Tuesday, June 24, 2014

an aging GoPro Hero Wide

I just found my missing old GoPro Hero Wide inside an old shoe box, and it is still in good working condition. I remember this being my first sports camera, my father bought this for me back in 2009 during his trip to the US, this came from the REI store in SF. Back then HD was yet to be introduced, to battle-out the dilemma of older cameras with limited view range, GoPro upgrade the Hero Standard and fitted it with a Wide Angle Lens.

Still in good working condition, not for sale of course.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just Trailing Around

I was instructed this afternoon of June 22nd, by my pops to take out his bike and see if I can clear the creaking noise from his long-resting Ibis Tranny (carbon mtb hardtail). And so I brought it out to UP Diliman to do some trail riding. 

Found out that the creaking came from the rear derailleur rear hub and brake calipers, nothing a few lube drops (for the hub), re-alignment (calipers) and "on-the-trail" tune-up can't fix.

No lengthy videos though, as I've grown tired of doing that after so many years...