Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MapMyRide - The Battle of the Ageless - Kamuning to Baguio

Finally! After 3 weeks, I've done it! Had second thoughts if I should plot it using MapMyRide. Although the best pointers should be provided by Erwin or Danthat. Though wasn't able to get their notes. Erwin's uber busy with his life, while Danthat's @ Sagada doing his 9th Saga-Dan trip with 5 fresh rookies.

Anyhow when we did this ride, do always take note to:
* If you want to reach the first stop early, make sure to leave around 1 or 2am

* Rest for 5-15 minutes every 20km.

* Don't rush it, keep it on a steady pace, 18-20kph is already fine (we did it on 19-26kph)

* Don't ride when it rains (although we didn't get to experience that)

* When the heat becomes unbearable, rest

* Recharge and refuel, always! Not all stops have hydration points, not all stops have sari-sari stores.

* You can finish it in one day, though you won't be able to see the sights...

* ... thus a 2-day ride is the best way. Make sure you reach Carmen, Pangasinan on the 1st day (170km).

* Going up Kennon, make sure to rest every 2-3km. After the Lion's head its 5-10min rest every 500m... only if fatigue's getting on you.

* Remember to bring a Jacket, as the cold weather up is freezing cold.

So I guess that's it! I hope you find this useful.

PS: Oh btw, this route totals to 270kms. I sometimes find MapMyRide's mileage count inaccurate.


Jovan said...

You. Are. Awesome!

Wow! That was quite a ride!

Tina Zamora said...

Thanks for this Bunny! Hope I ride with you when I finally do this ride!