Going for a MUD-DESERVED trail ride

So it's been nearly a month since I last had a bike ride, and I definitely need that much deserved trail ride. When to have it better is when the rain just passed by, and the trails are moist and wet.

So I arrived at UP Diliman this morning, and took the usual trail mix, only to find several routes unpassable. As it seems the Campus' is doing some constructions and land development, destroying some of the trails located around the vicinity. Well it is to be expected, that these "trails" were not permanent to begin with.

So I still was able to take-on some of the routes that I usually take around area, including the Beginner and Advanced trails near the College of Human Kinetics.

In the end I went home soaking wet and with lots of mud splatter all over my body. Truly a fun exciting ride.


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