Friday, May 14, 2010

Ride Horse Ride! - A Subic Weekend (Photos)

The previous post were all talk and vid cuts... but what about the photos? It's better to show you all how the ride really went slowly.

Photos best describe the steepness of our climbs going to Pastulan.

Me at Camayan Wharf @ around 6:15am

Morning fog at the wharf... a little photo-ops before we start

With our trail guide: Edwin of the Subic-Olongapo Cycling Team
before entering Padyak Kabayo trail-head.

Son and Father tandem: Bunny & Decroix
greeting our pinoymtbiker friends, philmofo friends, retrobike colleagues,
and 43-bikes buddies
from Subic~
With Love...

After the first climb and first bend is another climb.
If you got the lungs to climb it... lucky you.

After the 4th climb was a short-rolling that was then greeted by ....

The 5th climb... Ahahahaha~
It was endless.

Dad was behind me as he was taking it easy.
But mind you, even he was slow... he's way stronger than me.

Dad posing with the locals who were going to Pastulan.
One thing for sure: "Magagalang lahat sila."
(They are all courteous.)
 6th climb I guess...

The 6th climb connecting to the 7th climb...
Still climbing... saddle time was less.
But of course we should maximize saddle time.
Walking's even more tiring.
This is where and when Dad felt that he was already pushing his limits.
Resting after the long 8th climb...
I was told to go ahead... Edwin's staying with my Dad.
Without momentum, riding on the saddle's a pain
even if I were to pedal it up the 9th climb.
 Check this out... a Passenger Tricycle with 8 passengers.
This is Jeepney-version of the Aetas who live in Pastulan who goes up
and down from their village down to Binictican or SBMA.

This was the 9th climb connecting to the 10th then it was all rolling,
with a few climbs and downhill then it was Pastulan.
Just after having our short break at Pastulan... and before we were about to head for the next mountain...
Dad started to have cramps on both of his legs. The same one that I usually get when I'm pushing the limits.
The unbearable pain on both legs or both thighs.

Ride Horse! Ride! - A Taste of Subic's Trails

A near-epic trail ride's toxic for anyone who hasn't pedaled for a long time. Also toxic for those who hate long climbs. But of course cardiac climbs that burn you out fast are the real tests to progress further.

An example and testimony to that was last Monday's bike ride, during our family's joint-birthday celebration held at Subic Freeport Zone.

The route was from Camayan Wharf to Binictican: Padyak Kabayo trailhead via West Ilanin Forest Area / Cubi Point

Upon reaching the trailhead is a long steep climb uphill... from what I remember there were around 9 steep climbs, in which SB8s, AKAs and Race Kings are proven worthless unable to grasp the dusty to rocky terrain.

The first stop after the numerous climbs is Pastulan, a village of Aetas who maintains a protects the beautiful forests within SBMA's compound.

Sadly thats our checkpoint and turn-around point.

As the uphill was steep, tiring, challenging... the return downhill was as challenging as the uphill. Navigating and controlling your descent was the key to reaching Binictican.

[2010-0503] Ride Horse Ride! Part 1 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

[2010-0503] Ride Horse Ride! Part 2 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Next time we'll complete this up to the next mountain from Pastulan. For now its time to train more.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I'm 26, and what's to expect...

When the clock hands stops at 5:30am it marks my 26th birthday!

Imagine that 26 years of struggles, joy, happiness, various experiences... sadness, pain and anger... and achievements, goals attained, and even those times I've had lots of fun bonding with my friends, cycling buddies, airsoft friends, bestfriends, and of course owing a lot of these to my family who has supported every decision I made through these years.

So what's to expect this 26th year?

Definitely for this blog... more cycling vids to expect... more trails to overcome... and possibly trail runs, trekking and anything outdoors.

As for me, there'll be more challenges... especially at work. Advertising's a heavier toll to my creative thinking than how it was when I was with 3D and Animation. But I'm still planning to go back to 3D after a year and half experience in the field of Advertising... just planning... we can't define the future yet.

Ahahaha some of you'll be asking how about love life... I wish I could find Ms. Right this year. I'm only looking forward to having Ms. Right as an outdoor's person. So I could easily relate to.

So what's next? We'll just have to take everyday as a challenge and just keep on climbing to the 27th year.

Till the next few days then~