Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour @ Fort Bonifacio Global City

Last night after having lunch with our cousins and relatives from Laoag City @ Tiendesitas we all went for a stroll at the Fort Bonifacio Global City, and eventually witnessed the participation of shops, buildings and even voluntary people switching off their lights for Earth Hour.

I also got to see beauties representing cities from all over the Philippines... especially Ms. City of Manila, she's damn gorgeous~

I also got to take a video of the countdown, it's outright cool, where at first there's lights everywhere then suddenly all black. Well not all shops in Bonifacio High Street closed or dimmed their lights... as you can see, Nike didn't bother doing so.... what a shame.

Here's the second part in which all lights are switched off... except of course Nike...

I'm glad I became part of this once a year event... or in my case my second time experiencing the yearly Earth Hour. I myself will do anything to help our Mother Earth...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blogging will have to wait...

My blogging will be cut to an after day or a day after posting...

My office blocks the website... so can't log-in during my breaks, weird though isn't blocked. Funny and weird ayt?

Anyhow I'll bring out the news by the end of the day at home of course. Till tomorrow then~

My relatives from Laoag are coming in a few minutes today. As discussed with my folks, we'll be touring them to Tiendesitas and Bonifacio Hight Street today before they leave for Ilocos tomorrow afternoon. I'll post pictures later tonight regarding our this night's event.

The Path of Mastering Max

I haven't completely mastered 3DsMax yet, although the learning process isn't that hard either... its more of challenging. My colleagues are already at the level in where each process is now an instinct to accomplish a stroke or movement in Max... and as for me still far from that. I still need to remember each key.

Damn, I admire my officemates... they're all so good, both with the use of 3DsMax and other softwares such as Virtools 3.6 and 4 as well as... ZBRUSH *drool*.

Anyhow aside from work... actually I'm a little sad... because I'm going to lose a gunsmith for my airsoft guns. He's going to Dubai for work, and eventually they'll be closing their shop here in Quezon City, Philippines. Also sad because I won't be able to play a weekender's game often like I used to... I'm not yet used to my work schedule, even nowadays because I haven't fully adjusted to my work periods (i'm often used to doing my workstuff nocturnally).

Oh on another note... I think I'm enjoying my work as a 3D Artist... and I also think that I may able to last long on overtimes... been taking an 8 hour 30 minutes shift nowadays, than the regular 7 hours 30 minutes.

Haha, I really love my job.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

VISA... denied!

Ehehehe... it was expected anyways.

Anyhow a few weeks ago my parents applied me for a US Visa together with the family... as I stated back then, applying for a US Visa is futile in my case, I'm not economically stable (although I'm socially and mentally stable). My parents said, why not give it a try... well nothing to lose but 6k pesos (wtf?! That could be my commuting money as well as feeding me for two weeks)

So... this morning we were scheduled for appearance and interview for the US Visa... the process wasn't that long anyways... at 9am we were interview by the consul... guess what, the Consul spoke in our native language. Weird and at the same time I was in awe, a foreigner spoke in Filipino (formerly tagalog). The interview wasn't that long, it was rather brief... in the end My parents as well as my two younger siblings got their US Visas... while I didn't. The Consul told me to apply again when I have garnered/gathered experience.

It was already expected so I didn't have any hard feelings or disgust. Masaya ako right now, that it was a try worth experiencing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inspired from a short and simple animation

Srsly, when I saw this at DA, I suddenly got inspired and wanted to make my demo reel as easy as possible.

Moji Project - Dance Test by Madara 13

I'll try making something almost similar and have it go around for around 30 to 45 seconds. I'll be finishing earlier than I predicted.

I'll just have to put my recent animation into the archive bin... and continue making it in the near future.

Lumitaw ang anino ko sa mundo ng mga Engkanto!

Hehehe, actually galing ako kanina sa Anino Games at nag-exam. Kinuha ko yung test nila na Modeling and UV Unwrapping. Challenging sya, dahil 500 triangles ang requirement.

Kaya nga lang ndi ko napaabot ng 500... napaabot ko sya 1960 triangles from the original 5022 triangles na ginawa ko... pero siguro aabot pa siguro ako ng 900 something triangles kung ginawa kong 5 fingers into 1 thick finger and a thumb sa parehong kamay.

Natapos ko yug 1st test, tapos biglang nangamote ako sa 2nd test... not really, ndi ko alam ang pelting tool so minano-mano ko yung uv unwrapping. pero sadly ndi ko nasave yung inunwrap ko to .png sa photoshop. Hahaha, wa kwenta talaga ako.

Pero kung siguro kung nakita ko to a few days earlier, ndi siguro ako nangamote ng di oras:

Anyways, sabi nga ni Mike Atienza sa akin, dapat nag 2D Artist na lang raw ako sa Anino Games. May point sya, dahil mas sanay akong gumawa ng character designs and illustrations ng engkanto't paranormal. Siguro next time pagpumaltos yung entry ko as 3D Artist, try kong mag-apply ulit bilang 2D Artist for anino.


Pero for now, hintay-hintay muna ng sagot... and also for the meanwhile may iba pang kumpanya akong kailangang applyan...

May interview pa pala ako bukas sa Lucid Multimedia, yun yung company nila Krissy Verzosa... para good shot, kailangang maaga ulit ako (parang kanina, good-shot din ako sa Anino Games).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kalimutan na ang Kahapon, dahil mayroon pang Ngayon at Bukas

Haaay~ after having some bursts of anger yesterday... I just suddenly want to cool down today and relax, putting all those pain away towards the back or remove it totally from the system.

Sa totoo lang walang magagawa kung magrarant ako ng tuloy-tuloy, dahil walang magandang idudulot ito sa akin at sa iba pang tao (o bagay). Kaya napag-isip-isip ko rin na magfocus na lang sa mga mangyayari bukas at sa mga susunod pang-araw.

Isa na dun ang exam ko bukas sa Anino Games sa lalawigan ng Makati... at sa huwebes ang interview ko sa Lucid Multimedia sa lalawigan ng Pasig... sa Ortigas Center.

Rant! Rant! Rant! Mamaya na ang matinong post...

Oo tama! Inutil ang HR nila... tinawagan ba naman ako para magtest para sa 3D Artist Application ko... eh pagdating ko dun kanina, pakshet! Pang Graphic Artist ang exam na binigay sa akin.

Nagtanong ako kung bakit ito exam ko... tapus sabi nung Project Head nila, hindi na daw sila naghihire ng 3d artist...


Ang tanong dun, paano na lang yung iba pang nag-apply dun for 3d artist, tapus ang dadatnan nila ay test para sa Graphic Artist... Anak ng TAPA!!! Hindi tama yun, hindi propesyonal na gawain.

Porke ba na may background kami sa production ng graphics, ay tama lang na baguhin ang pinag-aapplyan namin? Sa susunod, pagsabihan nyo yung HR nyo... na kung hindi na kayo naghihire ng 3D Artist, i-conclude nila sa kanilang tawag. At hindi kayo dapat magpapunta ng applicante na ang pinasok ay iba tapus iba rin ang ibibigay nyo.

Basta... mapapansin nyo rin ang laki ng maling ito... ndi ko na babanggitin ko aling company ito... at baka lumala lang ang sitwasyon... sa mga gustong tanungin ako... i-pm nyo na lang ako sa YM o sa Peysbuk.


Idadag-dag ko na rin...

So wala talaga, masnakakabastos kung iiwanan ko lang yung test... so ginawa ko... syempre matagal akong ndi gumamit ng InDesign at Illustrator... so op kors mabagal ulit ako gumawa, dahil masnagfocus ako sa Animation gamit ang 3D Softwares gaya ng Maya, Mudbox, Blender at kaunting kaalaman sa Max.

Pero alam nyo ba san ako naweirduhan at ba't may extension tong rant na ito?

Ito yun, pinagawa nila ako ng Web Design... ok na sana ang lahat... hanggang nung umabot ako sa brochure... walang ibang nakalagay kundi yung elements na required ng cliente... pero pansin ko may kulang... napaka-laking kulang

So tinanong ko yung project head nila, kung sinusustain ba nung brochure yung Webpage ng ACME (mock company, na istura parang Hewlett-Packard). Ansabi no relation at all.

HA?! Eh ba't wala sa instructions na hindi related? Hindi ba usually, related ang brochure sa bawat portion ng Ads? Unless iba ang purpose ng brochure... like institutional yung brochure.

So ayun kulang kulang ng instructions... very irritating.