I've missed this~ EPICLY~!

How I miss riding my bike, traveling past
and even provinces.
How I miss the sights, the sounds, the cold breeze...
How I miss the people who greet you as you pass by.
How I miss the sweat you release with every pedal
and every calorie you burn
And how I miss completing an Epic Ride of Epic Proportions.

When was the last time?
And when will be the next time?

I hope that it would come in the next few months
I hope that I could once again feel this exhilarating experience~!


Angie said…
I'm happy to see,and read a biker and a blogger like me.Even though,I don't blog one of my rides yet.
Soon... :)
Because as of now I'm not active in blogging. Because of un-available laptop. :)
I'm one of your reader now. :)

Have a blessed day always.. :)
Bunny dela Cruz said…
thank you, for reading my posts. :D

Anyhow, I just recently made a comeback. As my teaching-job eats most of my time since November last year.

But don't worry, I'll try posting all those backtracks that have never been posted.

Thank you again Angie.

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