Ready for Touring

I recently noticed that I've been doing lots of Epic Bicycle Rides (100km+), and majority of these rides are on the road and not on the trails. And with a double epic and a half bicycle ride nearing, I found that a mountain bike with knobbies and a cargo that's only meant to carry tools won't be able to maximize this ride experience.

And the end conclusion was to go "Touring"

So in the end I went around the metro to purchase these equipment for the coming double epic and a half ride.
Topeak Drybag Panniers
Exustar Waterproof Top-Tube Bag

Continental CityRide 26x1.75 with Reflex

 and a seatpost mounted rack with pannier mounts

I'm so happy with my purchase despite the added 12kg. weight to my current rig. With the CityRide on, the weight was nothing. As I rolled faster than I was on Race King 2.0s

In the near future, I'll have my Diamondback Ascent converted to a touring bike, so that all my epic trips will be done on that bike. And all my trail rides on the Vision Pursuit.

It's actually very tiring switching tires and stuff every now and then.


Jovan said…
Planning to do a multi-day ride myself this December. Wondering where you bought the Topeak bags. :)
nikolai said…
nice, where did you buy the exustar top tube bag? i really want one but I don't know where to find one.

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