Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cool Down Sessions

Ice Cream fitting the every changing weather, its either sunny or rainy.

The weather hasn't been very cooperative lately for the past few days. It has been raining like giant cats and dogs or it has been a scorching hot day here at the metro (metro manila).  So a few nights ago, my wife, Aya and I opened a gallon of Arce Dairy's Avocado Sherbet... Definitely the best way to cap the ever-changing weather.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Makimi @ Pares Mami House, N.S. Amoranto

Earlier this evening after work, I was scheduled to fetch my awesome wife at her folks' place in Manila.

Though during these times my stomach was empty. And hunger was eating my energy up, since driving and hunger are mortal enemies in my case (or everyone's case, depends). Of course to get to her place I have to travel via Quezon Avenue - Banawe Avenue and N.S. Amoranto, also better known as Retiro, famous for chinese restaurants and restaurants or fastfood shops that serve mouth-watering Pares and Mami.

Though for this night's dinner, my appetite's craving for something with thick soup and some pork meat... it's Makimi

So what's Makimi or Maki Mi? Maki Mi is a chinese dish, it is composed of tender slices of pork in a very thick and brown broth and mixed with beaten eggs, making a very gooey and thick flavourful soup. It's similar to a Mami (Noodle Soup), though the difference will definitely be that thick gooey soup.

So I stopped by this place along N.S. Amoranto called, Pares Mami House sa Maharlika. from the interior it looks like your regular fastfood diner that serves Pares, though it also serves various dishes such as Buttered Chicken, Tapsilog, Tocilog and Beef / Chicken Mami.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Masks Down at Ground 9 - Airsoft Site

A few weeks back, my biking buddy, Enzo Bautista gave me a buzz and was inviting me to play at airsoft with his office mates. He knew that I had a history with a certain gamesite in Sta. Quiteria, Caloocan City. It's an airsoft field, different from a CQB gamesite, as games are played with guns with longer barrels, longer reach and higher FPS (feet per second).