Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ridden but never Written

I have ridden but never written nor shared my explorations for the past few weeks.

The reason behind all these are a jarful of many things. One would be work, followed by exhaustion and possibly next would be being pre-occupied with other things.

But it would be best to share all my stories in one blow right? Just to catch up.

First of all there's the Training Rides for the Tour of the Fireflies... training rides for marshals. It happened for Five Weeks but I only got to attend 3 of the 5 training rides. Was absent because of the Newbie Licao-Licao ride organized by PMTB that happened around the 2nd week of March. And Absent again on the 4th training Sunday because I had to support my father during his participation @ the All-Terra King of Mountain Trail Run.

And of course just last April 18, 2010 was the much awaited Tour of the Fireflies... an advocacy tour in which 10,000 cyclists stormed and rocked 8 city's in Metro Manila.

And just recently April 25, 2010 was the invitational trail ride during the INNHS Highschool Reunion of Batch 71 (dad's highschool) @ Camp O'Donnel in Capas, Tarlac.

Like as always the best way to share a memory is through photographs or through video/film.

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