Friday, March 25, 2016

Holy Week in Baguio - Health 100 Vegetarian Restaurant

It's Holy Week and we're up in the mountains of Baguio City for this almost-week-long holiday. So this morning part of the itinerary I prepared was to bring my wife, Aya to a place she hasn't been to in the "City of Pines".

And so I brought her to the famed, "Health 100 Vegetarian Restaurant" located along Magsaysay Avenue. It is a simple restaurant offering healthy meals, with ingredients grown freshly in Baguio City.

But to get there, we hailed a cab from Baguio Country Club to Session Road... yes just Session Road. Because it's best to go around Baguio City while walking. Taking our sweet time and enjoying the different sights and sounds. So from Session Rd. we walked down to the intersection and upon reaching Malcolm Square Park, we and took a right to Magsaysay Avenue... the walk was long. But she did enjoy going to a place she had been to.

Just go down Magsaysay Avenue, when you reach Barangay Slaughterhouse it means that you're near. Continue going down the road, and you'll find Health 100 Restoreant on your right.

Health 100 can be found at a corner of a private road and Magsaysay Avenue.
It is located near a church.

Upon entering the restaurant, you'll feel this cozy homey feel of a cabin home. But walking a little bit farther in the store you'll be amazed at their menu board. A very large variety of healthy foodstuff, at first it can be rather overwhelming to choose which is which.

They don't just breakfast, burgers, pasta and salads... they got Cakes and Pastry too!

So of course the best choice is always ask the waitresses, to which do they recommend best. And one of their recommendations for a good and quick meal is their Mushroom Burger. Meat of course is Veggie Meat... and boy the servings are big. Don't worry it's big size won't make a hole in your wallet, as their food is budget friendly.

Health 100 Mushroom Burger served with Kamote Fries and mayo

We didn't just get burgers, we also ordered their Garden Salad which is good for sharing, Bolognese and glasses of Yogurt Shakes.

Garden Salad which is good for sharing... and boy are those veggies and fruits fresh!

With my awesome wife, Aya and our delicious orders of food at Health 100

Surely we'll come back again soon, and of course we'll bring friends over.

If you plan to go there, and is planning to bring your friends or loved ones over, here is Health 100's address and contact details:

Health 100 Restoreant
350 Magsaysay Avenue cor. Private Road
(beside the Zio’s Pizzeria Magsaysay building)
Baguio City, Philippines

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