Thursday, November 25, 2010

Making History, Be Part of History

the clock is ticking... and in just three hours. Our team: Ageless Warriors, which is composed of commuters and recreational cyclists from all walks of life, will be embarking on a two-day 255km. Epic Journey from Manila to Baguio to create noise and catch attention. As we launch our advocacy: "Bike Lanes Now "" 

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remate Nov.24, 2010 - Bike Lanes Campaign Draw Supports

 I got a call from my father, to check Remate's website. Told me that Fidel Asor notified him that the write-up on the group's epic ride is finally posted on Remate. It was not only about the epic ride, but also about the group's advocacy. It's one step for us cyclists. And one step for us Filipinos.


Post coming from Remate - November 24, 2010


Bike lanes campaign draw supports

A group of professional senior mountain bikers and a lady member of the national team led a caravan slated Nov. 26-27 in Baguio City as part of the group’s advocacy program to set up bike lanes in both minor and major roads in the country.

Besides the “Bike Lanes Now” advocacy, the bikers are also urging concerned government agencies such the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) as well as local government units (LGUs) to launch a sustainable campaign in educating motorists to respect bikers on the road.

Records show that there is a growing list of accident involving bikers such the grisly death of 47-year old Alfredo Padilla last June 19 along the United Nations Avenue in Pandacan, Manila.

Tony dela Cruz, the initiator of the project, said: “The grisly death of Padilla has moved us to do something to protect commuter and leisure bikers. We observed that the absence of bike lanes and the lack of discipline of some drivers and courtesy towards bikers are among the major reasons for accidents involving bikers,” said Tony dela Cruz, head coordinator of the program.

Over 6,000 online users in Faceboook showed their support in the “We Want Bike Lanes in RP  Movement” fan page.
Dela Cruz said equally important is the need to educate drivers of four-wheel vehicles to respect bikers.
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd., a global business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider, is the major sponsor of the undertaking.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ageless Warriors: Pictorial @ La Mesa Eco Park

Would you believe that.

We had a group photo-shoot sponsored by our ride partner Hinduja Global Solutions. And also on this day we got our Ride Jerseys distributed. And oh boy was I astonished by the design, truly an awesome work-of-art to wear.

Our group photo-shoot was taken at La Mesa's own Eco Park. With the whole group complete we were able to take many takes as well as many laughs. Was also the first time meeting our two newest members: Joyce del Socorro, a Philippine Cycling Team member; and Manong Cesar Medoranda, the oldest member of Team Foxbat.

With them onboard we're totalled to 16 (Danthat wasn't able to come today). So here are a few takes.


The photographers did an excellent take on this day. And of course it was also the day we got to bond together as one group. Bihira din yung ganun na first time mo lang makita, friends na kagad kayo. Also found out that Joyce was also from the same University as I graduated from, UST. I decided to sponsor her jersey.

With my biking idol, Roberto "Mang Bay" Nazareno Sr.
this old fellow here is 68 years old already and still a strong man.
oh did I mention that he's married to a 34 year old?

I would also like to thank Enduro for our awesome lookin' MTB Shorts

Friday, November 19, 2010

Topeak Panniers and 10kilos Max Seatpost-Mounted Rack

Finally got hold of the photos of the rack, after getting hold my father's digicam. As you can see the Topeak Drybag Panniers are compact and small when it has no items inside. It can be rolled down to this level.
If the need for extra cargo and haul is needed... flipping the top fold open, and you've got this. As Topeak stated it can hold 42 liters of cargo. Though with 42 Liters, imagine the weight of your whole rig. At full load my bike weighed at a total of 61.22lbs. Truly a heavyweight indeed.

The Bags come supplied with spacers so just in case you need that extra tight clamping. Although I still don't find it secure with these spacers, that I often use electric tape to wrap it around the rack's rails and the bag clamps.

And finally the Max 10kg seatpost-mounted carrier I bought at Paulinas for 950php.
The rack can carry a total of 10kg, and of course can be mounted on any seatpost with its quick release lock.
Sadly with only 10kgs. maximum weight limit, carrying 42L is impossible.

Oh! I won't be using the Diamond Back for the epic trip, as I'll be using the Vision Pursuit. Riding a Single-Speed to Baguio?! That would be insane.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ready for Touring

I recently noticed that I've been doing lots of Epic Bicycle Rides (100km+), and majority of these rides are on the road and not on the trails. And with a double epic and a half bicycle ride nearing, I found that a mountain bike with knobbies and a cargo that's only meant to carry tools won't be able to maximize this ride experience.

And the end conclusion was to go "Touring"

So in the end I went around the metro to purchase these equipment for the coming double epic and a half ride.
Topeak Drybag Panniers
Exustar Waterproof Top-Tube Bag

Continental CityRide 26x1.75 with Reflex

 and a seatpost mounted rack with pannier mounts

I'm so happy with my purchase despite the added 12kg. weight to my current rig. With the CityRide on, the weight was nothing. As I rolled faster than I was on Race King 2.0s

In the near future, I'll have my Diamondback Ascent converted to a touring bike, so that all my epic trips will be done on that bike. And all my trail rides on the Vision Pursuit.

It's actually very tiring switching tires and stuff every now and then.