Monday, February 08, 2010

Replacing my broken Ergon GC3-S to a newer Ergon GE1-L


My Ergon GC3-S, finally gave up on me after 10 months of service. And in those 10 months, it has given me confidence in the downhill and technical portions of the trails. It finally gave up on me last Saturday during our DRT-Bato epic ride. The GC3-S took all the damage when I almost endoed. In a result he clamping area on the right grip was severely damaged. And clamping the barend to the grip would be impossible.

Being a satisfied Ergon user, I'm convinced with Ergon's grip performance and got myself new Ergons.
I was originaly planning on purchasing GX1 or GP1 in Team Edition colors... but to no avail there was no stock at all in either Sabak and BTC. The only Ergon Team Edition grip available in BTC... was the GE1-L suited for Enduro or Freeride Applications.

Well no choice... better have it or nothin'
Plus the model "L" is scarce...
Glad to have the last piece~

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