Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Unlikely reality...

Reality is harsh.... which is true.

Sadly, I can't wait to write reality... but of course everything should be disclosed to the fullest.

Regarding the earlier post... don't worry as it seems its a false alarm.


In other news, I've been focusing to much on 3D, that eventually this blog shouldn't be focused on that. This is a cycling blog... a mountain rider's haven. A stress reliever. How could I be stupid to forget all that.

I neglected my health to be true to everyone... I've been weak... physically and sometimes emotionally.

But enough of those, I've decided to take on swimming as well as running. As told by a friend, I should try joining the triathlon... if not a duathlon's fine.

As also said by Ceej, that I should take advantage of the times I'll be free, with the reel on the works, its not everytime I'll be in front of the pc... there will be times I'm brainstorming... but since I'm good at multi-tasking... there's no other best thing but to brainstorm while running, swimming, body-building, martial arts and cycling.

That's right... martial arts... I'm going back to taekwondo... but not practice the art... but improve my stamina through extensive training.

That's reality... it may be a little harsh, but that's where we all end. So lets not discuss work... let's discuss what's in store for us tomorrow.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some readers are asking... How's Dia? or Ishi?

For Dia... she received minor face lifts,
such as...
  • a shorter aluminum handlebar with 25.4 clamping
  • Specialized Lock-On grips
  • ABR XC Race Bare Ends
  • and a Schwinn Comfort Saddle.
and now this is how she looks like:

I'm actually envious that she weighs lighter than 14.11kgs.
She's still and will always be a XC Marathon Bike.

As for ISHI...
she's currently under repair...

I'm planning to change her from a folding commuter
to a photographer/carrier folder

she's the one behind Dia on the photo above.

I'm also planning to equip her with:
  • drop down bars with 25.4mm clamping
  • red grip tapes
  • aero brake levers
  • 20x1.5 road tires
  • Active MTB Comfort Saddle
  • Amoeba Seatpost Rack
  • Front Cargo Rack
  • 8 speed shifter and Alivio RD


After knowing from my father, that I had to give DIA to my younger bro, Miguel last week. I immediately requested removal of some parts such as the Turbolites and Ergon grips I installed weeks ago.

Well anyhow, this new ride was born from the money my father gave me in exchange for DIA, combined with the cash I saved for the month of August (that was to go for the fork conversion from 1-1/8" to 1" for DIA). I was given a week to decide to build a new one and give my ride to my younger bro or regret buying one and stick to DIA for the rest of the time.

I originally intended to keep DIA's frame at first if I'm going to change parts. But my father didn't allow me and told me to give the whole thing to my bro. He only allowed my request to change parts such as the turbolites, ergons as well as the toe-clips.

So after my check-up during the morning I was accompanied in the afternoon to Cartimar to build a new ride.

My budget was 18k + 4k = 22,000 pesos... minus the turbolite handlebar and stem, ergons grips and toe-clips.

Before arriving at DS Bike Lander @ Cartimar, I already requested the owner for a 2009 Vision Pursuit size 19 frame in dark green colour. Sadly they didn't have one, she suggested me to get a white frame instead to match my personality, thats what she said.

With 22k, it would be impossible for me to create a ride that isn't entry-level. Anyhow here was the list of components that totaled to 21,400 pesos

- 2009 Vision Pursuit size 19 frame in White Colour
(the frame comes with a Seat Collar and Headset)
- 2009 Shimano Alivio Mechanical Disc-brake Gruppo (I originally wanted Deore)
- 2009 SR Suntour XCR 100mm travel fork with Manual Lockout
- a pair of Mavic X223 rims
- a pair of Continental Mountain King 2.0 wire bead
- a pair of Toxic-brand Tubes
- 72 stainless nipples and black spokes
- Kalloy Ice 27.2x350mm Seatpost
- Active White S'Trace Titanium Rail Saddle (got in darn cheap)
- 3 kristel aluminum spacers

Took around 2 hours 30 minutes to build her after lunch... then after those hours of waiting... there she stood in her white dress.

It was when I uttered the words, "Mi Conchita"

It was like I was watching a noon time soap opera, with Thalia starring as the lead role.

But actually, the name came from a passerby who shouting Pacita! Pacita! I misheard Pacita for Conchita. Ehehehe... silly me.

  • Conchita
  • A Filipina of filipino and latin heritage; young, slim and dressed in white. A She-Devil disguised in Purity.
  • Born: September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Re-wind Blogging: September 6, 2009 - Reconditioning Ride

This was just Last Sunday, I still remember how it rained angrily, that when I reached the UP Oval there wasn't a single runner. Bikers were scarce... my thought would be not just because of the very awful weather, but also maybe because of the wake of Erano Manalo, the minister of Iglesia ni Cristo (correct me if I'm wrong, thank you)... being held at the HQ of INC... just across Commonwealth Avenue.

Anyhow anyhow, here's the map of my reconditioning ride. Take note I was pedaling my bike with an injured sole.

Bunny's Reconditioning Ride 09-06-09
18.09 km 02:168.0km/h pace

Road - Reconditioning

My main purpose to go pedaling that day was to visit UP Inifrmary, was unsure if I should be getting another anti-tetanus shot because of the clumsy fall I had during the Tomagotchi Falls hike (a side-trip from our Licao Ride the day before).

Good thing I received a text from my mom with a message from my uncle (whose a doctor), that I should buy cefalexin and take it every 4 hours as well as applying hydrogen peroxide on the stripped-skin on my sole.

But before going to the local botika, I had some time riding around UP and at the same time had a ride and dine experience with some roadies as well as a scrumptious brunch with Mike Donadilla, Eloi Hernandez and Grace Gregorio.

Oh by the way, I took my new ride (Conchita, my white vision pursuit) ) for a spin on this day too, its her 2nd official ride, with the Licao ride as her first.

Probably next week I'll get her blessed.

Re-wind Blogging: September 5, 2009 - A Return to Licao-Licao

This was Last Saturday, a very rainy day indeed. It was the virgin ride of my white bike, "Conchita". Was also the day I got into an accident off the saddle. Seriously...

Thanks again to Dailymile for making it an almost daily habit to track my miles.

Neopolitan - Pangarap - Licao-Licao - Tomagotchi Falls - Licao-Licao - Brick Town - Jackhammer - Grotto - Neopolitan
52 km 08:156.3km/h pace

MTB - Trail

Not sure if its really 52km... but from Neopolitan to Tomagotchi Falls nokia sport tracker clocked at arund 25.53km. Noticing that from Tomagotchi to Brick Town down to Grotto and back to Neopolitan was even longer than what it was from Neo to Pangarap to Licao.

I really need a cyclocomp to track all my kilometers and miles... definitely.

Oh I also got injured in this ride... but not on the bike. but it was off the bike. I slipped while walking on muddy terrain.

Does anyone from the same ride have an accurate reading on how many kilometers we logged?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Re-wind Blogging: August 31, 2009 - A Wet and Muddy La Mesa Trail Ride

Rewinding to 9 days ago... August 31, 2009... a Monday Holiday, All Heroes day.

Thanks again to Dailymile for recording my previous rides... and also for Mike Donadilla and Tony (my father) for the photos:

La Mesa Nature Reserve - August 31 Trail Ride 16.22 km 03:224.8km/h pace

16km of rough terrain... with mixes of single-tracks, fire roads, and numerous cardiacs and downhills... mix that with moist to muddy and sticky soil.

Our group ride gave us more memories to keep and experiences to take note on.

We'll be taking on La Mesa again in a few weeks. Possibly bring more water to reach our target... Tower 1 aka "Mount Mordor" which is 37km.

Re-wind Blogging: August 30, 2009 - Visit to Twinville, Bike Blessing and Ride & Dine

Rewinding back to August 30, 2009... that was a Sunday, I could still remember it like it was yesterday.

Again taken from my dailymile cyclocomp~

Today there were multiple events that resulted to a 50km ride.
1st was my dad and me who took a route to UP down to Marikina. We visited our old village: Twinville... but when we reached Milflores, the street where our previous home was located... we weren't able to figure out where that house was. Not until I heard my name being called. It was Ate Bobot, Nanay Elsa's daughter. Ate Bobot, Ate Ellen and Nanay Elsa were the people who took care of me during my early days in Marikina and in my life. We had some chat over some hot coffee. A few minutes later we were on the road again and tackled Tumana-Balara Cardiac back to UP just in time for the gathering and the preparation for the scheduled Bike Blessing.

The Bike Blessing was scheduled for 9am... unlikely, it didn't start on that time, instead the priest arrived at around 930am. We had more than 50 riders that time and more than 50 bikes were blessed. From roadies, to mountain riders, down to bmxes, folders and cruisers. Its like a big gathering, but it really was a big gathering with no boundaries.

After the bike blessing Cayoi organized the Ride and Dine event in which more than 25 riders joined. Dad had to go home and attend my brother's event. I instead stood behind and joined this Ride and Dine event with my Bike Friends (Eloi, Grace, Jeff and Mike).

Our first stop was Charlie's Wanton located at Haig St., Mandaluyong... yes, we bike commuted through traffic... from UP - Cubao - P.Tuazon - San Juan - Wilson - Haig.

The Wanton's fantastic! It's a little pricey but the servings are... big! BIG! BIIIGGG!!! It was definitely worth the ride. And hour after we filled our bellies with this delightful meal we headed back and stopped at Caramia Gellato for dessert located along Connecticut St. just beside Greenhills Shopping Center.

After the cold gellato, the organizers decided to visit Lifecycle to check on bike parts, some even bought certain items such as jerseys and replacement parts.

From there some had to part ways, and leave for their destinations. Our group the Northerners (since majority of us live at QC and Malabon area... took a U-Turn at EDSA and went back to UP via White Plains - Katipunan - UP. From there we all parted ways. Of course us Bike Friends + 2 new found Bike Friends stopped over for water refill at Grace and Eloi's place before going home.

Now its time to rest for tomorrow's ride at La Mesa Trails, in which I have to prepare for a mudfest mud ride. In where of course there's going to be mud! MUD!! MUUUDDD!!! And of course scenic spots SPOTS!! SPOTTTSSS!!!

Re-wind Blogging: August 29, 2009 - Solo Training Ride

Lets Rewind back to Last Last Saturday... It was August 29, 2009... I was supposed to join the PMTB Babes with their Dream Loop Sumulong Climb... sadly not much sleep. So it was stamina training for me.

Thanks to Dailymile, possibly without it there's no memories. And definitely no stories to tell.

Solo Training Ride from Tandang Sora - UP - Tumana - San Mateo - The Wall and back

02:1116.7km/h pace

Decided to take my training instead to the Wall. I guess my thursday training ride paid off, giving me additional energy to make my way up this cardiac hill.

Sadly, I really wanted to take on Maarat, but with little hydration I decided to go down from the Wall and back to UP... of course I excluded all rest stops from this climb as well as my road sprints.

Also I'm also down, that I wasn't able to take on Tumana-Balara uphill on continuous pedaling. Hahaha I think it was because I was almost dehydrated lacking water and sport jellibeans.

Two Weeks of Riding... Cardiacs and Reconditioning

Last last week Saturday was my solo cardiac training to The Wall...

Sunday ride was a visit to Nanay Elsa's place, Bike Blessing and the Ride and Dine with the PMTB Babes.

Monday was a holiday so Sunday's ride was followed by our scheduled La Mesa trail ride with Dad's friends and my colleagues, Mike, Jeff and Erick.

Then last Friday... I had a check-up, but during the afternoon I withdrew some cash to combine it with dad's offer. That is to get a new ride, with the deal of giving DIA to my younger bro. Anyhow that goes to another story.

This Saturday was our scheduled ride to Licao-Licao... it was supposed to be a half-day ride turned whole day. Exhausted and sported an injury that the next day I was supposed to get an anti-tetanus shot at the UP Infirmary, instead I was given a medication to take for the next few days to stabilize the pain as well as to prevent germs from getting into the wound.


Actually I really hate compiling all the stories once again. But I betcha this'll be the last...

Since now, and finally we've transferred to Makati, and a plus! Blogger's not blocked. So its pure joy that I won't be transferring to VOX.