Saturday, April 30, 2016

1st Year Wedding Anniversary at 8 & Company, Paper Moon and Mang Larry's

What was Cookbook Kitchen 5 years ago,
 was now 8 & Co. at Luna Mencias
Today marks our 1-Year as Husband 
and Wife, and also marks our 5th year since our oath as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Five years ago on this same day, which also a Saturday... Aya treated me to a place called, "CookBook Kitchen" located along Luna Mencias in Mandaluyong City. Then fast-forward to 5 years later, we had our Anniversary Lunch at the same location in Luna Mencias, but now it is called Eight & Co.

Aya & Bunny: Bestfriends + Married and Enjoying it~!

The recipes were different, but the place felt like how it was 5 years ago. Upon seeing the menu...
we didn't know what to order, so we went adventurous and chose what was appealing. For soup we had their Hearty Vegetable Soup, served with garlic bread. It's typically Minestrone which is a little spicy and very hearty. Truly stands up for its name. For appetizers we were actually torn between their Bucket of Fries or their Sweet Potato Fries. Since we wanted to try something new, we got the Sweet Potato Fries which was served with Sriracha Cream Sauce. That is one appetizer that we'll surely get again when we come back here.


Hearty Vegetable Soup

Sweet Potato Fries
Of course, it is already part of our staple to get some greens when having a meal. They may not have a garden in their backyard, but we're sure that their Green Salad is served fresh.

Green Garden Salad

For pasta we got, Seafood Pasta... and for main course, Grilled Chicken in Coriander Sauce and is served with Turmeric Rice... honestly their dishes tastes magnifique.

Seafood Pasta

Grilled Chicken in Coriander Sauce,
served with Turmeric Rice

After having lunch, we headed back north to Quezon City. Going back 5 years ago, I brought her north to Trinoma after our Lunch at Cookbook Kitchen... and had our dessert at Red Mango. But today we're checking out this new cafe at the movie level of Trinoma called, Paper Moon. And yes, their cakes are awesome and are creatively made.

Aya & Bunny at Paper Moon Cafe, having our Strawberry Short Cake and Mango Mille Crepe

She discovered this place a few months ago, when she and her college bestfriend had a date here. She keeps on telling me that their cakes here are worth the taste, and she got me interested and curious. And I won't disagree, their cakes are really delicious especially their house specialty, Mille Cakes. It's like stacks of soft pancakes with mangoes or chocolates in between, but in cake form. It's not just their Mille Cakes that are good and delectable, but also their other cakes are so good as well

Their house specialty, Mille Cake... with Mangoes

Strawberry Short Cake... with real strawberries

And what's best to end the day, is to have dinner to a place we enjoy having, Mang Larry's Isawan at UP Diliman's campus. And as usual the lines are very long, but the wait is worth it. I may not have photos of the spoils, but you can browse posts back in the past, and you'll see this #epic street-food that every Filipino enjoys.

Mang Larry's Isawan Kiosk at UP Diliman

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