Friday, November 27, 2009

a spike of life... a total revival

Imagine that... I've been gone for almost again. Not even a hint of life on this blog, nor photographs or videos.

But I'm glad to be back and writing again. As a matter of fact, I'm currently jobless... that means more time to write... but of course, there's no income here and there. So while writing this, I'm still at the point of jobhunting. As we all know without income we can't support our own vices and hobbies. As for me, without income there's no replacement parts (my rear Mountain King tire is almost at the peak of its retirement, a replacement is in need... badly.).

Anyhow to start the revival of this blog, I made this one out of boredom, srsly.

Up next would be a short review of my new arsenal... the GoPro Hero Helmet Wide...

A Break from Riding on the Saddle... why?

Sadly I caught the Dengue virus a two weeks ago, and just last week I was confined in the hospital battling out the virus.

It's good that after a week I was able to survive and win against the Dengue virus. It was thanks to a herbal medicine called, Tawa-Tawa... unlikely this was a local-herbal shrub found in provinces down south (Mindanao). Used and often cures fevers... this medicinal herb helped me regain those lost platelets.

Although a week has already passed... riding the bike to the mountains and jungles is a dream away for me. Sad but true, I'm not allowed to ride like I usually do for two to three weeks. My doctor required me to take the helmet off and rest-it out. Well my Mom was joyful that I'll be off the saddle for weeks.

But to be frank, I can't get myself off the saddle. To regain my strength I need some training too. Dia will be back as my training partner... true and right, I'm going to train my legs once again, but this time on road and around the village.

The earlier statement just defeated the title of this post... yes, but not totally... I'm only restricted to "road" and "village" and not "mountain", "jungle" or "trail".

Probably around December 12, I'll be on the saddle again climbing mountains or perhaps trailing around the local trails. But for now its regaining back that lost power.