Thursday, December 17, 2009

University of Santo Tomas Grand Alumni Homecoming

Only a few days to go and its going to be Saturday!

The University of Santo Tomas Office of Alumni Relations is inviting all Thomasian Alumnus to come and attend the Grand Alumni Homecoming this coming Saturday, December 19, 2009 at the UST grounds.

Tickets are available at the UST Office of Alumni Relations for 600php... or you can get your ticket on the event grounds.


Well so far so good with the plugging... as I will also be attending the event together with other Thomasian Mountainbikers from the group UST Gruppo Tomasino... can't be absent since I'll be leading the group together with other members of the core group.

There's also a planned Urban Night Ride after the event... which will start at UST Campus grounds and head forth to the walled-city of Intramuros and back to UST. I bet it would be a great experience for all Thomasians to visit the centuries old Santo Tomas Manor at Intramuros.

I'll post photos of the ride and event after the event. Would be a great part of history... and memory of course.

A Father and Son's take on Mt. Maarat

I wasn't supposed to ride last Saturday to Mt.Maarat... I'm still a little fresh from that incident. I'll be ripe when 19 comes. That's only when I can go riding hard on the mountains and trails.

But I don't know with you guys, I bet a doctor's advise aren't always followed. I betcha ride it hard days after you get outta hospital. Ahahaha~

Anyhow last December 12, 2009... My father, Tony invited me to take on the local famed mountain, Mt. Maarat in San Mateo, Rizal... but the route was from the outskirts of Marikina City and not the usual route from Ampid, San Mateo. The route from Marikina connects to Monterey Phase I and II in San Mateo, Rizal. Compared to The Wall this is even a steeper climb that connects to AFP Housing.

And further more connects to the other side of Mt.Maarat which faces the west portion of the Metro... Pasig City, that is.

GoPro was equipped on my helmet, so I got to capture the great parts of the ride...

Father and Son Recovery ride to Giant via Mt.Maarat from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

I've been trying to figure out how Jeff Kerkove, makes em' rockin... his movies that is. I've been thinking of capturing more ride footage as well as a bystander's view of the ride. Mounting a digital camera on a small tripod situated beside the trail... something like that.

Well anyhow I'll be able to improve at editing and making awesome ride footage as time passes by. Learn and re-learn, that's how I'll be able to progress.

Anyhow there's a ride this Friday to La Mesa Water Shed... haven't been there for months already... I bet the trails have changed ever since Ondoy's wraith. I'm expecting lots of muddy single-track. As for Saturday, I'll be riding with Tony again to Mt. Maarat, but we'll take the mountain from the usual route... The Wall - Timberland then to Maarat Basic up to Giant. We were invited to attend a Family Day Ride with other local mountainbikers.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Experiencing Riding from a Rider's POV

Well ever since I saw riders with POV videos of their rides, that's when I realized that I wanted to view and review my own rides. I dreamt of owning one of those helmet mounted cameras.

Watching Team Topeak-Ergon's mtb vids even pushed me more to getting one. Just last month my folks came home from their trip to the US... while they were abroad they insisted on an iPod Touch, instead I asked them to get me something that's more useful, and they got me a GoPro Helmet Hero Wide (Wide Angle lens).

My first try with the camera mounted on my helmet was a month ago at Mount Maarat's basic trail. Well I wanted to go and ride on my own pace, but with a group. I had to go with the group's newbie pace:

11-02-2009 Maarat Basic to Giant MTB Ride from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

A week later I took the GoPro again for a spin in and around University of the Philippine's Diliman Campus' compound and its mild to moderate trails. I rode with Vito Hernandez (the clydesdale surly 1x1 guy) and fellow vintage bike lover. It was also when my first endo with the cam on, and sad that I didn't capture my crash. I regret having forgotten that I had clipless pedals, and forgotten how to disengage. My bike came flying with me clinged to it.

11-08-2009 Cool Down at UP Diliman from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

The third time I had it was outside the metro, and up to Bulacan, a province above Quezon City. Famous for the Angat Dam and old spanish heritage... well we didn't get to those places but had a view of Angat Dam. 110 riders from coming and joined this ride to Kandila coming from Angat Church and some coming from Dona Remedios Trinidad or DRT. The ride's a 48.43km ride coming from DRT to Kandila and back. Well the pace was slow because of the large group... and there were two handfuls of newbies who joined this ride... some who didn't make it to the peak and reach or touch the Kandila (wax-candle monument, located 1900m above sea level).

Well I was able to conquer Kandila with friends Ian Ong and Nina Caldona, James Guiab, Erick Yambao, and my father, Tony de la Cruz.

[11-14-09] Arriving at Kandila from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

I wasn't able to take a shot from DRT to Kandila... but I was able to record our descent from Kandila... and an unlucky crash that triggered a holocaust the next day.

[11-14-09] Going Down from Kandila from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

The holocaust was that I learned that I was bitten by a Mosquito carrying Dengue a week before the Kandila ride. And during the ride to and from Kandila exhausted me and made me weaker. I was brought and confined in the hospital two days later and was confined for a week.

Prayers gave me strength to comeback... but after weeks of hibernation I'm again weak physically. Last week I was able to do 26.44km road and mild trails at UP... this coming Saturday will be another thing record and experience when we tackle Monterey-AFP-Maarat-Giant-Maarat Basic-Timberland-Wall... oh I forgot to mention this'll be a fast-paced ride since its going to be a tandem with my father.

I just hope my health progresses...

Friday, November 27, 2009

a spike of life... a total revival

Imagine that... I've been gone for almost again. Not even a hint of life on this blog, nor photographs or videos.

But I'm glad to be back and writing again. As a matter of fact, I'm currently jobless... that means more time to write... but of course, there's no income here and there. So while writing this, I'm still at the point of jobhunting. As we all know without income we can't support our own vices and hobbies. As for me, without income there's no replacement parts (my rear Mountain King tire is almost at the peak of its retirement, a replacement is in need... badly.).

Anyhow to start the revival of this blog, I made this one out of boredom, srsly.

Up next would be a short review of my new arsenal... the GoPro Hero Helmet Wide...

A Break from Riding on the Saddle... why?

Sadly I caught the Dengue virus a two weeks ago, and just last week I was confined in the hospital battling out the virus.

It's good that after a week I was able to survive and win against the Dengue virus. It was thanks to a herbal medicine called, Tawa-Tawa... unlikely this was a local-herbal shrub found in provinces down south (Mindanao). Used and often cures fevers... this medicinal herb helped me regain those lost platelets.

Although a week has already passed... riding the bike to the mountains and jungles is a dream away for me. Sad but true, I'm not allowed to ride like I usually do for two to three weeks. My doctor required me to take the helmet off and rest-it out. Well my Mom was joyful that I'll be off the saddle for weeks.

But to be frank, I can't get myself off the saddle. To regain my strength I need some training too. Dia will be back as my training partner... true and right, I'm going to train my legs once again, but this time on road and around the village.

The earlier statement just defeated the title of this post... yes, but not totally... I'm only restricted to "road" and "village" and not "mountain", "jungle" or "trail".

Probably around December 12, I'll be on the saddle again climbing mountains or perhaps trailing around the local trails. But for now its regaining back that lost power.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Coming soon: folding bikes on the LRT

I read this over @ PMTB:

And as always triggered me to share and post. Couldn't help but be very happy, so happy that I could eat a box of Lucky Me Sweet & Spicy Pancit Canton.


from Jojo Gutierrez (Jojo is a member of the UP Mountaineers and among the founders of the UP Padyak Bike-sharing project)

UPMountaineers and members of the UP community,

Great day for the environment today!

We just had a meeting with Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) Administrator Mel Robles about the possibility of having folding bikes on board LRT line 1 and 2! addendum: fullsized bikes might be allowed on weekends

Pio Fortuno and I met Mr. Robles at the Pasay Depot. Immediately he said the folding bikes can ride as early as November if we want. Inter-modal commuting will happen in this country peeps and the UPM had a hand in influencing this to happen!

Mr. Robles saw a biking community in UP and thinks that he can easily link this up with Line 2 / Aurora. Other biking communities that can follow will be in Ortigas Center and Makati. Ateneo din sana....

(Fyi, the LRT 1 / Taft / Caloocan loop will connect with EDSA Line 3 / Trinoma by December and start operations by Feb 2010)

First things first though. We need to help him formulate policy and ideas how this should be done. A focused group discussion is planned for October 24 at the Santolan Station Depot. Those who wish to participate please email / sms me directly. It would be great though to have a good size of UPM bikers there specially Encom heads, past and present. Planners and engineers or business people should attend also. We need to help them organize the reasons why this should be done. Ganyan talaga ang public transport, we need some sort of consultation para maayos ang pag administer. We will be meeting with Mr. Robles and his team of Operations Managers. Pagkakataon na ito!

Yan muna. More details to follow. Pio, paki kwento rin yung ibang items that I missed out.

Salamat at mabuhay ang UPM!

Jojo Gutierrez


Just imagine the blessing and opportunity for our fellow Filipino bike commuters.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Wow how many weeks have I been gone. I haven't posted a single thing since the 15th of September.

Well anyhow its true, from the company I was employed since March... all us employees got terminated and finally closed.

Anyhow enough of those things, since there's no way its going to change what's already happened.

So how am I? How's cycling? How's the trails? How's Dia, Ishi and Conchita doing?

Well there are a lot of stories, tragedies, and even a better, badder reel on the works and a race just around the corner... but... I don't know where to start.

But for starters, I'm currently working on my demo reel... yes the one that's supposed to be done last year for my First Academy certification. I decided to continue and complete it by the end of November. Another one of course is the other reel, which is a collaboration of the remnants of Lucid... a collaboration reel with the primary purpose is to act as a portfolio for some of the artists of our previous company.

Aside from those involving 3D, and more on my current life... which is I'm jobless and is on a jobhunt, and gaming and animation companies is on my list. Aside from that my cycling life hasn't changed a single bit. Trails here and there. Cardiacs here and there... but sadly...

Typhoon Ondoy (international name: Ketsana), created a catastrophe, a scar that can't be easily removed to the people of the Philippines. Crops destroyed, houses sunked by floods all over the metro as well as neighboring towns, villages and provinces. And to add, "The Wall", "Maarat", Sierra Madre and neighboring trails around San Mateo and Montalban weren't spared by Ondoy's wrath.

Saturdays and Sundays, which were a haven for most weekend warriors was turned into days at home as well as days spent surviving on the rooftops and fighting for their lives, against hunger, sickness and the ravaging flood that drowned almost a thousand and killed more or less 300 Filipinos.

For those safe and able, Filipinos willingly volunteered in relief operations to help our brothers and sisters; victims of Tropical Typhoon Ondoy... as well as Super Typhoon Pepeng (international name: Parma).

I myself joined in the relief operations, spending my week donating food as well as volunteering in sending out goods and scouting for passable routes for cars on bike. Helping out made my days whole.

Typhoon Pepeng has already left the country and chances are high that it caught up with Typhoon Quedan (international name: Melor) already... I just hope that the people of Japan are ready, and if so wouldn't suffer the same fate we experienced with Ketsana and Parma.

Currently there's sunshine and not a single typhoon on sight... the Filipino people are rebuilding their lives. But still a lot aren't able to do so since their homes, villages, barangays are underwater. We can still help them recover, as relief operations are still on the go until now.


Oh~ since this is my cycling blog... Nuvali Dirt Weekend is just around the bend... XC and 4X race on Sunday (October 11,2009). This'll be my first race after 5 years of absence from cycling.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Unlikely reality...

Reality is harsh.... which is true.

Sadly, I can't wait to write reality... but of course everything should be disclosed to the fullest.

Regarding the earlier post... don't worry as it seems its a false alarm.


In other news, I've been focusing to much on 3D, that eventually this blog shouldn't be focused on that. This is a cycling blog... a mountain rider's haven. A stress reliever. How could I be stupid to forget all that.

I neglected my health to be true to everyone... I've been weak... physically and sometimes emotionally.

But enough of those, I've decided to take on swimming as well as running. As told by a friend, I should try joining the triathlon... if not a duathlon's fine.

As also said by Ceej, that I should take advantage of the times I'll be free, with the reel on the works, its not everytime I'll be in front of the pc... there will be times I'm brainstorming... but since I'm good at multi-tasking... there's no other best thing but to brainstorm while running, swimming, body-building, martial arts and cycling.

That's right... martial arts... I'm going back to taekwondo... but not practice the art... but improve my stamina through extensive training.

That's reality... it may be a little harsh, but that's where we all end. So lets not discuss work... let's discuss what's in store for us tomorrow.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some readers are asking... How's Dia? or Ishi?

For Dia... she received minor face lifts,
such as...
  • a shorter aluminum handlebar with 25.4 clamping
  • Specialized Lock-On grips
  • ABR XC Race Bare Ends
  • and a Schwinn Comfort Saddle.
and now this is how she looks like:

I'm actually envious that she weighs lighter than 14.11kgs.
She's still and will always be a XC Marathon Bike.

As for ISHI...
she's currently under repair...

I'm planning to change her from a folding commuter
to a photographer/carrier folder

she's the one behind Dia on the photo above.

I'm also planning to equip her with:
  • drop down bars with 25.4mm clamping
  • red grip tapes
  • aero brake levers
  • 20x1.5 road tires
  • Active MTB Comfort Saddle
  • Amoeba Seatpost Rack
  • Front Cargo Rack
  • 8 speed shifter and Alivio RD


After knowing from my father, that I had to give DIA to my younger bro, Miguel last week. I immediately requested removal of some parts such as the Turbolites and Ergon grips I installed weeks ago.

Well anyhow, this new ride was born from the money my father gave me in exchange for DIA, combined with the cash I saved for the month of August (that was to go for the fork conversion from 1-1/8" to 1" for DIA). I was given a week to decide to build a new one and give my ride to my younger bro or regret buying one and stick to DIA for the rest of the time.

I originally intended to keep DIA's frame at first if I'm going to change parts. But my father didn't allow me and told me to give the whole thing to my bro. He only allowed my request to change parts such as the turbolites, ergons as well as the toe-clips.

So after my check-up during the morning I was accompanied in the afternoon to Cartimar to build a new ride.

My budget was 18k + 4k = 22,000 pesos... minus the turbolite handlebar and stem, ergons grips and toe-clips.

Before arriving at DS Bike Lander @ Cartimar, I already requested the owner for a 2009 Vision Pursuit size 19 frame in dark green colour. Sadly they didn't have one, she suggested me to get a white frame instead to match my personality, thats what she said.

With 22k, it would be impossible for me to create a ride that isn't entry-level. Anyhow here was the list of components that totaled to 21,400 pesos

- 2009 Vision Pursuit size 19 frame in White Colour
(the frame comes with a Seat Collar and Headset)
- 2009 Shimano Alivio Mechanical Disc-brake Gruppo (I originally wanted Deore)
- 2009 SR Suntour XCR 100mm travel fork with Manual Lockout
- a pair of Mavic X223 rims
- a pair of Continental Mountain King 2.0 wire bead
- a pair of Toxic-brand Tubes
- 72 stainless nipples and black spokes
- Kalloy Ice 27.2x350mm Seatpost
- Active White S'Trace Titanium Rail Saddle (got in darn cheap)
- 3 kristel aluminum spacers

Took around 2 hours 30 minutes to build her after lunch... then after those hours of waiting... there she stood in her white dress.

It was when I uttered the words, "Mi Conchita"

It was like I was watching a noon time soap opera, with Thalia starring as the lead role.

But actually, the name came from a passerby who shouting Pacita! Pacita! I misheard Pacita for Conchita. Ehehehe... silly me.

  • Conchita
  • A Filipina of filipino and latin heritage; young, slim and dressed in white. A She-Devil disguised in Purity.
  • Born: September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Re-wind Blogging: September 6, 2009 - Reconditioning Ride

This was just Last Sunday, I still remember how it rained angrily, that when I reached the UP Oval there wasn't a single runner. Bikers were scarce... my thought would be not just because of the very awful weather, but also maybe because of the wake of Erano Manalo, the minister of Iglesia ni Cristo (correct me if I'm wrong, thank you)... being held at the HQ of INC... just across Commonwealth Avenue.

Anyhow anyhow, here's the map of my reconditioning ride. Take note I was pedaling my bike with an injured sole.

Bunny's Reconditioning Ride 09-06-09
18.09 km 02:168.0km/h pace

Road - Reconditioning

My main purpose to go pedaling that day was to visit UP Inifrmary, was unsure if I should be getting another anti-tetanus shot because of the clumsy fall I had during the Tomagotchi Falls hike (a side-trip from our Licao Ride the day before).

Good thing I received a text from my mom with a message from my uncle (whose a doctor), that I should buy cefalexin and take it every 4 hours as well as applying hydrogen peroxide on the stripped-skin on my sole.

But before going to the local botika, I had some time riding around UP and at the same time had a ride and dine experience with some roadies as well as a scrumptious brunch with Mike Donadilla, Eloi Hernandez and Grace Gregorio.

Oh by the way, I took my new ride (Conchita, my white vision pursuit) ) for a spin on this day too, its her 2nd official ride, with the Licao ride as her first.

Probably next week I'll get her blessed.

Re-wind Blogging: September 5, 2009 - A Return to Licao-Licao

This was Last Saturday, a very rainy day indeed. It was the virgin ride of my white bike, "Conchita". Was also the day I got into an accident off the saddle. Seriously...

Thanks again to Dailymile for making it an almost daily habit to track my miles.

Neopolitan - Pangarap - Licao-Licao - Tomagotchi Falls - Licao-Licao - Brick Town - Jackhammer - Grotto - Neopolitan
52 km 08:156.3km/h pace

MTB - Trail

Not sure if its really 52km... but from Neopolitan to Tomagotchi Falls nokia sport tracker clocked at arund 25.53km. Noticing that from Tomagotchi to Brick Town down to Grotto and back to Neopolitan was even longer than what it was from Neo to Pangarap to Licao.

I really need a cyclocomp to track all my kilometers and miles... definitely.

Oh I also got injured in this ride... but not on the bike. but it was off the bike. I slipped while walking on muddy terrain.

Does anyone from the same ride have an accurate reading on how many kilometers we logged?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Re-wind Blogging: August 31, 2009 - A Wet and Muddy La Mesa Trail Ride

Rewinding to 9 days ago... August 31, 2009... a Monday Holiday, All Heroes day.

Thanks again to Dailymile for recording my previous rides... and also for Mike Donadilla and Tony (my father) for the photos:

La Mesa Nature Reserve - August 31 Trail Ride 16.22 km 03:224.8km/h pace

16km of rough terrain... with mixes of single-tracks, fire roads, and numerous cardiacs and downhills... mix that with moist to muddy and sticky soil.

Our group ride gave us more memories to keep and experiences to take note on.

We'll be taking on La Mesa again in a few weeks. Possibly bring more water to reach our target... Tower 1 aka "Mount Mordor" which is 37km.

Re-wind Blogging: August 30, 2009 - Visit to Twinville, Bike Blessing and Ride & Dine

Rewinding back to August 30, 2009... that was a Sunday, I could still remember it like it was yesterday.

Again taken from my dailymile cyclocomp~

Today there were multiple events that resulted to a 50km ride.
1st was my dad and me who took a route to UP down to Marikina. We visited our old village: Twinville... but when we reached Milflores, the street where our previous home was located... we weren't able to figure out where that house was. Not until I heard my name being called. It was Ate Bobot, Nanay Elsa's daughter. Ate Bobot, Ate Ellen and Nanay Elsa were the people who took care of me during my early days in Marikina and in my life. We had some chat over some hot coffee. A few minutes later we were on the road again and tackled Tumana-Balara Cardiac back to UP just in time for the gathering and the preparation for the scheduled Bike Blessing.

The Bike Blessing was scheduled for 9am... unlikely, it didn't start on that time, instead the priest arrived at around 930am. We had more than 50 riders that time and more than 50 bikes were blessed. From roadies, to mountain riders, down to bmxes, folders and cruisers. Its like a big gathering, but it really was a big gathering with no boundaries.

After the bike blessing Cayoi organized the Ride and Dine event in which more than 25 riders joined. Dad had to go home and attend my brother's event. I instead stood behind and joined this Ride and Dine event with my Bike Friends (Eloi, Grace, Jeff and Mike).

Our first stop was Charlie's Wanton located at Haig St., Mandaluyong... yes, we bike commuted through traffic... from UP - Cubao - P.Tuazon - San Juan - Wilson - Haig.

The Wanton's fantastic! It's a little pricey but the servings are... big! BIG! BIIIGGG!!! It was definitely worth the ride. And hour after we filled our bellies with this delightful meal we headed back and stopped at Caramia Gellato for dessert located along Connecticut St. just beside Greenhills Shopping Center.

After the cold gellato, the organizers decided to visit Lifecycle to check on bike parts, some even bought certain items such as jerseys and replacement parts.

From there some had to part ways, and leave for their destinations. Our group the Northerners (since majority of us live at QC and Malabon area... took a U-Turn at EDSA and went back to UP via White Plains - Katipunan - UP. From there we all parted ways. Of course us Bike Friends + 2 new found Bike Friends stopped over for water refill at Grace and Eloi's place before going home.

Now its time to rest for tomorrow's ride at La Mesa Trails, in which I have to prepare for a mudfest mud ride. In where of course there's going to be mud! MUD!! MUUUDDD!!! And of course scenic spots SPOTS!! SPOTTTSSS!!!

Re-wind Blogging: August 29, 2009 - Solo Training Ride

Lets Rewind back to Last Last Saturday... It was August 29, 2009... I was supposed to join the PMTB Babes with their Dream Loop Sumulong Climb... sadly not much sleep. So it was stamina training for me.

Thanks to Dailymile, possibly without it there's no memories. And definitely no stories to tell.

Solo Training Ride from Tandang Sora - UP - Tumana - San Mateo - The Wall and back

02:1116.7km/h pace

Decided to take my training instead to the Wall. I guess my thursday training ride paid off, giving me additional energy to make my way up this cardiac hill.

Sadly, I really wanted to take on Maarat, but with little hydration I decided to go down from the Wall and back to UP... of course I excluded all rest stops from this climb as well as my road sprints.

Also I'm also down, that I wasn't able to take on Tumana-Balara uphill on continuous pedaling. Hahaha I think it was because I was almost dehydrated lacking water and sport jellibeans.

Two Weeks of Riding... Cardiacs and Reconditioning

Last last week Saturday was my solo cardiac training to The Wall...

Sunday ride was a visit to Nanay Elsa's place, Bike Blessing and the Ride and Dine with the PMTB Babes.

Monday was a holiday so Sunday's ride was followed by our scheduled La Mesa trail ride with Dad's friends and my colleagues, Mike, Jeff and Erick.

Then last Friday... I had a check-up, but during the afternoon I withdrew some cash to combine it with dad's offer. That is to get a new ride, with the deal of giving DIA to my younger bro. Anyhow that goes to another story.

This Saturday was our scheduled ride to Licao-Licao... it was supposed to be a half-day ride turned whole day. Exhausted and sported an injury that the next day I was supposed to get an anti-tetanus shot at the UP Infirmary, instead I was given a medication to take for the next few days to stabilize the pain as well as to prevent germs from getting into the wound.


Actually I really hate compiling all the stories once again. But I betcha this'll be the last...

Since now, and finally we've transferred to Makati, and a plus! Blogger's not blocked. So its pure joy that I won't be transferring to VOX.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Urban Night Ride training... and urge to write once more

Just a few hours ago I had an itch to ride around the village... thanks to Dailymile, I made a route that mixes some cardiac climbs, winding roads, and straights for short distance sprints.

Bunny's Village Exercise Route 9.04 km 00:3216.9km/h pace

1st lap - warm-up pace
2nd lap - sprint on cardiacs and straights, freewheeling on downhill streets
3rd lap - relaxed pace
4th lap - sprint on cardiacs and straights; freewheeling on downhill.

All completed in 32mins... I'm still raw for the Sumulong ride with the pmtb babes. I'll try again tomorrow @ UP on an urban night ride.


Still raw, very raw... So I'm in a slump with the decision of joining the pmtb babes with their Sumulong Climb. Or I could always try a cardiac hill practice with the famed, "The Wall" and Timberland's "Mini-Wall" and the muddy Maarat trail.

Seems like I won't be joining the Licao ride on Monday, with the decision made by my dad to join his group to La Mesa Eco Park. I'll have to bear with the rigidity of my ride.

Also somehow, I suddenly wanted to build a Fixie, preferrably on a track bike frame. But I'll go with that wanting later after I get to build another MTB for me to use on group rides. I'll be rebuilding DIA with her older parts, and this time probably with a dropbar around early November.

Recently though I've been having urges on recreating the novel that I created way back highschool.

"Eternal Epic"

Some may remember this especially: Patrick Hizon, Krissy Verzosa, Tinna Mauricio and possibly some of my college friends. The urge might be from the request made by my boss at the office. He wanted us to create a concept art of a scene.

Then it came to me of recreating a scene from my old story. Krissy thought of the same thing. Ressurection from its eternal slumber.

I might try putting up a blog with the re-written version of Eternal Epic, and probably start on the prologue. And definitely will take a lot of time to piece it up together.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking my revenge at Sumulong Climb? or Riding the relatively new trails of Hamilo Coast?


Seriously undecided...

I'm torn up between to rides this coming Saturday.

Its between the long planned trail ride of Hamilo Coast's new trails, in which I'll be joining Eric Yambao on this one; and the other ride which is an invitiational by the PMTBabes to their Dream Loop practice at Sumulong Climb... this might also serve as my revenge on Sumulong Climb, since my last one was an epic fail in which I almost passed out.

Currently the status of the Hamilo Coast trip is on 50/50, since I still need to confirm if Eric's going. Confirming with the PMTBabes will be easier even on the last minute.

Its literally decisions decisions and more decisions...

If all else fails... I'm going solo and tackle The Wall once again, then straight to Maarat and to Giant then back again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Returning Back to the Present Time; Now with Less Clutter


I'm a little sleepy right now, even though my eyes are wide open here at the office with my OJTs.

As you can see and read, I've already backtracked to the previous weekends and holidays I rode on and experienced, also the times when I had
some time bonding with my father as well as with my bike friends.

"Less clutter, is good."

"And with less clutter, there's more space to fill."

More memories and experiences to come and write about. Especially the coming rides this week such as:

August 29 - Saturday - Dream Loop: Sumulong Cardio ride with the PMTBabes (its my revenge ride)

August 30 - Sunday - Bike Blessing at UP Diliman

August 31 - Monday - Licao-Licao newbie ride with Bike Friends and UP Mountaineers

Also to add are my coming product reviews, especially on the Ergon GC3-S, Continental Edge 1.9 and the Continental Speed King 2.1

Anton Daniel "Bunny" T. de la Cruz
The Rabbit on Two Wheels

Re-Wind Blogging: August 23, 2009 - PAATIBAYAN, Endurance Training and Dovan's 35th Birthday

Lets Rewind back to Last Sunday... just a couple of days ago...

My Dailymile post covers almost everything except the photos... so including Dad's participation during the PAATIBAYAN 10mile marathon, to my Endurance Training and down to Dovan's 35th Bday.

Tandang Sora - UP oval 15 laps - UP Mild Trailing 3 laps - Tumana - Barangka - Jollibee Marikina - John Wilkie - Tumana - Balara - UP - Tandang Sora
56.41 km 04:2712.7km/h pace

Tandang Sora - UP oval 15 laps - UP Mild Trailing 3 laps - Tumana - Barangka - Jollibee Marikina - John Wilkie - Tumana - Balara - UP - Tandang Sora

Was at UP yesterday to support my Dad's participation at the PAA-TIBAYAN 10mile marathon. We were there at around 5am...

Dad with Tito Ching Lota (they used to Bike together during early 2000)

Dia having a rest beside Mang Manny's store

While waiting for the race to start I've been doing some exercise laps around the UP Oval mixing it with some sprints. I still forgot how fast I was going since I didn't have a cyclocomp, instead was basing my kilometers through oval laps. At around 6am the marathon started, waiting for my Dad to pass-by the first lap at the Cyclists' Tambayan.

Zorro participated in 5mile run~ wow, but why is he walking?

Dad passing by the first lap of the 10mile marathon

When he passed-by I decided to go for a little mild trailing around UP, getting some dirt on my tires.

Happen to spot Tita Ching, near the UP PAUW

When he finished the marathon, I decided to stay behind since I was supposed to go to John Wilkie's at 10am (he opens at 10) to replace my cut truvativ handlebar I bought from the bazaar to a lighter and longer turbolite handlebar and oversized stem.

Met up with Mike Donadilla, Jeff Romero and Abet Umali at the tambayan. Decided that they would join me to John Wilkie's. Before going there we stopped by Eloi Hernandez and Grace Gregorio's place so they can join us.

Sadly Eloi's still fast asleep, but Vice-chan joined us after a week of no biking.

So we went down to John Wilkie's from UP to Balara, then down to Tumana... but during the downhill portion from Balara to Tumana, I experienced a solid wipe-out, falling off my bike and my butt skidding along the wet pavement. Good thing I was wearing tights.

Anyways, from Tumana we took a detour along the Riverbanks path to Barangka. And from there over the Marikina bridge, back to JPRizal. But when we arrived at Wilkie's. he was closed. So Mike decided to treat us to Brunch @ Jollibee. Happy Birthday Mike~

DIA bonding with her Bike Friends @ Jollibee

The Birthday Boy, Mike Donadilla (wearing his helmet),

with Abet Umali, Grace Gregorio and Jeff Romano

When we were done we headed back to Wilkie's to have my truvativ bar and borla stem replaced with silver turbolites. Sweet, Dia just lost 180g.

After a few we headed back to UP... and had a little chat at Vice-chan's place.

The conclusion... this has been one of the best rides I've set my tires on. A total training ride... with uhmm a little snacks on the side.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Re-Wind Blogging: August 21, 2009 - Cardio Climb with Dad and his friends~

Our rigs resting @ Aling Tina's

Lets rewind back to August 17, 2009 - It's a holiday that Friday... Ninoy Aquino day... also the time Dad was expecting a Camp Aguinaldo ride, but instead the majority decided for The Wall, a steep mountain climb.

This post is majorly from my Dailymile post, I'll be adding photos to back the words...

His 2nd dismount, but its ok... The Wall is known for making you dismount, wanting you to quit.

Tandang Sora - UP - Tumana - San Mateo - The Wall and back... Revenge against The Wall, Timberland
37.12 km 03:10 10.1km/h pace

It's Dad's second time around to bike around... sadly he was expecting Camp Aguinaldo's trails... not until we arrived at UP when his colleagues decided to take on, The Wall. One of the best cardiac trainings within San Mateo, Rizal's compounds. From UP we took Balara-Tumana bridge... and from there to Aling Tina's... We took a quick break waiting for another group member. After a couple of minutes it was back to the road. climbing The Wall, unlike my last tackle, I was able to cut my previous 9 dismounts to 3 dismounts this time. Dad wasn't expecting it to be that steep, he was able to dismount 5 to 6 times to grab some air. Of course it was a sudden charge to a steep hill for him after 9 years of hiatus from cycling. Upon reaching Timberland gate, we grabbed some grub and rested for a few minutes. A lot of them were tired, that we weren't able to tackle Maarat and Giant as well, instead we went back to UP.

Dad, me and Deng, dad's friend from CFC

Dad with Glen Acosta

His 4th dismount, and rest... regenerating more energy to tackle The Wall

Winking with shades is definitenly a no-no, it makes me look fugly

He's almost tired... but almost near!

The Wall Accomplished! Way to go Dad!

A souvenir of his success~ Let's take on Licao-Licao next

It was also a good experience having this father and son bonding time. Probably now he knows how hard my trainings could be.

I also got to meet Arvin Magbasco and Arnold Sanchez during our group's descent, although they were just about to arrive Timberland's gates... maybe next time I'll join them.

Re-Wind Blogging: August 16, 2009 - When Dad rode his new Bike for the 1st time~

Lets rewind back to August 16, 2009 - that was a Sunday... and right on time he was excited, damned excited to take it out for a spin.

Unlikely, most of this post came from my Dailymile entry, as for photos I don't have any...

Get back Ride with Dad and Tumana / Oval Secret Training Endurance Ride
37.3 km 03:0212.3km/h pace

Getting my Dad to ride a bike again and was superb. From the house we got to go around UP and brought him to the paved trails within. So there was no mud in each route we took. At around 7am we took our separate ways. Since I had promised Jeff to join him to Boyetworks... so we both rode down Balara - Tumana and down to Marikina. He said it was near, but yet it was damned far. But the mix of up and downhill was fantastic. We got back to UP after an hour of installation. He headed to Quirino to get his gruppo replaced... while I had another take on Balara - Tumana balikan x2 and back to UP for a 5 lap sprint, and 10 lap relaxed pedaling around the oval and UP's mild paved trails before I went home.

Re-Wind Blogging: August 15, 2009 - When Dad bought his Bike~

August 15, 2009 was the Saturday, Dad bought himself a bike…

Some of you might already know this… DIA (1991 Diamond Back Ascent EX), used to be owned and ridden by my dad, Tony de la Cruz, Jr.

He rode it from 1991 to 1996 and during the year 2000. He was even more hardcore than me. Imagine him taking on Batasan downhill way back then… I know you might think it was easy since its paved… but you’re wrong, back then it wasn’t paved. Its was a steep downhill in rough terrain.

After the year 2000, I rode his bike and took it around UP… it became my personal training machine to improve my endurance and stamina, I wasn’t introduced yet to trail riding and rode it on the road. Then when college came I stopped riding and recently just came back.

Now wait, this shouldn’t be the time reminiscing about the past, the title says “Dad bought his bike…”

Well he did, he had a bike assembled @ Cartimar… he consulted me for the best parts on budget below 60k… of course I won’t suggest a Giant frame and those Shimano XT’s to XTR’s.

Anyhow I suggested those bang-to-the-buck parts, and of course the best place is the shop where I had DIA restored, DS Bike Lander Cyclery @ Cartimar

So here’s the list:

- Kinesis KM310 Medium Frame (in Black and Red, his preferred color)
- SF9 Suntour Epicon 100mm Travel w/ Remote Lockout
- Shimano Deore 2009 STI groupset series w/ Deore 2010 Crankset with Outboard BB
- Shimano Deore 2009 Mechanical Disc Brakes with Centerlock Hubs and Rotors
- a pair of Mavic X223 Rims with Stainless Spokes and Nipples
- a pair of folding Kenda Nevegals 2.3 DTC
- Thomson 25.4 Elite Stem
- ABR 6061 XC Riser Bar
- ABR 6061 Short Bar Ends
- Specialized Black Lock-On grips
- DaBomb standard seat post
- Zoom QR seat clamp
- Wellgo PC90 Plastic Platform Pedals
- Schwinn Comfort Cruiser Saddle (he wanted a soft-gelled saddle that was big)
- a pair of Toxic Inner Tubes and an extra reserve tube

Of course he also ended up buying other stuff

- MET Helmet (I was supposed to opt him into buying an MOB Helmet that has been proven tough by most cyclists)

- Giant Saddle Bag (there was no Topeak)

- Turbolite Half-finger Gel gloves (he dislikes full-fingered gloves that offer more protection)

- Zefal Tire Levers

- MOB Tire Pump (Giyo’s actually cheaper by a 100)

- Zefal water bottle with cap (believe me, not worth the buy, still smells like rubber)

And how much was the total for everything? It’s 44,310 pesos. More than 15,000 pesos of savings. Than what he was expecting.

So here's how the bike looks like currently (photo taken last August 23, 2009):

Dad's new rig... and DIA's new cousin~

SF9 Suntour Epicon 100mm with Remote Lockout
(my dream fork, sadly no v-brake bosses)

Thomson 25.4 stem with ABR 6016 Handlebar standard size

Deore 2010 Crankset with Outboard BB

So what did I end up buying? I just had my rims re-aligned, as well as my front tire changed to a Continental Speed King 2.1 to match my old Continental Edge 1.9 rear… I’ll post a review regarding this XC Marathon combo as soon as I have taken these to the trails.

So what’s the conclusion on Dad’s new bike? We’ll know once he takes it out for a spin on the next day.

You might also notice: Ergon GC3 grips are installed... why? Dad's now a new victim of the Upgraditis virus... he replaced his Specialized Lock-on Grips and ABR Bar Ends with an Ergon GC3... the influence? Is actually me... he was fascinated with its comfort. But mind you these pictures were taken a week after he bought his bike... and also the replacement took place after taking his rig out for two rides.

He's selling the Specialized Lock-On Grips and ABR Bar Ends bundled @ 600 pesos... I'll be posting it tomorrow @ PMTB and Philmofo, and see if someone wants it. But if you need it... feel free to text me @ 0918-9244277 (Philippines only)

Re-Wind Blogging: August 14, 2009 - Urban Night Ride secret training with Vice-chan~

Let’s rewind to last August 14, 2009; it was Friday early Evening that time around...

August 14 Urban "Secret Training" Night Ride > UP - Balara Swimming Pool Balikan x 3 - UP mild trails - UP Oval - Tandang Sora
27 km 02:1112.4km/h pace

August 14, 2009 - marks my third night ride... and the location was UP - Eloi and Grace's House - Mild UP Trails - UP Oval 1 lap - Balara Swimming Pool Balikan x 3 - Mild UP Trails - UP Oval 5 laps - Eloi and Grace's House - UP Oval Sprint 3 laps (while carrying spare Rims) - Tandang Sora

I was joined by Ma'am Grace Gregorio (Vice-chan/Lavender)with this Urban Secret Training Ride

Although majority of this post came from my Dailymile Cyclocomp... And I still could remember that I just came from the office that time. Supposed to be Eloi would be joining us that day, sadly she had her tri-root molar taken out (reminds me of that time when my quad-root molar was taken out, it was a painful memory).

But to be exact, that was also when I noticed that Vice-chan was a newbie no-more. She was now a newbieMAW (newbie + monster), a term used for those feeling-newbie who eventually are monster-pedal-masters.

Re-Wind Blogging: August 9, 2009 - Grace's Birthday Ride to Pestano Farm

Let’s rewind to last August 9, 2009; it was a Sunday.

I woke up early that day to meet up with Grace, Eloi, Revin, Sheila, Jojo, Ging, Jeff, Mike, Roschach, Enteng and Eric @ Shell UP Diliman. Of course that was a special day. It was Grace’s birthday ride to Pestano Farm.

(for those not familiar with Pestano farm, Its located before you reach Giant if you’re coming from Maarat… or check this map. The farm is eventually a retreat facility for those teambuilding activities, as well as a good place to stay to experience the wilderness, also a place for your air soft activities as well as trail riding.)

We all met up @ Shell at around 730am before loading our bikes to our respective vehicles (except mine which was loaded inside Mike’s Toyota Revo). Instead of climbing “The Wall” on saddle, Ma’am Grace decided to stop and unload @ Timberland’s Clubhouse. From there we rode on our all-terrain bikes from Maarat’s entrance down to Pestano Farm… but before reaching the farm, we had some fun @ Maarat and the road going to Giant.

Our group was separated into two: “us” the break-away pack composed of Grace the birthday gal, Revin and Sheila, Jeff, Mike, Eric and of course me. At first we don’t know why the others were left behind… while waiting for them we had some fun on the vacant lot beside the winding road. Trying out some trail techniques on the rough terrain. First Jeff tried it out, then I followed, Sheila was also fascinated in what we were doing that Eric joined in… then CRASH!

Unaware, there he fell into a canal. The bushes were keeping it from being visible to the naked eye. Good thing he wasn’t hurt nor was his bike.

The tail was able to catch up eventually after a few minutes and we regrouped. Upon knowing what happened, Eloi and the other riders with her told us that Ging almost collapsed riding the steep hills on this winding road to Giant and Pestano Farm. Good grief, it was her first time eventually.

So we rode again as a group, and finally reached Pestano Farm. We were greeted by the good hospitality of the farm’s employees. As well as fellow mountain bikers who were frequent the farm. Most of them there because of the place’s cool ambiance.

When we arrived at the Pestano’s residence, it was just about time for lunch, that we all decided to fill our stomachs first before taking on the numerous trails the farm has to offer.

all smiles... daw~ everyone's hungry of course

Even our bikes get to rest

Aside from looking forward to its numerous trails, is the huge servings this farm serves to its customers. An example to that is their Omelette Platter, as well as their delicious Goto with Egg (your choice of hard-boiled, sunny-side-up, and half-cooked egg), I was only supposed to order one, but eventually enjoying it way too much I got myself three orders of their Goto. As for the taste, it was 5 out of 5.

An hour eating our orders, we were satisfied and pleased… that Eloi, Jojo, and Ging decided to doze-off and rest under the trees. And for us adventure frenzy riders, we went on to the farm’s trails.

Those who opted for a nap, had it cool...

To note, its 50 pesos per rider… yes it has an entrance fee, but you don’t have to worry since it’s a ride-all-you-can for 50 pesos. Of course the farm isn’t liable if you get into an accident.

I didn’t get any trail photos since everything was fast paced. Also to note the different trails each have their classifications such as DH, XC, AM… yes it depends on your discipline (since I’m more of a fast-paced XC rider, I’m practically a XC Marathon rider), although even though your riding an XC Bike you can still take the DH trail… and the DH biker can also take the XC trail… so it always depend on your trip and taste.

But unlikely after each trail, you’ll all end up climbing the steep 1km Cardiac Hill, a personal favorite of mine in which I’ve climbed thrice, during that afternoon.

Also make sure to bring tools, you’ll never know when your chain will snap or your brakes jam because of the moist and sticky brown and orange soil.

It was around 2 in the afternoon when we left Pestano Farm.

Dragonfruit, care of the Pestano Family~

trying out a Cardiac Hill detour from Maarat trail

stalled @ Maarat, Jeff's chain snapped, good thing we brought some tools

Experiencing Pestano’s trails as well as the food was a memorable experience… that riding back to the country-club was a breeze for our group. Imagine that I tackled the winding road at top-speed with much adrenaline, riding at close to 60km/h downhill. And also my trail speed back down Maarat was a blooming 40-45km/h on a rigid fork.

That was also the time when I noticed that I had to change my Innova MTB 26x1.95 front tire to a better tire that offer stable grip on hardpack to loose terrain with more speed. Since the Innova was a tire meant for dry surfaces.

We separated with the others (Ging and Jojo as well as Enteng and Roschach left after the ride), thus the remainder went on to a side trip to Jollibee for some merienda. It was bonding galore, even more when we stopped at Wilkie’s to have our bikes serviced.

It was supposed to be a day ride, that it eventually became a whole day and near night bonding with the birthday girl Grace Gregorio, Eloi Hernandez, Jeff Romano, Mike Donadilla, Revin Santos and Sheila, Eric Yambao, and of course me, Bunny de la Cruz.

Absence from Blogging and the rest of the clutter...

Its been almost 15 days since my last blog entry... and that makes 14 days to be exact.

So how's everyone been?

I've bet traffic around here at my blog ( for those reading it via facebook )has been down since there's been not one update of what has been happening for some weeks now.
To those reading me via facebook, I've bet you've seen most of my times riding and updating my dailymile cyclocomp. That majority of my entries can be read from that point of view...

Sadly connection from blogger here at Ortigas (yes I know, we have not yet moved to RCBC. But hopefully by September 7 we'll be there) is a pain. And when I say pain, All I can do is post via email.

But wait... some of you might say if I can post via email... why not post more... the down part would be my reason, in which I'm more of blogging with photographs. Since Unionbank Plaza's IT blocks blogger, posting photographs is a hassle.

Connection at my house is also a hassle, making uploading photographs to my Picasa a painstaking process.

Anyhow, once I get home... I'll surely bring some stories up, because I don't want to end my memories in a clutter.

Anton Daniel "Bunny" T. de la Cruz
The Rabbit on Two Wheels

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ride for Tita Cory

Being part of History is what any person would want to be part of.

And for us cyclists, pedaling is the only thing aside from time sacrifice... to be part of history.

Ever since Tita Cory was confined at the hosptial, majority of us Pinoy Mountainbikers have been signing up to join a tribute ride... a ride for her quick recovery from colon cancer. But it was sad that when we were about initiate the ride on August 2, we read the grave news as Tita Cory's death spread the net like pancakes. I confirmed it was true when I woke up early morning at around 525am... I was supposed to leave for a ride that day... but the bad weather stopped me from going out. Instead rode to UP, and started discussing with fellow cyclists about the death of our Icon of Democracy.

It was also during that day that majority of the cyclists at the local web forum initiated a thread... rather it was a tribute ride to say thanks to Tita Cory...and it was set on August 5, a day which was made into a non-working holiday by Malacanang.

A day before the said "padyak" I checked the local web forum ( to find out more than 70++ cyclists have signed up. These numbers weren't normal... my reaction was quite different when I got to read their replies to the said ride. Everyone wanted to sacrifice this holiday just for her. To pedal to our savior... to the woman who stood against a tank-of-dictator during 1986 EDSA revolution, and thus succeeding to the presidential seat and withstood 7 coups.

That day, the rain hasn't stopped showering... the typhoon never left the country's shores yet. But still I left and pedaled to our meeting point @ the University of the Philippine's Oblation monument to meet up the group, but when I arrived... I was alone. I started doubting... but my doubts wore off after a few minutes when one rider came after another... it was until we were 20 that we left for Roxas Blvd.

Our numbers grew as we passed by the Aquino's residence... then Burger King Welcome Rotonda... Burgos, the TM Kalaw... Then Roxas Blvd.... and finally Quirino cor Roxas... our numbers grew from 20 to a whooping 200++ riders... majority from groups such as, Firefly Brigade, PhilMoFo, PCN, Padyak Pinoy, and numerous groups from different cities... all came for the same cause... to offer our ride just for her and her family.

My purpose... was to see her for the last time personally, just for a glimpse even if she was inside a coffin... when was my first? It was during the 1986 revolution while riding on top of my father's shoulders; I was 2 then.

Photos from our tribute ride can be found @

These photos were taken by fellow PMTBers and Fireflies... credits go to them. I only compiled them.

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Triathlon just around the bend~

Registration to the Cobra Energy Drink: Ironman 70.3mi Triathlon Race is nearing its end. In just a few hours registration'll be closing.

And on August 23, 2009 the whistle will be blown to start the awaited race to test one man/woman's strength, endurance and stamina.

Well in my case, I'll just have to watch on my television or listen to the radio on what'll be happening. My work's not going to agree with me taking an absence to watch this event. Eventually, this may be considered our country's own Tour de France... minus the part that this is a Triathlon race. But for us "Mountain Riders" our TransAlps or World Cup XC would be the yearly Terry Larrazbal Bike Festival.

Weird though, why am I blogging about the coming triathlon event even though I don't do tris... the answer lies with the text messages I've been receiving.

First came from a colleague of mine from college whose been asking me where to get Profile Design AquaRack, a bottle cage holder hugging your seatpost, allowing you to carry two extra water bottles without messing aerodynamics.

Next came from another colleague from college who inquired on aero dynamic helmets, in which I told her that she can get one that suits her @ LifeCycle Greenhills.

And this morning my father sent me a text message about an officemate or possibly a friend of his inquiring on Michelin Pro 3 Race tires... the first thing that came to mind is of course LifeCycle Greenhills. Since this bike shop offers complete arsenal on road and triathlon gear and components.

Anyhow I'll have to adjourn... since typing this would cut my working time short. Till next post.

Bunny de la Cruz
"The Rabbit on Two Wheels"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

of Alaska and Evaporada

Ranting... take 4!


When will it end... the "alaska", "the panunutil", the non-stop process of irritating one-self.

I really can't take it anymore. One more and I'll prolly go berserk. Luckily only a few saw me going haywire. Its a very bad experience I say.

Sorry for ranting, I just can take it longer. I've been too goody-good to let things pass.

Bunny de la Cruz
"The Rabbit on Two Wheels"

False Alarm Transfer... take three!

Seriously, we thought that we're transferring to RCBC Tower by the end of July.

But unlikely seems like its going to be on September that we'll be able to taste and feel our new office at the said tower. Hindi ko talaga magets tong mga boss ko. First it was May they said that we'll be transferring by July... then transfer by August... and now a week before the transfer... we'll be moving around September.

Ahahaha... so here I am another month on morning shift training the OJTs...


When will I be able to take-on character modeling, extensive uv mapping or environment creation?

Bunny de la Cruz
"The Rabbit on Two Wheels"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rainy Season has come~

I've started to enjoy the rainy season which started with a bend at the previous corner.

Unluckily it started on a bad start last Saturday, in which the "new" batch of guards @ the Mira-Nila Gate (a few blocks after my village) started asking me why I was passing through using my bike, they said they were asked not to let anyone pass through the gates riding the bike as well as those walking. I said I'm a homeowner, and we had the right and privilege to pass through this gate and as well with gates 1 and 2. As discussed a few months ago. The same goes of course with the morning joggers. As if... I ride the same route everyday, I only pass through during weekends.

Plus! Do I look like a commuter with my get-up? Or is it possibly that they can only recognize weekend riders with modern high-end bikes like the Giant Trance XO or the Merida HFS series. Unluckily my vintage Diamond Back looks like the generic Xycolone MTB used by the majority of commuters. Which the guards think as a lower-end of mountain bike that any can avail. Which is true, but of course even if your bikes low-end its still considered a bike that can be used for exercise.

Anyhow, my father who also who frequents passing through the said subdivision's gates will be having a talk with the board of directors of Mira-Nila Homeowners Assoc. regarding the stupidity the guards of MN has started implementing without proper knowledge of this rule that they started to bring out.

Yesterday I took a detour... and took a longer way which of course is tiring but added 6kms. more on the usual route.

Plus of course more kilometers and more calories burned when I arrived at University of the Philippines for the PMTB UP Trail Ride with the PMTB Babes. Of course it was tiring not because of the trails, but because of the part that we peaked at around 70++ riders. My job of course during the ride was as the whole group's sweeper together with mackieboy.

I'm glad that after the ride that I got to see everyone's smiles. That mackieboy and my choc-nut contribution (energy bar) was what also gave them those smiles.

Bunny de la Cruz
"The Rabbit on Two Wheels"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blogger or VOX

I've been thinking of migrating to VOX... since blogging's been a problem at the office. Since our building's IT just blocked Blogger/'s IP.

Nothing's final yet so far. I'll have to wait until we get to RCBC Tower... and check if blogger's still blocked. If it does happen, I'll be migrating to VOX.

Anyhow, its just in case... I already made an account.

The Aftermath of Weekend Trailride

First time ever that DIA witnessed a real trail mud bath from last Saturday's Maarat ride and Sunday's UP Trail Ride... I believe her last would be around late 90's when Dad took her around Batasan Hills and/or to Grotto. I bet Dad hasn't taken her to mudpacked playgrounds.
Anyhow from her clean looking appearance taken two weeks ago:

To last Sunday's blessing her with holy mud,

thus making her a real trail-worthy mountain bike:

(PS: What's left to do is get her a pair of Topeak Defender fenders, cleaning her after a ride from top to bottom's become a hassle. As for suspension forks... I'll have to wait till the
SF9 100mm Epicon RL with V-Brake Bosses becomes available.)