Thursday, October 01, 2015

Rainy Season has Come

Another Thursday has come, and bike commuting has always been fruitful, both to my legs and my health. Though when the rainy season arrives, bike commuting starts to become a dilemma. Roads become slippery; dirt and grime sticks to your drive train, and worst of all you get home all wet or all wet and yucky mucky.

Though this morning I got to CIIT dry, but when I was about to go home... the rain poured and going home has become a very hard thing to do. Especially when you're carrying electronics and gadgets that aren't waterproof (external hard drives and such). The good thing though, improvising gear for the rainy season has proven to be very good thing to do. It's like having a McGyver-like instinct inside all of us.

So to get my stuff home all dry, I had to request our maintenance guy at the office for a trash bag in which I modded to fit my backpack straps. And ta-da, McGyver-ized Bag Cover.

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