future build

The problem of having spare bike parts lying around your room is a big dilemma for every cyclist. Sometimes with just a pair of rapidfire shifters or some tires lying around... it suddenly turns into a bike.

And yes, my dilemma right now is what to do with this Rockshox SID Race I have wielded into a smashing club. Can't sell it, as this was Dad's gift a few years back (well more like "give" as he got a Fox F32 to replace this one).

Another dilemma I have right now is that I can't keep on using the oldschooler for my bike commuting as it is really owned by my father. The only bike I own is the Shawn H-3, which is not really meant for commuting as it is damned heavy (because it's a Freeride Bike, with DH components >_> ). So I'm thinking of getting a Hi-Tensile Steel SS Commuter frame... preferably a custom-made on by Maldea.

Oh well... aside from the frame, all that I need now are chaintugs, rims and mechanical disc brakes (probably will just get some second-hand or third-hand TEKTROs or Avid BB5s).


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