Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ageless Warriors: Pictorial @ La Mesa Eco Park

Would you believe that.

We had a group photo-shoot sponsored by our ride partner Hinduja Global Solutions. And also on this day we got our Ride Jerseys distributed. And oh boy was I astonished by the design, truly an awesome work-of-art to wear.

Our group photo-shoot was taken at La Mesa's own Eco Park. With the whole group complete we were able to take many takes as well as many laughs. Was also the first time meeting our two newest members: Joyce del Socorro, a Philippine Cycling Team member; and Manong Cesar Medoranda, the oldest member of Team Foxbat.

With them onboard we're totalled to 16 (Danthat wasn't able to come today). So here are a few takes.


The photographers did an excellent take on this day. And of course it was also the day we got to bond together as one group. Bihira din yung ganun na first time mo lang makita, friends na kagad kayo. Also found out that Joyce was also from the same University as I graduated from, UST. I decided to sponsor her jersey.

With my biking idol, Roberto "Mang Bay" Nazareno Sr.
this old fellow here is 68 years old already and still a strong man.
oh did I mention that he's married to a 34 year old?

I would also like to thank Enduro for our awesome lookin' MTB Shorts

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