Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just Trailing Around

I was instructed this afternoon of June 22nd, by my pops to take out his bike and see if I can clear the creaking noise from his long-resting Ibis Tranny (carbon mtb hardtail). And so I brought it out to UP Diliman to do some trail riding. 

Found out that the creaking came from the rear derailleur rear hub and brake calipers, nothing a few lube drops (for the hub), re-alignment (calipers) and "on-the-trail" tune-up can't fix.

No lengthy videos though, as I've grown tired of doing that after so many years...

20140622 UPForbiddenTrailMix from Bunny de la Cruz on Vimeo.

The bike, even though out of its 5-year warranty from Ibis Cycles, still handled the trails really well. It was built tough and weaved beautifully. Sadly Ibis had already phased-out the particular model and as it seems they have no plans on having this beauty done in a 29er flavor, or return the 26er back in their shelves.

So what I'm riding currently is now a "rare" bike frame. Probably will be a fine addition to any collector looking for a "work of art".

Anyway, I'm hopeful to get back on the saddle for good, still planning to build a 29er or an AMHT 26er again soon.

Good riding!

Oh did I mentioned the frame can be collapsed into two? It's an XC Race Bike, 4X Bike and a Travel Bike in one.

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