Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Jade Coil Rearshock from DVO Suspension

When we talk about suspension forks and shocks, the first brands you first get to think of are the big four: FOX, ROCKSHOX, MANITOU and MARZOCCHI.

But a few months ago, a new company emerged from the mountainbiking scene called DVO, and introduced the Emerald Downhil Fork. It had everything you wanted in a DH Fork, it's lighter and sturdier and twin tube cartridges. Plus the fact that it comes in Emerald Green.

Then just a few days ago, DVO Suspension just released, the partner of the Emerald, the Jade Coil Rear Shock.

Here's something from //Pinkbike on the new Jade Shock:

The Emerald is about to have a partner in crime with the new Jade Coil in the works! Our engineer Tom Rogers takes us through some of the cool features that set the shock apart from the rest. Check it out! 

Hope that DVO's suspension systems arrive here in the Philippines soon.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Wishlist for Christmas (that's not gonna happen)

Every year I usually have a Wishlist. Well not really for Christmas, as it's already considered cliche. A few years back I had a Wishlist/Buylist on this blog, but opted to remove it.

With Nine-speed drive-trains slowly being removed from the market, I've come to a conclusion that what I need most is 9-speed drive-train spares while supplies last. Some has been telling me that 10-speed Bicycle Drivetrains the better option, sadly I'm not riding with the bandwagon. As I'm aware that 9-speed chains are tougher than the thinner 10-speed option. If it was possible to go 8-speed, and if Shimano still produces Deore XT 8-speed or SRAM still produces SRAM 7.0 8-speed, I'd go for that.

So let's stop with the chase, here is my short wishlist for 2012 Christmas.... that's I'm sure it's not gonna happen.

Expensive ain't it... well chainreactioncycles' the only site I'm aware of which is still selling 9-speed bicycle components. Maybe soon, when there's stock I'd buy each and every piece soon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Run Log: 11/28/12 - 3:00pm

This time around, I tried doing something I haven't done for a long time. Back then when I was doing taekwondo in high school, I always had a short muscle stretching. So with the same routine I had back then. I applied it for today's run session. Of course not on the treadmill this time. Another Couch-to-3k run, this time around the village. From what I remember on the cyclocomp, one run around the village's outer streets is equivalent to 0.63 km. So this time I based my intervals around that run... took longer than expected as there were a number of 20 to 30deg inclines.

  • 1st Lap  - 0.63km - 8:21
  • 2nd Lap - 0.63km - 9:33
  • 3rd Lap - 0.63km - 8:02
  • * 10 minute break
  • 4th Lap - 0.63km - 8:09
  • 5th Lap - 0.63km - 9:44
  • 6th Lap - 0.63km - 10:25
Unlikely I was to finish exhausted... took longer than the usual this time around, damn those inclines... and running on the pavement's definitely better than on the treadmill... still having sore feet, fuck flatfooted-ness.

Run Log: 11/27/12 - 11:00pm

Alright it's been a few days since I got my shoes, tried running on the treadmill... well I'm not surprised if the results were bad. After all this was my first try running. My target now is a Couch-to-3k.

1st km - 12:03 minutes
2nd km - 14.11 minutes (5% incline)
3rd km - 15.41 minutes

Each kilometer set, had an inbetween of 3 minute cool down walks. Definitely not a good one. As just this morning I feel muscle aches over muscle aches. shet.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

And then there were TOES

Got myself some FILA SKELE-TOES 3.0, it was on-sale at Royal Atheltics Shop @ Isetann Recto. 1699php's a great price point though. It feels good, except for the fact that it's not a five toe shoe, but a four toe shoe. But still I like the fact that it's better than a standard running shoe. It's light and feels close to barefooted.

Vibram FiveFingers is a dream, but for the starting runner like me, a FILA Skele-toes is just around the right budget for me. And they even got it in my color-scheme, GREEEN!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Running: facing the natural

I have been put on suspension from biking, well for private reasons. Both from the doctor's advise, parental advise and partner's request. It's not permanent, if it was... I would have closed this blog forever.

Anyway, I have to face reality... without biking I wouldn't have any sport to support my body's needs. A form of exercise. I have done golf, taekwondo, wall climbing and even airsoft, and as it seems getting back on those would be troublesome for a long run. 

Golf's expensive (but I sort-of miss swinging my old Square Two clubs), Taekwondo's going to crack more bones and give me more muscle cramps (although I do miss competing in poomse competitions as well as sparring), As for wall climbing, already sold my wall climbing gear from HS... then there's airsoft, the game's great but it burns a whole more on your wallet that golf and cycling.

My feet and legs are still toned and trained from all the cycling I've done... so I thought why not run? Although am sure that running requires different leg muscles... so I guess I should try it.

I was never a runner, I was more of a sprinter. High school was the last time I was able to wear running shoes, even running and training under a club (JASMS PAA Athletics). My dilemma when running is that I'm flat-footed, and I easily get exhausted in the long run. It's a dilemma, but it seems natural. So I guess I'll have to face the natural and start running again.

So what shoes do I get? Any suggestions?

Contemplating on getting a Vibram FiveFingers KSO, expensive but might be worth it. And the new FILA Skele-toes, cheaper but might be a fresh start to toe shoes.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

ride time

it's sunny bright and blue, time to take out the bike out for a spin and some trailing. It's been like a month since I had a decent ride~ will get some pics posted later to share~

I'm doing some road work today, but it seems the FR bike did get some changes. So here it is:

Nothing changed except for switching the saddle with the DB's Saddle,
and replaced my worn-out Fyxations for Federal BMX Grips.

Now a better color combination, minus the Greens.
though still need to complete the payment for the frame, and get a better shorter rear derailleur. Still not convinced on going 10spd.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Chair Repair

I was browsing around the blogs I was watching for some years now, and stumbled back to the favorite BikeHacks. And found a use for those used bike tubes. Voila! Instant furniture recycling~!

Thanks to Bike Kitchen for creating this amazing way using Used Bicycle Tubes for Furnitures

and to BikeHacks for featuring this awesome hack.

Bike Kitchen - Chair Repair

Just when you thought you had seen all of the possible uses for bicycle inner tubes destined for the trash, Jonathan from Belgium writes to us with a great hack.  Not only is the repurposing aspect cool, Jonathan also talks about the "Bike Kitchen" concept which is super duper cool.  Food, beverages, repairs all in one place, now that's what I call community!  Text and photos below credited to Jonathan. 
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
You can often find me at the Bike Kitchen Ghent (Belgium). For those who don't know the bike kitchen concept, it is a place where people can drop by with a bike that needs some TLC (Tender Love and Care). It is visited by locals of all ages that want to repair their own bike but don't have all the knowledge and/or materials to do it completely by themselves.
All the needed tools are available, accompanied by some basic parts like brake shoes, cables and tube repair kits. On top of the hardware, you can get some help and instructions from experienced bike hackers. Of course we also provide a local brew beer and freshly made dinner. All the material, assistance, food and drinks are provided at 'free contribution', you just pay whatever you want to (or can) pay. Bike Kitchen Ghent is run completely by volunteers.

Usually we're only open on Thusday evenings, but recently we organised an entire weekend where we did a lot of bike-improvement. During that weekend we found a way to recycle old inner tubes that are beyond repair. We started with some antique chairs with a woven materials that we found lying around in disrepair. The old, worn-out seating was removed and replaced by woven inner tubes. It takes around 7 or 8 to repair one chair. When you take care to really tighten the tubes, and knot them together the on the underside, the chairs are  surprisingly comfortable.

The first chair is already finished, next to it we have a broken chair that we'll first need to repair before we turn it into a sparkling new inner-tube-chair. The chairs and tires were destined for the local landfill but have now been recycled into usable objects.
Notice how the girl is sitting on the first inner-tube-chair while she's making the second one.
More cool photos are available via the kitchen Facebook page.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

the comeback

yo! rockin' rabbits!

Long time no see definitely, and long time no post. FB kidnapped me for a long time that I have forgotten to update you guys for such a long time. I was so focused in my teaching-life in college that I have forgotten that I have a blog to update.

Anyhow, by the end of the month I'll be building my computer (as my 4-ish old laptop's dying on me already)... so my weekend trail riding's going to get some new updates.

As well as update you with all that has happened back in the past. So we've got some heavy backtracking to do. >:3

More power to all of you!