Maxxis Shorty... definitely GNARLY!

Ok just last night I dropped by Eastwood City to get my new front tire from an online seller (who owns a physical shop in Taytay, Rizal).

The tire isn't the same as the previous one I bought (Ardent), this one had bigger blocks and is meant to be ridden hard on mud, dirt and of course was meant to be for the rainy season, that's what the Maxxis Shorty was made for.

Maxxis Shorty 26 x 24 ST from Ciclismo Bike Shop
Unlike its older brother the Wetscream, the Shorty is a much versatile mountain bike tire as it can tackle more than just muddy terrain. According to a friend of mine who has also experienced riding with a Shorty up front, said that it felt like the Shorty was making the trails feel like its summer. With only that statement alone, I purchased one for myself.

Just look at those knobs and spacing, the perfect mud tamer!

So when I got home, I had this beast mounted up front, moving the Ardent back in the rear. And the Rocket Ron put in storage... and the aging Kenda Neve-Go disposed off.

Maxxis Ardent 26 x 2.4 (rear) and Maxxis Shorty 26 x 2.4 (front)
just made the Banshee Viento burlier and macho lookin'

Now my rig is complete! New treads fit for the rainy season... and hopefully for the dry season as well. Though I have been contemplating on replacing my fork for something burlier and sturdier. Seems like riding with the Marzocchi 66's from years ago has made me feel steady and safe on the 20mm Thru-Axles.

One of the reasons that makes me want to change forks, is because of the 9QR lowers the Epicon is using. 9QR skewers are notorious for loosening during aggressive trail riding, in which 15TA or 20TA makes riding safer because of their diameter and were made to be tough. Another reason of the switch is because of rotor clearance; I had to to revert back to my 180mm Ashima Airotors as the 180mm Baradine Floating Rotors' spider is hitting the fork lowers by 2mm. And lastly tire clearance... I had doubts when I mounted the Ardent that it'd fit... but when I had the Shorty fitted, my worries were gone. And it seems the Epicon can still handle 26 x 2.5's, but I guess that would be already pushing it.

Just enough clearance for 26 x 2.4 Shorty... can even fit maybe a 2.5, but that's pushing it.

NEED A MUD TIRE for YOUR Enduro, Freeride or DH Rig?
If you're in the Philippines and you're looking for a good mud tire you can purchase your own Maxxis Shorty from Ciclisimo Bike Shop in Taytay, Rizal or contact the owner through his Facebook account. Remember supplies are short, so better drop him a message asap. They carry Maxxis Shorty Super Tacky in either 26 x 2.4's or 27.5 x 2.4's. Both models are wirebead and are sporting DH Casings.


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