Puddle Waddling at La Mesa Nature Reserve and Sierra Madre Lopp 2

In preparation for our future ride... we had this short trail ride together with the elders of the PMTB. And a salu-salo at Papi Rock's crib... taken last August 8, 2010

Ageless Warriors - Tampisawan sa La Mesa from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.


What have we been up to? Why no update?

We've been riding Sierra Madre Loop for the 3rd time already... Usually done once a month and it all started last July 24. 2010 - it was supposedly a secret ride composed of 12 individuals. and Finishing the route within 9 to 10 hours.

Sadly I wasn't able to bring the GoPro on that trip as I wanted to travel light and finish it without any hassle. (Mounting it on my helmet makes my reaction slower).

After a month, August 15, 2010... we had Sierra Madre Loop 2... it was supposed to be a secret ride, that turned into an announced ride on PMTB due to a mod's prune and transfer from the events gallery of the first Sierra Loop ride.

On this ride we had a total of 63 attendees... but in the end we were down to 9 who finished the whole loop within 11 hours.


And just last Saturday, September 4, 2010... we had Sierra Madre Loop 3, an announced ride arranged and organized by my father, Tony de la Cruz (Decroix). On this ride we had 22 attendees... and 22 who finished it till the end together.... although we rode from 5:45am till 7:20pm... perhaps the longest time we had with 6hrs. 44mins saddle time. Compared to the first loop's 6hrs. 17mins. saddle time.

[08-14-2010] Sierra Madre Loop 2 from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

And so on October 2 (tentative date), we'll be having another take-on with Sierra Madre... on Sierra Loop 4, couldn't get tired on testing our limits again.


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