Friday, March 26, 2010

6.2 Earthquake yesterday

I was at the boardroom having my creative evaluation when the earthquake happened. I didn't have a single clue if I should've panicked or not.

But t'was more than a 30 second quake. But if I were to put it in words: "T'was a 30 second ground moving action."

The last quake I felt that I'm aware of was the earthquake of 1990... I was in prep then back in the Ateneo. It was a quake that has been embeded into my head.

I just hope that this quake would be the last one... for now.

One Gear; One Solid Power

I'm amused by those riding on one single-gear.

Here in Chino Roces, Makati CBD, a street near my office building... I often spot a group of fixed gear cyclists. Their rigs are very eye-catching... although from my point-of-view its very rare to see fixed gear bikes especially groups here in the metro. The most bikes I often see are mountain bikes, road bikes and folders... but rarely do I see a fixie or two.

Maybe... just maybe, fixed gear will someday bloom here in the Philippines, just like the scenes in Malaysia, Hongkong and Singapore.

If you're a fixie and lookin for buddies, you might want to check Commence Manila.

But if your a single-speeder, you might want to check the local mountainbiking scene.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Climbs and Descends

When I started mountainbiking a few years ago... I thought that mountainbiking is all about climbing steep hills and overcoming rough rigorous terrains. Then just last year when I returned back to this sport, I was re-educated about mountainbiking... especially nowadays that there's more than 5 riding disciplines.

During the heyday, there was only cross-country... the all mountain of the yesteryears. Now there are 8: cross-country, all-mountain, enduro, freeride, downhill, dirtjump, 4cross, single-speed... or so I think of it.

Last year I was all riding cross-country... finding the love of the sport climbing cardiac hills and trailing around the local trails... But just recently I've come to enjoy the downhills even more. No-no I'm not into downhill riding, but I'm learning to love the descends, technical courses and especially those with rock gardens... and to add some 2 to 3 ft. drops. Although I've already done a 4ft. drop and accidentally bottomed-out an SF9 Epicon with 100mm travel once... which is a very bad thing for low-travel air forks.

God, thats where I forgot the limitations of Cross-Country riding. A Cross-Country frame and fork can't take the abuse of 3ft to 4ft. drops. Not unless its a 29er.

How can I enjoy the downslope rush while also be able to climb steep hills as well? That's what disciplines are made for. I'm thinking of going All-Mountain or probably XC Trail.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

For those who own an SF9 Epicon and is interested in Adjusting its Travel

Planning to upgrade to the same model of an SF9 Epicon RLD or LOD but with shorter/longer travel? Trust me, don't... you'll be wasting money on it.

Luckily SR-Suntour's Tuning Base made a video on how to adjust the travel of your SF9 Epicons. Imagine that its an insider by SR-Suntour, and its no secret.

It can be found here:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've seen lots of mountainbikers switching to Single Speed nowadays...

How does it feel? Can anyone give me the pros and cons on riding SS?

My Dream Frame: Kinesis A650

Was planning to get the A665 (an XC Trail frame with SPF Tubing)... but when I saw this at Kinesis Taiwan's website... it was love at first sight. This is now my target frame to acquire in a few months.

Upgradtitis: a disease with no cure

Was there a time out of envy that you wanted to have the same thing another person has? For example your friend has a new DSLR and its the top-of-the-line of that brand. Out of envy you disposed your old Film SLR and bought a new one the same as the one your friend owns. You get addicted to the camera and the hobby... but a new model arrives a few months later with better features and better options. The want to have it and be above once more than others pushes you to buy the new model and sell the previous one you bought a few months back. Not contented yet you get lenses, the filters, a battery-pack, bags that can fit your whole rig. And so-on... then a few more months later the same routine happens and you upgrade again.

That is what everyone calls: Upgradititis... a disease with no cure.

A disease acquired from having the "want" to have a better "item" from envy or from the thought of a better "item" means "better performance"... or even worse "will make me GOD", if you're that stupid.

Upgradtitis, first symptoms are envy towards other people's acquisitions... then followed by the want to have the same thing or even better. Either because you want it for no reason, or another one would be because you would benefit more from it. Another reason would be when changing parts you is that your main reason is to upgrade, then upgrade again.

Since this blog is related to mountain bikes... and it should be.

Well the major reason why I'm talking about: "Upgradititis...", is that I'm finally confessing that I too am infected with this uncurable virus.

Started with the want for a full-suspension frame... then I guess it'll be followed by the need for better stopping power (hydro brakes), then the need for a wheelset that can take much abuse... and probably the want for a better ride... it follows and follows then further more will be followed by a few more things till it never ends.

But a diseases with no cure is impossible... and for Upgradititis... the only cure is to restrain from upgrading... to control one's addiction.

I hope I can do that...

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The need for a less-vibrating/bumpier rig

To tell you all the truth... I'm already infected with the Upgradititis virus. I probably have gotten it from my father or from a probable influence, which is maybe from my boss.

I've been riding HT for years now... and just last year on a Aluminum HT in 7005 series tubing. Sadly the vibration produced by an Aluminum HT when riding on trails is very unforgiving... its like riding on a rodeo horse, crushing your nuts on every bump.

Truly uncomfortable compared to riding a Full-Rigid Chromoly.

In Marketing and Advertising terminologies, there's the "Needs" and the "Wants".

And eventually I'm in a need for a softer or milder frame that would soften my ride during descends/downhills. And the want for a frame that can match my riding abilities both climbing steep slopes and going down with confidence... plus must be in Green and White or Green and Black (just a preference XD).

And the answer to all those... is to get a full-suspension bike XC Trail frame. My options include a Kinesis A665 frame, a Kinesis A670, Mongoose Teocali, and if there's an availability here in the Philippines... my top choice is a Diamondback Sortie... but if budget-wise the cheapest and the sturdiest would be a Kinesis A665.

In a few months maybe... I'll be going for that goal... a softer ride.