Sunday, February 14, 2010

Conchita after 6 months

After 6 months of riding with Conchita (2009 Vision Pursuit), I've been loving trailing too much... but of course banging the trails also result in parts breakage. There is of course the slight sumpong of upgradititis included, but not much... some of the replacements were hand-me-down from my father who got caught with the upgradititis virus, bigtime that is.

So how does she looks like now?

from a Pure White color scheme to a mix of White, Black and Ergon Green!

Conchita looks even more beautiful in Ergon Green accents.

So here's the breakdown of what got replaced and what was replaced.
from September 2009 up to the present

Marked in Red are broken parts and got replaced
While those marked in Blue are hand-me-downs
and marked in Green are parts that went to DIA and/or came from

grips:    Ergon GC3-S >>> Ergon GE1-L Enduro Grips
shifters: Alivio 3x8 Rapidfire Plus >>> Sunrace Juju 3x9 Rapidfire >>> 2010 Shimano SLX Rapidfire Plus
chain: Torque 8-speed chain >>> 2009 Deore LX 9spd. chain >>> Shimano Dura Ace 9-speed chain
RD: Shimano Alivio m410 >>> 2009 Shimano Deore m531
FD: Shimano Alivio m410 >>> 2009 Shimano Deore m531
Fork: 2009 SR-Suntour XCR 100mm LOD >>> 2009 SR-Suntour Epicon 100mm RLD
Pedals: VP Components Mountain Pedals with Half-clips >> Exustar PD-26 SPD pedals
Shifter Cables: Shimano SIS Cables >>> Jagwire Teflon Coated Cables with Ergon Green hose
Brake Cables: Shimano SIS Cables >>> Alligator Teflon Coated Cables with Merida Green hose
Front Tire: Continental Mountain King 2.0 wire >>> Continental Mountain King 2.2 wire
Rear Tire: Continental Mountain King 2.0 wire >>> Continental Speed King 2.1 wire
Seatpost: Kalin Ice 27.2x300mm (broken clamps) >>> Truvativ Stylo Race 27.2x400mm

I'm imagining what's next after a few months~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recon Down South with UST GT Core

this one's long overdue... was supposed to be edited and posted around 1st week of February. But due to my work's hectic schedule this was just edited last night and posted also early this mornin.

Anyways... calling all UST Gruppo Tomasino members... here's a short preview of what to expect for our next ride!

[01-31-10] UST Gruppo Tomasino - Recon Down South! from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Eduardo Arevalo (apple1) and Joey Espinueva (joeyralliart)... without them none of this would be possible.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Replacing my broken Ergon GC3-S to a newer Ergon GE1-L


My Ergon GC3-S, finally gave up on me after 10 months of service. And in those 10 months, it has given me confidence in the downhill and technical portions of the trails. It finally gave up on me last Saturday during our DRT-Bato epic ride. The GC3-S took all the damage when I almost endoed. In a result he clamping area on the right grip was severely damaged. And clamping the barend to the grip would be impossible.

Being a satisfied Ergon user, I'm convinced with Ergon's grip performance and got myself new Ergons.
I was originaly planning on purchasing GX1 or GP1 in Team Edition colors... but to no avail there was no stock at all in either Sabak and BTC. The only Ergon Team Edition grip available in BTC... was the GE1-L suited for Enduro or Freeride Applications.

Well no choice... better have it or nothin'
Plus the model "L" is scarce...
Glad to have the last piece~

Monday, February 01, 2010

Storm in February

I'm just one of thousands or hundreds who got New Year's blessings in February. Imagine that, I used to be working in a animation scene and now I'm back to advertising... and I'm glad I did. My brain's creative juices keeps on spilling out now that I'm back with the workforce.

Anyhow anyhow... the mtb scene's also a storm. With the ION Bike Challenge just passed and an experience riding south luzon's numerous trails also produced some good reviews.

Once I get home I'll upload all the vids and photos of two consecutive takes.