I'm 26, and what's to expect...

When the clock hands stops at 5:30am it marks my 26th birthday!

Imagine that 26 years of struggles, joy, happiness, various experiences... sadness, pain and anger... and achievements, goals attained, and even those times I've had lots of fun bonding with my friends, cycling buddies, airsoft friends, bestfriends, and of course owing a lot of these to my family who has supported every decision I made through these years.

So what's to expect this 26th year?

Definitely for this blog... more cycling vids to expect... more trails to overcome... and possibly trail runs, trekking and anything outdoors.

As for me, there'll be more challenges... especially at work. Advertising's a heavier toll to my creative thinking than how it was when I was with 3D and Animation. But I'm still planning to go back to 3D after a year and half experience in the field of Advertising... just planning... we can't define the future yet.

Ahahaha some of you'll be asking how about love life... I wish I could find Ms. Right this year. I'm only looking forward to having Ms. Right as an outdoor's person. So I could easily relate to.

So what's next? We'll just have to take everyday as a challenge and just keep on climbing to the 27th year.

Till the next few days then~


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