T'was about time I resurrected this blog... figuring out that my multiply wasn't meant to be used as a blog but just a mere storage for my online photos.

So what's new? What have I been doing for the past few months of my absence...

Well here I am still no stable job, after graduating college last year... I tried applying for graphic artist positions... well there was luck somehow, sadly... if you sticked to being a graphic artist... you'll only progress or be promoted to Senior Graphic Artist... crap ne? So Dad offered me to take a certificate course in 3D Animation (since prior to my first goal when I entered college was to be an Animator). Took me four months to finish that course and graduated last November 2nd week.

And ever since been doing freelance as a Photographer... while doing my revalida for my 3d animation course due this coming March.

Well I can't wait for March... so as of now I've been applying to different animation and gaming companies such as Toei Phils., Kuju Manila, Ladyluck, Enising and IAS Team Manila.

Aside from those I came back to playing video games to get inspiration... thats also the reason why I came back to playing Granado Espada... and real-life gaming with my Airsoft colleagues.

So what's next? Probably there will be news tomorrow...


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