Monday, November 28, 2011

Future Build

it does look yummy,
 especially when it ravages the downslopes with it's 38mm width.
coming soon indeed, when I get to build these on my future monster wheelset.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

On-One 456 RS Garage Photoshoot - November 2011 update

It's been nearly two months since I had last updated, the progress of my On-One 456's evolution. Unlikely, as it seems, I've been again hit by the upgradititis virus. Soon it'll end as soon as I am able to build it the way I want it. The bike's transition from an XC Bike, to a Trail Bike... and now it's nearing end transition to an AM/FR Hardtail.

So what has been it's progress?

Look closer... there has been some changes ever since the last few rides I had from the past. Saw it?

Yep that's right, got a 2007 Marzocchi 66 RV with 160mm travel up front in replacement of the XC-ish 2009 Rockshox SID Race with a mere 100mm travel. Also of course with the Zoke boasting a 20QR axle, a Fireeye R5 20QR hub also has been matched. Although unlikely my rims doesn't match the bike's current build.

Will have to replace the ZTR Alpine's with something wider, tougher and possibly a little heavier. Something that can withstand bighits of course.

Another change of course is my switch from Clipless to FLAT PEDALS:

Well so far, what's left are the rotors, the rims and some hard ridin' tires. although the 2.0 Mountain Kings have withstood the harshness of the hucking and the hard riding, although am not really sure if it can withstand higher drops.

Well more this coming December~!