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Dinner with Dean Ariel

2015 Fireeye Hot Tail Acquired... and a little mishap.

Dream Frame Acquired: 2015 FireEye Hot Tail

Bunny's Kitchen: Mabo Tofu version 2

The Culprit... for all those paint scratches.

An Afternoon of Wall Climbing with the #loveofmylife

Going for a MUD-DESERVED trail ride

Philippines Gundam Model Kit Contest 2016 - exhibition

Bunny's Kitchen: Baked Basil and Tarragon Chicken in Sweet Korean Sauce

Bunny's 32nd Birthday, Pilgrimage and Roadtrip

1st Year Wedding Anniversary at 8 & Company, Paper Moon and Mang Larry's


Bunny's Kitchen - Crispy Chicken Fillet

Happy Earth Day

Hello Herbs and Spices!

Bike Tire Pump Wine Bottle Opener HACK!

Andy's Batangas Lomi - It's a Man vs Food Serving!

Garden Re-Layout

Good Morning Garden~!

Growing the Garden - New Plants

A Trip to the Quezon City Circle Garden (QCCG at the QMC)

Building the Garden~!

Yay! Wifey's doing some Driving Practice!

Holy Week in Baguio - Health 100 Vegetarian Restaurant

After-work Trail Ride at BASEKAMP Pit Stop, San Mateo, Rizal

Where are you goin'?