Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good-bye April~

"April", my AGM M14 is now officially sold.

A few days ago, I told Paolo Banta (the owner of Tron's Airsoft Shop) that I'm currently selling my M14, because I'm already having a hard time maintaining the gun. Also another reason is maintaining my armory, so I'll have to stick with two guns.

Pao's eye grew large with my price... 1.5k, a real give away price. He also told me his uncle's looking for m14 parts, so ayun I've got an instant buyer.

Well walking back memory lane, "April's" originally not my airsoft rifle, her first owner was the guy who introduced me to the game, Giovan Paz... he then sold the rifle to me... that time the rifle was clocking 420fps... not until... her piston body broke... due to faulty gunsmithing by Paz's gunsmith. Paolo repaired the gun for me back then, just to find out there were no 420fps upgrades on the gun, and the power was only mustered by compressing the spring with five 10 centavo coins. Cruel right? Anyhow after repairs I haven't tackled any problem... but with the power of the rifle from 420fps, t'was down to 310fps... a real downer~ plus that problem also led to another, the rifle's hop-up seized to function, so with original range it was already flying upward when you fire a pellet.

But anyhow that's that...

Just this morning I had to wake-up early to get the payment from Pao's Shop... his uncle bought the gun last night.

So thats about it... "good bye april", hope you get to know your new owner... unless he decideds to part you into parts. ~_~

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