Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Growing the Garden - New Plants

After making that trip yesterday at Quezon City Circle Garden at the QMC. I had started arranging the work area.

This was one of two branching plants
of Oregano from Mother's garden
So far here's how our current set-up looks like

Originally my wife and I planned to have the plants place in front our house... but found that the best place to make our garden is the neglected common area beside our house.

We got new plants to add to our garden such as a Mayana (Painted Nettle), Strobilanthe (Persian Shield), Tarragonand a Malunggay Tree (Horseradish). As well as 4-kilos of Loam Soil (which costs around $1 USD for 2-Kilos/Sack).

Aside from that, my mother donated some plants and herbs as well... The Bromeliads that are planted on the corner of the lawn, a pot-full of Oregano, and others that I do not know what their names are.

Tarragon, Strobilanthe, Mayana & Malunggay plants
new addition to my garden
4 kilos of Loam Soil from QMC and five (5) old and disposed tiles
donated by the school I teach at.

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