Guess what.

I was able to ride again~

But of course nothing that is too stressful for my body. Today I was able to ride my bike again at UP Diliman's University Oval as well as its various trails. I was accompanied by my teammates from Team Ageless Warriors, especially by my father, Tony.

Recently I was diagnosed to have a Seizure Disorder, but nothing serious as its only focal. But still even though its focal, to prevent it from acting or triggering, I'm taking precautionary medications. So of course I wasn't allowed to drive as well bike for next few months (or years)... as well as going OFW for two years. Sad no?

Anyhow despite being unable to ride on the saddle as advice by my "Pedia" Neuro and Cardiologist. I was able to ride my bike again... but only if I'm with my father... and only if its only around UP. So no more epic XC rides, No more Padyakoldaway, No more competitions for now... and possibly no more or possibly lesser chance to do trails.

Anyways, I'm disassembling my Vision Pursuit (XC Race Bike) next week and have the frame and some of its components sold by next week. I'll be retaining my 21 year old Diamond Back instead (the converted to Single Speed). With it being single-speed, I have the assurance of not going far from my place.


Jovan said…
Sad to hear that. Hope you could ride more.

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