An Afternoon of Wall Climbing with the #loveofmylife

There are times that you notice that you are gaining weight abnormally that you tend to be depressed, knowing that there is that urge deep inside that you want to get out and have an exercise. Sadly, as teachers, we rarely get the chance to have the time to have an exercise routine.

Upon further discussions, we wanted to try something different, and the first thing that pops-out from my wife's mind is "Wall-Climbing".

That is one activity that was introduced to me by my classmates and schoolmates back during my Grade 7 and 1st year High-School years (Grade 8). But ended not continuing because of time constraints.

So Aya, my wife wanted to try Wall Climbing out, so I called the gym I used to go to back in the late 90's, Power-Up Gym, located along Road 1 in Barangay Old Balara, and which is also a few steps away from Tandang Sora Avenue.

In the Philippines, this was the pioneer gym for all things indoor Wall Climbing, and it was the go to place for those wanting to learn the sport. 

So we gave it a try, and went there after work. I enjoyed the time, and was able to remember how I did back in the day, but it was indeed painful as I was out-of-shape. Compared to back then I had strong arm muscles and a tighter grip, but now I am all sticks and bones. As for Aya, the first few tries was ok, and later that time she told me, that she would like to try something else. Though she did tell me that if I would like to pursue the sport, she would gladly be my Belayer.

Maybe next time, will give it again a try. But in the end, we really had a great time.


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