Ending my long hiatus.. time to do sime updating!

After 4 months, I'm finally back on the saddle... but this time on the same bike I started with back in 2009. This was my father's mtb back in the 90's... most of it's miles came from long distance touring and commuting.

When I started my blog , this was the first bike I started with after college back in 2008... I had 10,000kms+ on this steed from trail biking to nearly daily commutes (excluding dad's mileage in the 90's)

With the revival of Dia, this 1991 Diamondback AscentEx... it was also about time I revived my blog.

#steelistherealdeal #retrobike


Tom D' Biker said…
Nice steed you have!

Welcome back!
Bunny dela Cruz said…
Thanks Tom, I'm glad to be back. I'll make sure to get to update more often. The oldschooler's a trusty steed, but looking forward to getting something for the trails and long distance touring.

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