Via's Birthday Dinner @ The Daily Grind

One of the great things being an educator is being in contact with your former students. So one of my former students from another school recently graduated, and has been working as a designer and was about to celebrate today. She had plans to celebrate it with me and my wife (who she's friends with).

Though my wife and I have a tradition of treating birthday celebrants, instead of them taking money from their own wallets and treating their guests. And so she was surprised to be treated by us... at the Daily Grind, a burger and ribs restaurant near the school my wife and I are teaching.

Sadly my work schedule ends at 9:00PM every Wednesdays, and so I had them go there ahead of me. So when 9PM came, I followed suit.

Aya and Via peeping from the window looking and waiting for me.

So, The Daily Grind is a burger and ribs joint located at F7 along Scout Rallos, Barangay Laging Handa in Quezon City. I first found out of the restaurant from a friend who recommended some shops that serve good burgers near my workplace.

So when I arrived at F7, and looked-up I saw the Daily Grind signage on the window of the second floor... and on the side, peeping from the window is my wife, Aya and my former student, Via Pasia the birthday celebrant.

And yeah, I already mentioned that The Daily Grind serves burgers, ribs and roast... but yes, mostly burgers are their specialty... especially the ones you are given the chance to create on your own. When I arrived at restaurant, my wife, Aya and my student Via were already finished eating their ordered Pork Ribs with Pulled Pork and Love Bacon. And were eating slowly just to wait for me.
And so they advanced ordered a DIY Burger for me to eat when I arrive, the burger was composed of an Angus Beef patty, Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan Crisp, Cheddar and Tomatoes.

Me, with my wife, Aya and our friend/student, Via Pasia the Birthday Celebrant~!

And so when the burger arrived, it looked like this... served with french fries. The presentation was... bizarre, they literally stabbed the burger with a knife... but despite the unusual presentation, the taste of the burger was amazing. Good decision on going with an overflowing amount of cheese, cheese and more cheese.

Literally Stabbed DIY Burger

After eating we went home full and happy~!

The Daily Grind is located at
2/F F7 Rallos Building, 49 Scout Rallos Street, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Open from 12:00PM and closes at 10:00PM

for advanced bookings contact them at +63-2-3747404
A dinner/lunch for two people averagely costs around P500 (US$11.00)


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