Tuesday, June 24, 2014

an aging GoPro Hero Wide

I just found my missing old GoPro Hero Wide inside an old shoe box, and it is still in good working condition. I remember this being my first sports camera, my father bought this for me back in 2009 during his trip to the US, this came from the REI store in SF. Back then HD was yet to be introduced, to battle-out the dilemma of older cameras with limited view range, GoPro upgrade the Hero Standard and fitted it with a Wide Angle Lens.

Still in good working condition, not for sale of course.

In terms of shooting and video quality this would be tad-outdated to the newer ones being sold in the market today (i.e. GoPro Hero 3+, Contour ROAM2, AEE S51, Mobius Action Cam, ISAW Sports Camera and etc.)

It's worn-out after 5 years of use, the rubbery texture has gone to becoming sticky.
 Adds additional battle scars, even though it's not.

don't mind the stuck tire-patch, using it as a shim for the waterproof case's door

The Hero Wide, was built like a tank no in appearance, it was sturdy and sealed. I had already brought this with me crashing and even getting soaked in floods and ucky mucky mud. Of course it's a GoPro, it was meant to be abused in every weather condition and sports configuration you threw at.

comes with a viewfinder and a battery door

What was great with the GoPro Wide, that the newer ones don't have was the power to be powered with the easy-to-find AAA batteries. So even if you forgot to bring your powerbank, those handy DC batteries will save you (of course you'll need to procure them first from the local "sari-sari" store or 7-11.).

AAA Batteries makes procuring batteries easy

Even with it's age it proved formidable for a sports camera. I would survive an overnight trek or a trail ride with six 2GB cards and six pairs of Ni-Mh AAA Eneloops and just the outdoors.

If I'm ever going to move on and secure a newer sports camera, I'll probably get a AEE S21 or a Mobius Action Cam. Ever since the debut of GoPro HD Hero 2, prices have skyrocketed. Now that the HD Hero 3+ 's on the market, 18,000pho++ 's going to burn that pocket. If the prices go down I won't hesitate on getting one.

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