Monday, November 28, 2011

Future Build

it does look yummy,
 especially when it ravages the downslopes with it's 38mm width.
coming soon indeed, when I get to build these on my future monster wheelset.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

On-One 456 RS Garage Photoshoot - November 2011 update

It's been nearly two months since I had last updated, the progress of my On-One 456's evolution. Unlikely, as it seems, I've been again hit by the upgradititis virus. Soon it'll end as soon as I am able to build it the way I want it. The bike's transition from an XC Bike, to a Trail Bike... and now it's nearing end transition to an AM/FR Hardtail.

So what has been it's progress?

Look closer... there has been some changes ever since the last few rides I had from the past. Saw it?

Yep that's right, got a 2007 Marzocchi 66 RV with 160mm travel up front in replacement of the XC-ish 2009 Rockshox SID Race with a mere 100mm travel. Also of course with the Zoke boasting a 20QR axle, a Fireeye R5 20QR hub also has been matched. Although unlikely my rims doesn't match the bike's current build.

Will have to replace the ZTR Alpine's with something wider, tougher and possibly a little heavier. Something that can withstand bighits of course.

Another change of course is my switch from Clipless to FLAT PEDALS:

Well so far, what's left are the rotors, the rims and some hard ridin' tires. although the 2.0 Mountain Kings have withstood the harshness of the hucking and the hard riding, although am not really sure if it can withstand higher drops.

Well more this coming December~!

Friday, September 09, 2011

I've missed this~ EPICLY~!

How I miss riding my bike, traveling past
and even provinces.
How I miss the sights, the sounds, the cold breeze...
How I miss the people who greet you as you pass by.
How I miss the sweat you release with every pedal
and every calorie you burn
And how I miss completing an Epic Ride of Epic Proportions.

When was the last time?
And when will be the next time?

I hope that it would come in the next few months
I hope that I could once again feel this exhilarating experience~!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Getting back on the saddle

It's been nearly 4 months since I have ridden my bike like I used too. 4 months of rest after continuous health problems. That instead of pedaling on the trails or local roads, I was confined to pedaling my bike inside my head.
Weird noh?

With enough determination, little be little I'm try to get back to my saddle.

I'm actually jealous of my Single-Speeder... it already got it's epic trip to Infanta, Quezon (care of Erwin) while I haven't.

Anyhow just to let you all know, I'm back definitely.


Bunny Dela Cruz~

More power to all of you reader~!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Taking the Wabbit out for a Pre-Spin~!

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April 23, 2011 - Saturday~!

Who would have guessed that on a Black Saturday I would've taken out my recently built On-One 456... Like I noted before, the parts installed on Wabbit, were from Conchita... my 2009 Vision Pursuit. Despite it's XC/Trail-ish components, it now rides like a beast... although I was already having doubts with its thin 2.0 tires... bombing trails as well as jumps were a scary part.

The pre-spin was held at UP Diliman's numerous mix and match trails.

A Cup of Hot Joe, makes my morning a little relaxed

Well that saturday wasn't spent riding alone, Dad was doing laps around the oval for his next epic ride.

For a preliminary spin on the 456, the feel of Cr-Mo was definitely what I've been looking for in a hardtail. The solid feel when I'm aggressively tackling the trails never felt harsh on the legs and the arms. Vibration was definitely different... it never felt brittle and painful unlike the riding a frame made of Aluminum / Alloy. Will see what can the 456 do especially when I bring it up the mountains tomorrow for a deeper evaluation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20, 2011 - On-One 456, the birth of War Horse!

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I've decided to take my biking to a next level. I've ridden mostly cross-country trails on my Vision Pursuit. But ever since that I found that I couldn't ride epic rides anymore... I replaced my XC Pursuit, for a On-One 456: A real deal STEEL MACHINE!

Sadly they only had the standard 456 in Blue. I was looking forward for the 456 Summer Season in Lime.
So after getting the frame, and the change from 110mm -6deg Turbolite to a Titec El Norte 45mm stem; and the change from a Trigon 580mm Flatbar to a wide wide WIDE! Race Face Atlas Freeride 780mm Riserbar... it's still not yet worth to be called an AM/Light FR bike.

Yep it still looks XC-ish to Trail with the current set-up that came from the Pursuit. But still this War Horse is ready for the Gnarly Trails, despite those thin tires.

Oh, I had that time thinking of names for all the bikes I had... the Vintage Diamondback was name "Dia"; the Maurishi Folding bike I once had was name, "Ishii"; my previous bike frame was called "Conchita" born on the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion... and so what should I name this variable discipline ride?

Answer: "WABBIT", yes wabbit... as in rabbit, as in Bugs Bunny. eheheh~

edit: Had the tires replaced for the meantime with Kenda Nevegals DTC 26x2.35 (Dad's first set of tires).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Recovery Ride with Pops

Today's April 17, 2011 and after nearly two months from that incident. I'm slowly trying to get my butt on the saddle.

The sun and weather was not on our side this day. That my dad, Tony opted to bring me to Mt. Maarat instead of today's 2011 Tour of the Fireflies.

Of course, I'm not yet allowed to do long rides, especially the ones that can give me a heat-stroke. And of course with my Vision Pursuit named Conchita gone, I had to borrow Dad's old Kinesis KM310 and retrofitted it with some of Conchita's old parts (like SLX clipless pedals, a thomson seatpost, selle italia saddle, ergon ge1-L grips) to make my riding style adaptable on a borrowed bike.

Unlikely, with difference in bike sizing... a full stroke pedal was never achieved as the Kinesis Km310 was 17" frame. The Pursuit was a 19". But of course over-all the ride was enjoyable... especially of course the ride feel and response of the 2009 RS Sid Race 100mm on the Kinesis compared to my 2008 SRS Epicon 80mm/100mm.

Anyhow, enough of those... this post is more of a ride experience than a review of components, so lets stick with that.

After nearly two months of no riding, it feels a little tough to adapt to the trail surroundings, especially riding on Mt. Maarat. It's been nearly 6 months since I last rode on this mountain. And since its summer, dry tires makes the best of the trail. Climbs are easier, less challenging, yet the rolling is damned sweet.

My father, Tony (aka Decroix) riding along Maarat Basic. Don't be fooled by the get-up and bike set-up. This guy's a monster, rides Sierra Loop and Manila to Baguio, like its just butter on bread.And now they're even planning to do a Manila to Baler with fellow Ageless Warriors.

After a short and quick pass through Maarat's Basic... its a sweet rolling 2.3km to Giant Store for a mouthwatering breakfast. A can of Garlic Spam and a Bowl of Lucky Me Instant Noodles would suffice for a great meal, simple but great.

My Father's (Decroix) new Fox Flux helmet beside my battered Spyder Helix... which I'll be retiring after this ride.

After that meal, it was time to go home and attend mass. Yes of course, its a Palm Sunday... and for us Catholics... Palm Sunday is a must attend.

I would like to thank all of my readers and bike buddies for the prayers. I'm almost recovered from the incident that happened two months ago and also a month ago. If things go out smoothly, I'll probably be back sooner or later. But for now let's take it slow... but surely.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Guess what.

I was able to ride again~

But of course nothing that is too stressful for my body. Today I was able to ride my bike again at UP Diliman's University Oval as well as its various trails. I was accompanied by my teammates from Team Ageless Warriors, especially by my father, Tony.

Recently I was diagnosed to have a Seizure Disorder, but nothing serious as its only focal. But still even though its focal, to prevent it from acting or triggering, I'm taking precautionary medications. So of course I wasn't allowed to drive as well bike for next few months (or years)... as well as going OFW for two years. Sad no?

Anyhow despite being unable to ride on the saddle as advice by my "Pedia" Neuro and Cardiologist. I was able to ride my bike again... but only if I'm with my father... and only if its only around UP. So no more epic XC rides, No more Padyakoldaway, No more competitions for now... and possibly no more or possibly lesser chance to do trails.

Anyways, I'm disassembling my Vision Pursuit (XC Race Bike) next week and have the frame and some of its components sold by next week. I'll be retaining my 21 year old Diamond Back instead (the converted to Single Speed). With it being single-speed, I have the assurance of not going far from my place.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What is Mountainbiking for you?

I had the same question in mind a few years back.

And in a local forum, that same topic has become a ridicule for massive debates. Like one in which you are not considered a mountain biker if you don't do trails... which can be considered false.

Filme Von Draussen, from vimeo... addressed this topic with a video which explains almost everything about what we call Mountainbiking. So don't you worry, if you enjoy exploring on the road while enjoying the sights and places. You're on the right track my friend.

What is Mountainbiking about? from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

Monday, February 28, 2011

It feels like... Fers Day all over again

"Fers year, fers years... over here Fers years."

Now when did I hear that before?

Anyhow, after a week of rest... it feels like First Day all over again. But somehow something's not right. It's not just that it feels like First Day, it feels much like First Year all over again. Ahahaha~

Moreover, something like new... out-of-the-box experience.


Anyhow something related to cycling... since I'm just fresh out from a fatigue-like stress-related sickness... epic-cycling rides going to be a no-no for me till the next few weeks.

And with my mind set to try out trail-running and to start training for competitions. Starting this Sunday, I'll be back on the saddle... and build up some stamina for new and upcoming races. But unlike before, in which I spent most of my time on the saddle... I'll be mix-and-matching my training with some stretching, running, trekking and possibly get-my-ass back to the gym and continue my taekwondo lessons.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb 27, 2011 - "K.K.K. REVOLUTION 2011 : We Want Bike Lanes Now"

With the overpopulation of roads in the metro, especially reigned by gas-guzzling vehicles. We the pedestrians as well as us cyclists are being pushed aside from using our public roads.  And with result are numerous accidents such as sideswipes and crashes just to name a few.

I myself experienced sideswipes during my daily commutes to work and to the local trails, and most of these are caused by reckless automobile drivers and motorcyclists.

And to solve one of these problems are implementing "Bike Lanes".

Marikina and Davao already done it... why not make it metro wide, or country wide. If not, we can start small... one by one.

Let us unite and be heard. Let us join tomorrow's event. Wear and strap your helmets, and take out and ride your bike, and let the public know of our presence.

Come and Join

ASSEMBLY POINT : Quezon City Circle (in front of City Hall)
ASSEMBLY TIME : 5:00 am to 5:45 am
PELOTON ROLL-OUT : 6:00 am sharp
* note : there will no on-site registration, no release of event packages.
* note : there will be further announcements in this thread.
* note : ALL INFORMATION / UPDATES will be in FB, PMTB, Philmofo.

RIDE MODE : Rain or Shine
RIDE PACE : Beginner 10 kph to 14 kph
RIDE FORMAT : Marshals & Sweepers

RIDE DURATION : Finish by 11:30 am (Half Day Ride Only)
RIDE COVERAGE : Quezon City, Marikina Areas

RIDE ROUTE : 35kms to 45kms

START - QC Circle > Philcoa > C.P. Garcia > Katipunan Avenue > 

Aurora Boulevard > A. Bonifacio Avenue Marikina >
Sumulong Highway > Shoe Avenue > Marikina City Hall (MID POINT) >
Riverbanks Bike Park > Aurora Boulevard > Katipunan Avenue >
C.P. Garcia Avenue > University Avenue (UP Diliman Campus) >
Commonwealth Avenue > St. Peter's Cathedral > QC Circle > END


With the least chance of me getting on the saddle tomorrow (especially leading the UST Gruppo Tomasino, and riding along Team Ageless Warriors)... I'm supporting the event with any chance possible. And with that, I volunteered to be an Event Photographer for the said event.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Relaxing Weekend at San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

What else can beat the weather, and probably the best way to jumpstart the year is to head to the province for a good ole' relaxing.

Well not really your sort of weekend. As relaxing was just a sidedish for my folks. As my mother had her highschool reunion party at Science City of Munoz, a town near our province, San Jose City in Nueva Ecija.

But upon arriving at my grandmother's house in San Jose City. We hurriedly unloaded all our belongings and took out our mountain bikes and headed for Rizal, Nueva Ecija... a town 16-18kms away, just beside SJC.

The weather was great, and so was the scenery.

Each pedal we made, brought us from one scenery to another.

We were able to get to meet passing mountain bikers, roadies, farmers and even some whom I can only remember by name, forumists from Philmofo. The ride was short and easy as it was just like cruising... except for the fact that headwinds got us moving slow in some cases. And with strong winds come extra pedal power to prople us forward.

The sun was so up high that the road was like an oven-bed. But nothing we couldn't handle.

Felt like we were doing a Manila to Baguio again, with all those marker shots.
Maybe minus the fact that we were getting to see new sights.
With Mang Amboy who gave us some directions for a detour we will be taking when going back.
Dad with the Pantabangan Dam Irrigation System @ Poblacion West, Rizal, Nueva Ecija

It was an hour less when we arrived at our destination. Poblacion East, at our relatives' humble home. We were served with hot instant coffee, and delightful and cold salad (which of course we weren't able to eat). The De Guzmans greeted us with a warm welcome, and "you'll be missed by your aunt/grandmom" good bye.

With my "Uncle", Kristian "Kwatog" De Guzman (he's my father's cousin)

Poblacion West Marker~ glad to have made it!

 Going back we had a slight detour...

Kay Ganda ng Tanawin (The Sights are Beautiful)
Endless Farmlands @ Poblacion West, Rizal, Nueva Ecija

"Let's get ourselves lost." Dad said to me. That's when I sensed we're going on an adventure.

We got to ask for directions from the locals near the irrigation line. As to where the rough road leads to... if it would lead us to CLSU, Munoz or San Jose. A family told us that it leads to CLSU Munoz... ah that was a good sign. And so without hesitation we pedaled through the rough. The terrain was awesome as our tires hugged the gravel and sent us speeding forward.

Along the way we were able to get more directions from passing motorcyclists, farmers and even residents. Some were able to give good directions and some were giving us misleading answers. One even told us that the route will bring us to Talaverra, a town just beside Munoz, but very far from San Jose. There was even who was even unsure with her answer.

Lost somewhere between Llanera and Rizal... we've been following the irrigation for quite some time now.
We followed the irrigation system, with the directions provided by the locals. It may seem endless, but heck it was beautiful.
 Funny, that some locals have no sense of direction in this parts of the province.

Unsure with where the off-road route would lead us, we still pedaled through, not until we bumped into Mang Boy, a farmer with a bike tending his crops. Dad got to chat with him using the local dialect, Ilokano. He gave us exact and detailed directions.

The farmer who gave us "Real Directions", thanks to you Kuya Boy!

"When you reach the paved intersection, turn right and it will lead you to Caridad Sur, Norte then end of Llanera... then turn left, will lead you to San Jose City."

The rough road / fire road / clean road was endless, but it provided us a scenery to look forward to.
We were able to get back on the road thanks to Kuya Boy's directions. From Caridad Sur, we pedaled through Caridad Norte, and the end of Llanera.
Dad enjoyed this trip, although it felt a little insufficient... and we wanted more. But time's not our ally for now. We had to get back to San Jose City, as Lunch's already waiting for us.

And when we got back to Lola Grace's house, a delicious mouth-watering lunch greeted us. And with hungry men comes full stomachs. Especially when part of the menu is: Adobong Palaka (Adobo Farm Frogs)
Uy! Kay Sarap!

And for those wanting to check on our route~ here's something from Map My Ride!

Happy 2011~

It's a new year for MountainBunny, and a happy new year to every mountainbiker, roadie, trail runner, runner, geek, couch potato, chick magnet, man, woman, kid, teenager, yuppie, oldie, traveler, time space alien, weirdo, dweeb, gamer, photographer, writer, blogger, reader... and happy new year to you my friend.

So what's new? Not much but there's a lot coming for 2011!