Feb 27, 2011 - "K.K.K. REVOLUTION 2011 : We Want Bike Lanes Now"

With the overpopulation of roads in the metro, especially reigned by gas-guzzling vehicles. We the pedestrians as well as us cyclists are being pushed aside from using our public roads.  And with result are numerous accidents such as sideswipes and crashes just to name a few.

I myself experienced sideswipes during my daily commutes to work and to the local trails, and most of these are caused by reckless automobile drivers and motorcyclists.

And to solve one of these problems are implementing "Bike Lanes".

Marikina and Davao already done it... why not make it metro wide, or country wide. If not, we can start small... one by one.

Let us unite and be heard. Let us join tomorrow's event. Wear and strap your helmets, and take out and ride your bike, and let the public know of our presence.

Come and Join

ASSEMBLY POINT : Quezon City Circle (in front of City Hall)
ASSEMBLY TIME : 5:00 am to 5:45 am
PELOTON ROLL-OUT : 6:00 am sharp
* note : there will no on-site registration, no release of event packages.
* note : there will be further announcements in this thread.
* note : ALL INFORMATION / UPDATES will be in FB, PMTB, Philmofo.

RIDE MODE : Rain or Shine
RIDE PACE : Beginner 10 kph to 14 kph
RIDE FORMAT : Marshals & Sweepers

RIDE DURATION : Finish by 11:30 am (Half Day Ride Only)
RIDE COVERAGE : Quezon City, Marikina Areas

RIDE ROUTE : 35kms to 45kms

START - QC Circle > Philcoa > C.P. Garcia > Katipunan Avenue > 

Aurora Boulevard > A. Bonifacio Avenue Marikina >
Sumulong Highway > Shoe Avenue > Marikina City Hall (MID POINT) >
Riverbanks Bike Park > Aurora Boulevard > Katipunan Avenue >
C.P. Garcia Avenue > University Avenue (UP Diliman Campus) >
Commonwealth Avenue > St. Peter's Cathedral > QC Circle > END


With the least chance of me getting on the saddle tomorrow (especially leading the UST Gruppo Tomasino, and riding along Team Ageless Warriors)... I'm supporting the event with any chance possible. And with that, I volunteered to be an Event Photographer for the said event.


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