Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mounting the Ardent on the Banshee Viento

So before mounting the Ardent to the front, I got curious if the tire would fit in the rear since that was originally the plan. According to the data provided by the inter-web, the Banshee Viento had a maximum tire clearance of 26 x 2.35. That was what the data mentioned and explained.

I believe the source came from Banshee, but this was found from a site online.

So I really had doubts that a 26 x 2.4 Ardent won't fit in the rear triangle... but I was wrong. the 2.4's fit perfectly, even a 2.5 can possibly fit in the rear. Clearance was not a problem at all.

Here's how the Ardent looks like in the rear, it looks tough and massive. I can even go run 26 x 2.5's or possibly 650B's with 2.25 widths... though that would f*ck-up the geometry.

26 x 2.4 Maxxis Ardent in the rear, compared to the Kenda Nevegal 26 x 2.35
up front. Size does matter.

That little experiment turned out to be a success, I'll have the Maxxis Ardent placed in the rear in the near future surely, but for now... I'll have it mounted up front and paired together with the Schwalbe Rocket Ron 26 x 2.1 in the rear

And the clearance of the Ardent with Epicon's Bridge? Just barely... 26 x 2.4's the max it can handle, a 2.5's going to be a problem to run on.

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