are my conclusions...

The tubes are flat, and of course its unusual that they sport presta nozzles and not the common schraeder nozzles. Finding a pump would be a problem. So before I started reviewing it again, went out to the LBC (local bike shop) to find replacement tubes with schraeder nozzles. When I got there I also found out that the brakes are hard and rusty, plus that the left brake lever is the rear break, and the other one is the front just like a motorbike's braking system.

Having the tubes changed and the brakes re-wired to their proper set-up I rode the bike home via a 2km. rough terrain (rough pavement) with a mix of uphills and downhills.

So first, here's a review on the wide stretch:

First of all once you ride the bike you'll first feel the rear suspension going down because of your weight. With six-speed shimano mountain gears, starting-up with the highest gear to the lowest was an easy start. Handling was good, but of course with a crank fit for most folders, it doesn't offer the best speed.

After riding on the wide stretch I turned at a corner and took a detour with the rough pavement, here I tested the bike's suspension. In which it responded quite well with the the mild bumps... except of course the bump that almost threw me off the bike, the 20" wheels can't handle deep pot-holes... so there's a limit in where this bike can go... and it definitely not the trails.

a few meters after the rough pavement area was the uphill, in where all the downside of Full Suspension bikes appear... especially FS Bikes without lock-out options, and this one didn't have that option installed. Took me almost 2 minutes to climb a-not so steep slope, that I had to stand while pedaling just to reach the top.

Downhill as usual is never a problem, as the bike responded well maneuvering itself away from mild pot-holes and bumps... although unlikely the rear drum brake didn't respond well, that I had to put mild and short pressures on the front breaks just to stop the bike....

And to put clearly, the bike is a folding bike and is meant to be handled for leisure and commuting purposes, and not meant to feel the ruggedness of trail riding, even though it has the geometry of mountain bike.

Japanese Full Suspension Folding Bike with 20" Rims
bought @ BZKLETA Cycle Shop for 4,500 php

(it actually came with a Amoeba Seat-Clamped Rear Rack,
but removed it and fitted it to DIA)

The suspension coil says it can handle 450lbs., but i'm not sure if it can.

Shimano SIS Index with 6-gear cogs and Rear Derailleur,
this is what made the ride expensive.

Rusted 20mm travel Suspension Fork... it works sometimes,
But would be best to replace it in the near future

Here's how it looks like when folded, it's not as compact as it looks like.
The stem doesn't fold unlike most folders, but this want fits inside a Camry's trunk

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Marathon... and its tomorrow!

After last week's Runnex... Dad's going to take on another marathon, and this time its at the Fort Bonifacio Global City.

He'll be joining the Earth Run, and guess what... 16k.

He'll running in that category. I'll be sure to catch everything on cam, while I ride the Marushi.

I wasn't able to give a full review, but don't worry I'll make it a point to get down to details when I get home tomorrow.

Till then,


The day my parents went for a run... marathon that is

This again however is a late post, should've posted this last Sunday afternoon... but but was too tired to do so.

Last Sunday morning my folks went out early in the morning to compete for the 2.2k and 10k marathons hosted by Runnex at the UP Diliman University Oval / Grounds. Of course my younger bro was there to accompany my Mom who wasn't used to run on the pavement regularly but on runs on a treadmill instead. My Dad of course is a regular runner so its given that he would run marathons with 10k to 46k categories.

Anyhow I enjoyed the event on the bike while taking shots of Dad, Mom's and Miguel's runs... but... I wasn't on my Diamond Back (nicknamed her DIA), but on the Marushi FS Folding Bike that I bought the day before the marathon event.

Anyhow I'll also make a review on the folding bike I purchased while going along this post/story.

So where was I.... Ah! Dad of course took of earlier with the 10k peeps and was able to take a shot of the starting line dash. I wasn't able to do so back then because of the crowd of photographers that flock in front of the starting line. This time I got a lot of space to cover some of the good shots (with the macro telephoto of course). After the 10k start, the 5k followed after 2 minutes... then the 2.2k... it was Mom's run... by the Mom was also accompanied by Tita Joan Bostre (a family friend, was also one of two people I registered for the 2.2k run two weeks ago). But from the looks it, Tita Joan was already used to running kilometers on the pavement. The 2,200 meters were just a walk in a park for her... compared to my Mom who was running at her slower pace (that looked like a walk in the park), I also caught on her on cam with Miguel coaching her (although it looks like he's teasing her) but for her to join this run was already an achievement.

After Mom passed by, a few minutes later Dad followed after 5kms. or so. As always he wouldn't be able to get that 1st place or anything since he was running as usual with his slower pace and cadence. But that thing always made him a finisher. Completing the whole 10k or whatever-K it was.

More of the photos can be found here:

Of course when the award ceremony came... we waited for a few minutes before we went home... but of course since Miguel was there and Mom was there it was a brunch outside thing to do.

We had to load my Folding Bike into the trunk, gladly it fits! 20" rims and tyres fits inside a Camry's trunk, but of course... not that of a good fit, but its mostly a snugged-tight fit... the bike's heavy to put.

So we had brunch at Flapjacks, which was a good choice. Since their meals are always big servings good for the hungry fellow, that is my brother and me, who always tend to eat more than what I regularly do (taga-ubos ng tira).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Of deadlines and allergies...

Unluckily I didn't get a chance to do my weekend bicycle ride on my MTB...

There are a lot of reasons why I ended up staying late in bed and/or ended up being as lazy as a sloth... or possibly even worse, attacked by skin asthma and been having breathing problems.

One thing led to another and another led to another. That's the answer.

This week we had two deadlines to finish... but in reality deadlines are quite normal, not unless there's a change of deadlines. And once your tired, finishing everything before the deadline is a even bigger problem.

Ever since my sister started her new job at Makati, we've been leaving home earlier nowadays. 630am... of course I'll arrive at the office between 7am to 715am. But of course my shift doesn't start at that time slot... morning OT isn't allowed at our studio. So I still start around 10am and end at 7pm; not unless there's a project that nearing a deadline. During this week, I'm always on overtime... staying at the office from 2 hours to 3 hours max.

Resulting of course that I always leave the office at around 9pm or 10pm.
Now doing the Math... I arrived at 7am and leave at 10pm... thats 15 hours of being awake, whats worse is 3 hours of doing nothing, time is wasted waiting.

So it results to being tired and looking sickly, thats why I'm having constant migranes.

Another problem of course is our floor... the 17th of Unionbank Plaza is having an indoor construction... we've been staying at another workstation at the 17th (we used to be working at the corner of the floor facing Metrowalk. The view's quite nice from there). Currently at our old workplace, engineers of unionbank plaza are creating a perimeter wall and enclosed area for our use (privacy and such) as per request of our mother company, IPVG.

Being healthy is a lot of problem when you're ina construction site, what's worse is its and enclosed area where fresh oxygen is a problem, air is circulated in a closed area via airconditioners... these airconditioners transmit the dust created by the construction to our very own workplaces.

Thus resulting to my skin asthma and having a hard time breathing in some cases. Last thursday night was the time I had asthma, and breathing was a problem, plus my officmate, Jared had been having skin allergies since last last week. I also had skin allergies yesterday... the only allergy I knew I had was allergy from greased peanuts.. now I'm thinking its because of the environment...

Anyways anyways, This week sucks like hell... I'm tired, sick and sleepy... all because of one thing that led to another.


On another case, I'm planning to restore Dad's 18-year-old 1991 Diamond Back Acsent (what I thought was a 1991 Cannondale SM2000), I'll go first in looking for a frame painter and restore the bike frame to its glorious days in a gold and black tone (it used to have a white and black paintjob).

Then after purchasing a folding bike today at the local surplus shop, I'll be having the Acsent painted followed by replacing the Shimano 200GS crankset with a Alivio or Deore... it will be followed by replacing "again" the RD with an Alivio or Deore variant. I'll prolly find a cheaper suspension fork in the near future (the one sold in Pag-asa's quite expensive... at 3.5k, and it doesn't even look brand-new... I might settle for second-hand found at the trusty PMTB forums)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 16's Firefly Brigade CMR: Flores de Mayo Ride

Alas! 30 kms of pedal power!

Last week saturday morning I joined Firefly Brigade's 5th CMR (Critical Mass Ride), themed: Flores De Mayo & Ocean Month Ride...

We gathered at Greenhills Shopping Center at around 6:30am yesterday... in front of Life Cycle. Of course in reality, I'm not part of any bike club and its my first time joining a large group without any friends or colleagues around (my first two mass rides were the 1999 and 2002 Tour of the Fireflies, in which i had a buddy or two... nowadays I travel alone).

My main goal was to take as many pictures as I can to cover this monthly event hosted by Firefly Brigade... and of course some of PMTB's riders were there to guide the newer bikers.

At Dangwa with the Fireflies

anyhow its rather hard to explain everything but you can check the photos @ Tour of the Fireflies Mutliply Site

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blame it to the Economy~

I totally agree... very~

Somehow I've been totally hooked with Marc John's illustrations these past few days... I just don't know why but I could relate from these... even more with the illustration above.

I bet you guys would be able to relate to his works too... they're of course over at VOX... check him out at

If I were healthy...

If I were healthy... I won't be sitting in front of my laptop doing practice 3D works and would probably be at my work desk at the office instead...

What happened?

Well ever since Monday morning I've been barfing a lot, as in "a-lot". Plus I've been having these constant migranes, some that are unbearable... even had stomach cramps.

I just don't know why I've been having these symptoms... what was the cause of these problems I'm experiencing.

From what I remember it has been quite a long fuzzy time since I last drank coffee that many at Starbucks... a Cafe Misto Grande with two packs of sugar... that was the last drink I had before I started to feel quite bad.

So anyways, If I were healthy... I could've finished my interior for a school model asked by my boss today. I could've done another complex instore for possibly Mexico Chaudrau or Tesco China... or possibly enjoying a cup of hot tea with my coffee loving officemates and colleagues.

But wait... there's still a possiblity I'll be healthy... maybe after this day; this night; after I wake up...

Tomorrow is a new day, And sure I'll be healthy with no fever nor barfing to take another day away from me.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Firefly Brigade's 5th CMR: Flore De Mayo and Ocean Month Ride

[ taken from: ]

May hangover pa ba kayo ng 11th Tour of the Fireflies?

eto na!

Wear your floral blouses and polo shirts... it's time for the Flores de Mayo Ride... Yebah !

DATE May 16, 2009
VENUE Greenhills parking lot in front of Life Cycle
MEET-UP TIME 6.45 am
RIDE OUT Promptly at 7.30 am
RIDE END Lunchtime... 11.30am Binondo

RIDING SKILLS NEEDED Newbie to intermediate

PACE 12-15 kph

ROUTE (Approximately 30kms)


Out to Ortigas Ave.

Left at Santolan Rd. towards Pinaglabanan
Left at N. Domingo St.
Right at Old Sta. Mesa Rd (V. Mapa Road)
Left at Ramon Magsaysay Blvd.
Right at A.H. Lacson (Gov. Forbes)
Right at Laon-Laan St.

Stop-over at flower market shopping in Dangwa

Andalucia St. (going to Quiapo)
Out to Quezon Blvd.
Pass-over Quezon Bridge

Padre Burgos

Gen. Luna St. (entering Intramuros)

Plaza de Roma/Manila Cathedral

Anda Circle

Roberto Oca Sr. St.
(going to south pier and Japanese/Taiwanese bikes shopping)

Binondo Bridge

Stop-over/Official End: Masuki Lunch

Break-out groups for going back to Greenhills, QC, elsewhere after lunch

ATTIRE Casual, Floral, Work Wear
optional: Rain gear



organized by the Firefly Brigade


Anyhow I'll be covering the event... and take some photos for everyone to see~

Anton Daniel "Bunny" T. de la Cruz
3D Artist
Lucid Multimedia Tech, Inc.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday Ride... Canon 70-210mm Telephoto and more... gibberish~


Its saturday today, and of course as always wouldn't want to miss my morning ride to somewhere in QC, Marikina or even Rizal...

Anyways, I settled for a ride to UP's infamous university oval... riding non-stop over and over for 1 hour 30, then went around UP's compound for another hour... before stopping over at Mang Manny's for some delicious-mouth-watering hot bowl of Lugaw with Egg.

After lunch I called Roosevelt Bike Center via landline if they offer Rims Alignment... the person who answered told me they do... so without hesitation I asked Kuya Jom to help me in loading the 18 year old MTB into the van and zoomed to Roosevelt... but sadly when I arrived... the attendants told me that they got their hands full... CRAP! T'would be best if they told me on the phone that they were shorthanded and wouldn't have gone there in the first place...

Sooo I settled for Pag-Asa, a few shops after Great Bikes... I had my rims aligned for 30 pesos each plus had my Shimano GS200, a decade ++ old rear derailer for a Shimano Acera worth 800 pesos and of course a newer Shimano 7-speed chain... because my old one has dents and cracks from its previous rides and of course old age.

I mentioned on the title above... about the Canon 70-210mm Telephoto Zoom Lens...

Canon 70-210mm f/4 AF Zoom lens made in the late 1980's
and of course this model was discontinued of course,
ever since the Image Stabilizer series came around in the early 90's

Actually I got extra money at hand today, since last May 5 was payday... and so finally paid the last half of the payment to Sir Pio Bartolome... and received a well-taken care of Canon lens... So just to let you know, this Canon Lens was originally made in the 80's... but I just couldn't let a good opportunity of owning one of these vintage lenses go, plus its damned compatible with DSLRs of today... especially my 450D.

Soooo far... thats it for today...

But before I forget, I was able to salvage shots from my SD card from the last game @ Alpadi with HGSL's Airsoft Team and of course hosted by CCAG... but of course with Picasa and Blogger having a slow time posting photos... and only lets you upload 5 at a time... here's the link to my multiply: [05-02-09] CCAG with HTMT @ Alpadi

So this is it... till tomorrow's post then~ I'll be covering Dad's run at Bonifacio Global City... the event's called PAA-... crap i forgot... anyhow my father's joining the 10k run... and its going to be the best testing ground for my newly purchased lens.


Crap when I saw this a while ago at ...

I suddenly want to have a Ave Maldea custom Mountain Bike frame...
time to save up for one~

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

22 INCH HD!!!

DAMN!!! The 22 inch HANNS*G HDMI LCD screens just arrived around an hour ago.

So my office monitor just got upgraded... or should I say replaced. Its got its own speakers... although it sounds like low-quality so I'm using the office provided headsets.

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Daily Thoughts and a chunk of somewhat

Ehehehe... here I am juggling personal things with work periods.

Unlikely, I've been thinking since a few days ago when would we go and tackle gaming... its actually a month since I first started here at Lucid. Not that I'm commenting, we've been doing Virtual Factories for a month (in the older artists shoes, its been a year or so). In reality I'm enjoying what I'm doing, but would love to experience creating 3d scenes (buildings and textured scenes) for games such as FPS or MMORPG/RPGs.

Now to jump on another topic... Yesterday, news spread inside the office that I used to design and create clothes... Funny though, most of them never knew that I only created streetwear and fused them with couture. And my main fabric as always, the art of batik. Sadly the HR personnel wanted me to design her a wedding gown for her wedding next year. Yikes! Not my cup of coffee, but of course it would add some cash to my bank account.

I just wish I could make some beautiful ones this year, I've been rusty for quite sometime now. Ehehehe

On to another thought... today's my younger brother's birthday, today he turns 16... And my sister, Timmy turning 22 by tomorrow. Later the family's planning to go for a dinner outside... and I'm quite unsure if I'll be able to leave early from office. Since we've got four deadlines inline to be submitted by thursday, quite crazy actually.

Anyhow thats that for today... till my next post.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm officially 25... and sorts~

This is rather a late post... I haven't been online for quite a time now... No access with the net.

Anyhow I just celebrated my 25th birthday last May 1, 2009... And its official I'm now 25...

My 25th birthday started with me taking my MTB to church and after that headed rode-up northern Commonwealth... to Zabarte... I was planning to go to Grotto, Bulacan. Sadly my shoes gave up on me just when I was about to check my brakes. So unluckily I headed back to UP to get some elastics for my shoes (having old shoes for biking is a no-no, sadly I love those shoes since its lighter than those shimano-type cycling cleats). Back at UP I met up with the usual folks (Sir Jay, Allan/Alvin, Gil, Edwin and etc.), a usual chat but for 30 minutes... after that I went again for a spin and went back home at around 10am... around that time... Mom called me up via celphone and told me to pick up a lot fo things for tonights feast.

That night I was originally expecting visitors... Like Michi and Mik + Mikel Lei (my nephew), Patrick and May, and Krissy... sadly not one confirmed except for Patrick... who came around 9pm... as always Patrick was always there on my birthday, we had some good ol' chats and good laughs...

My birthday's quite simple... and quiet this year... but still memorable.

Anton Daniel T. de la Cruz
3D Artist

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