Masks Down at Ground 9 - Airsoft Site

A few weeks back, my biking buddy, Enzo Bautista gave me a buzz and was inviting me to play at airsoft with his office mates. He knew that I had a history with a certain gamesite in Sta. Quiteria, Caloocan City. It's an airsoft field, different from a CQB gamesite, as games are played with guns with longer barrels, longer reach and higher FPS (feet per second).
We were supposed to go there a week ago, but didn't push through because of conflicting schedules. So instead we set a recon game yesterday (June 20), to survey the location for his game with his office mates a week after.

  IMG_0925 IMG_0917IMG_0915 IMG_0918

 Well it has been close to 6 years since I last played the game, and Ground 9 (G9) was the last site I played at. The game site was a few months old when I gave up playing airsoft. Coming back there after some time, so many things have changed, well the players are mostly younger... with exception of the regulars of my time. The site is still being managed by my team, Circle C Airsoft Group (CCAG) and is still home to various MilSim (Military Simulation) Scenarios. I may have sold my long barrel rifles and some of my gears, though I kept only one gun with me, and it's a short barrled MP5K... not a good choice for field games... so I was at a disadvantage as I have shorter reach, the good thing though I was agile as I didn't have to drag a large rifle around.


Overall I'm still rusty, but I'm hopeful to get back to playing the game... but of course that will still depend on schedule. For those planning to play Airsoft or is playing the game already but looking for a field-type game site. Ground 9 is a great place to play at, lots of vegetation, hiding places, scenarios and of course possible MilSim tactics you can employ. Though mind that there a maximum 450 FPS cap for all rifles, not sure with bolt-action rifles (basr) though. Feel free to contact SCOUT of CCAG through facebook and give him a PM for directions. Or if you plan on joining me, just give me a buzz.



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