Texturing and more Textures~

Ahahaha... wait, there's no point of celebrating.

I should supposed to be going to Makati today to present my demo stills and resume at Enising Phils (a 3d company, a branch of Enising Jp.). That, until I noticed my recent portfolio which is full of 3d modeled and rendered stills... then, "Oh crap! I'm lacking texture stills!"

Thats when I decided I'll go on monday instead... since I haven't called Enising's CG Supervisor yet to confirm my arrival. So I shouldn't pass it today since what I'm really applying for is a position in the Textures Dep. (not UV Mapper, almost same line; but different work), 3d Modeling is just secondary in my case.

So currently I'm modeling some low-poly items, such as a Heckler & Koch MP5k, Steampunk Gas Pistol, an old vase and prolly if get totally inspired, a minamalist 2-storey house complete with textures.

So far here's the second project for my texture stills, the mp5k (its my airsoft sidearm):


it sports 1028 triangles, so it'll be easier to apply textures.

Anyhow, its back to the drawing board fer me~


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