A Father and Son's take on Mt. Maarat

I wasn't supposed to ride last Saturday to Mt.Maarat... I'm still a little fresh from that incident. I'll be ripe when 19 comes. That's only when I can go riding hard on the mountains and trails.

But I don't know with you guys, I bet a doctor's advise aren't always followed. I betcha ride it hard days after you get outta hospital. Ahahaha~

Anyhow last December 12, 2009... My father, Tony invited me to take on the local famed mountain, Mt. Maarat in San Mateo, Rizal... but the route was from the outskirts of Marikina City and not the usual route from Ampid, San Mateo. The route from Marikina connects to Monterey Phase I and II in San Mateo, Rizal. Compared to The Wall this is even a steeper climb that connects to AFP Housing.

And further more connects to the other side of Mt.Maarat which faces the west portion of the Metro... Pasig City, that is.

GoPro was equipped on my helmet, so I got to capture the great parts of the ride...

Father and Son Recovery ride to Giant via Mt.Maarat from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

I've been trying to figure out how Jeff Kerkove, makes em' rockin... his movies that is. I've been thinking of capturing more ride footage as well as a bystander's view of the ride. Mounting a digital camera on a small tripod situated beside the trail... something like that.

Well anyhow I'll be able to improve at editing and making awesome ride footage as time passes by. Learn and re-learn, that's how I'll be able to progress.

Anyhow there's a ride this Friday to La Mesa Water Shed... haven't been there for months already... I bet the trails have changed ever since Ondoy's wraith. I'm expecting lots of muddy single-track. As for Saturday, I'll be riding with Tony again to Mt. Maarat, but we'll take the mountain from the usual route... The Wall - Timberland then to Maarat Basic up to Giant. We were invited to attend a Family Day Ride with other local mountainbikers.


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Saya naman nyan!

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